Teagaggers All Too Cowardly To Leave Their Posts Open For Discussion!

So eat it raw HERE instead!

Teagaggers at 18%.

Obama at 50%.

Reagan in 1982, the same time into his admin, at 38%.

Obama will win 2012, teagaggers will be a footnote and Palin will go back to selling crappy real estate in a town of 70,000, Wasallia.

A friend knows her personally from her days in frostbiteland. Says she's always been nuts.
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22 Responses Jul 18, 2010

Starcur, what does that have to do with your bullshit "Heart Attack" claim?<br />
Non sequitur doesn't help you.

Hey, starcur, how 'heart attack' is it to have your "PANTHER PARTY INTIMIDATE" story proved to be bullsh!t?!!!<br />
is IS failure that attracts heart attacks, after all.<br />
YOu and Married2bf are in real peril there doc!!!

I gave you the link to ALL THE NATIONAL POLLS, from Gallup to Pew, NYTimes, WSJ, FOX etc.<br />

i know you gave me "a link" I gave your readership a method to not select a chosen poll... but you either can't read or are too scared your readers will follow my lead and do their own research. The top 5 Google answers to "obama approval rating" all show him near 45% and they also show even worse stats if you are into stats. Using a search engine is not <strong>cherry picking</strong> yet king cherry picker would mislead his readers again by befuddling the comment. You behave as disingenuously as "Mr. President Obama" working diligently to be the #1 president of all time. If he doesn't watch it - Carter, Wilson and Buchanan will be looked at with softer eyes....thanks to Obama's colossal failures and ideological stupidity.

Ahh, I see. A failed Bush smear (Black panthers intimidate white voters by BEING AT A POLLING PLACE, NOTHING ELSE) now officially discredited BY REPUKKKLIKLANS on the investigating committee http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/07/14/AR2010071405880.html<br />
<br />
"...Abigail Thernstrom, a commission member and a senior fellow at the conservative Manhattan Institute, called it "small potatoes" and said conservatives should pursue more important issues against the Obama administration. The case, she pointed out, invokes a narrow and rarely used provision of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, which has been used successfully to prosecute only three times since its passage.<br />
<br />
"If you want to criticize [Attorney General] Eric Holder, there are lots of grounds on which to criticize him," she said. "Why waste your breath on this one?"<br />
<br />
Thernstrom said that she did not find Adams's testimony convincing and that the facts of the case raised doubts in her mind, noting that the Black Panthers were standing in front of a majority-black precinct that had voted overwhelmingly for Democrats in previous elections -- not a prime spot for intimidating white voters. ..."<br />
<br />
This will be a good one to submit to Snope.com<br />
<br />
ANOTHER body blow to the right as they are caught AGAIN in a lie!!!!

Come on Bit....we all know that is because the Black Panthers.....standing at the Doors holding Nightclubs had something to do with it

Starwolf, what do you think will happen on Nov. 6, 2012?<br />
I'll be busy celebrating, because UNLIKE RAYGUN, Americans will ACTUALLY BE BETTER OFF THAN THEY WERE UNDER THE PREVIOUS ADMIN, instead of better off than the previous 6 months of the administration, and Obama will still be Mr. President (I showed you the approval polls, Obama WAY ahead of Raygun at the same time in his admin) and you will STILL BE WEEPING.<br />
Two years of repig rule in the house and Senate means YOU WILL TAKE THE BLAME for all remaining troubles, so you'd better hope your party loses BIG in Nov.

Ah, USN returns to NOT defend hsi false claim that he is a patriot.<br />
NOT ONE!!<br />
None of you are patriots USN.<br />
The lawyers who forced Bush to abandon his play for absolute power, THEY are patriots, defending our freedoms.<br />
What freedoms did you defend?

I gave you the link married2bf dumbass. www.pollingreport.com compiles the weekly reports from all major national polls.<br />
Obama over 50% approval.<br />
Go ahead, carefully select Zogby, or "on economy" or "on war" policy rejections, it won't help you come election time!!<br />
Obama WELL ahead of Reagan at the same time in his administration.<br />
Get used to hearing the sound MR. PRESIDENT attached to Obama's name!!!

This is why you need to do <strong>your own fact checking</strong>. Type "obama approval rating chart" into Google right now click the first 5 links and notice the seriously pathetic presentation of polling data in this thread. Then ask yourself ... "Why would Biltlord report falsely ... “<i>Gallup 51%, Fox 52%, Marist 49%, Pew 57% YOU'RE SCREWED LIAR!!!!</i>” and then treat the guy who was closer to the truth like dirt?"<br />
<br />
Answer: When facts are not there to support your point, attack the person. Nobody likes to be belittled and most humans will shy away from continuing an argument. Secondly, by attacking the person rather than the point, the conversation is moved away from the attacker’s weak stand on the issue. And finally, it is human nature to gravitate to the strong even if the strong are less than civil.<br />
<br />
Bitlord presents us with an opportunity to study the tactics of an immoral progressive party that have been manipulating our politics and transforming our great nation. We “<i>repigs</i>”, may never find it in our souls to behave so shamelessly, but by understanding what they are doing, we can keep the effects of their style minimized.

Yeah honee, show me all that rightwing thoughtful opinion that denies the facts even when they are thrown in their faces WITH citation and reference.<br />
Go ahead, SHOW ME THE THOUGHTFULNESS in claiming that reality is a lie and lies are real!<br />
<br />
The reality? 2008, under Bush, was the worst year of the depression.<br />
<br />
2007 when things fell apart thanks to the Bush deregulation was STILL RUNNING A REPUKKKLIKLAN BUDGET,which is the way things are done, make the budget for NEXT year hold throughout the year.<br />
<br />
You business types are SUPPOSED TO KNOW THIS SH-T!!

Yeah USN, prove you're a patriot and used your guns to arrest Bush for war crimes and crimes against the Constitution, like First Amendment Zones, Arrest without trial, Spying without Warrant, in obedience to your own UCMJ laws on war crimes. No matter the rank of an officer, and there is NO EXCEPTION FOR YOUR COMMANDER IN CHIEF, when he orders you to attack and kill 1 million innocent Iraqis, you have a lawful DUTY to place him under arrest OR KILL HIM if necessary to halt a war crime in progress.<br />
Oh, gee, you didn't do that, did you?<br />
So much for patriotism.<br />
Your 'patriotism' sounds more like the Nuremberg Rallies instead of Valley Forge to me!<br />
The only real patriots in America between 2001 and 2007 were the 3 million of us who marched to "petition the government for redress of grievances" in 2002, that and the lawyers who stopped the Bush Dictatorship in its tracks!!

Bitlord, you have shown such a nice side and human side in your other posts, won't you let that come out here, too????

Yep, arguing with republitards is like bringing a gun to a knife fight.<br />
I even show them where the facts are and they still repeat lies.

Says YOU, married2bf, given that he still polls 50% approval you freaking idiot!!!<br />
You LITERALLY can't get anything right!!<br />
http://www.pollingreport.com/obama_fav.htm!!!<br />
Gallup 51%, Fox 52%, Marist 49%, Pew 57%<br />

Of the 53% that voted, about 10% now realize that they were mislead (that # shows up in general polling)... so move those guys over. 46 – 51… Then you have the 5 -10 percent that got caught up in the hype of 2008 and did something they never did before and are unlikely to do again... vote. So we'll just knock 2% off of the top for the "no shows" on your side. 44 - 52<br />
(It's an interesting reflection on the nature of a dem that it is the dems that have trouble understanding when it is election day, why it is election day, and where to go to vote)<br />
<br />
Now you subtract the natural move of moderates who realize allowing one party to control 2 branches is insane (study history) and you are looking at a natural move to R in the fall. 41-56 Dems get weakened but what will be interesting to watch is how powerful the move is. The talking heads will take any move as a victory - but the truth is that it must be a huge move or Obama will be endorsed in failure. The house must turn R and the Senate needs to move to 53 – 47 at minimum to claim an American statement against fundamental transformation. When these things happen, Obama will be forced to govern correctly (albeit from his liberal stance) and maybe our country can be salvaged.

The good news?<br />
<br />
The America of today is so good that Teagaggers are only APPROVED of by 33%, and only 18% claim to be part of the 'movement'.<br />
<br />
Guess what?<br />
<br />
53% voted Obama. Think you can triple your size in the next 4 months?<br />
No?<br />
<br />

Ah, you mean the ACORN cleared of all charges, nitwit?<br />
<br />
<br />
Keep reminding us you are stupid enough to buy that Fox lie!

Ah the teagaggers are out in force I see.<br />
<br />
I bring you links to FACTS, not Newsmucks, like Married2bf, and you idiots call it 'spam'.<br />
<br />
Well eat it raw! Facts will bury you!

We can get mighty oaks from a few of the nut acorns and penicillin from some mold, what can we get from bitlord? A lot of moderates running to the right to hang with the oaks and penicillin and get away from the nuts and mold! See folks, there can be some good out of anything!!

If you can make polls say anything you want and they are meaningless as you claimed in another story... why would you make up poll data? Obama hasn't had an approval rating near 50 in many many months... Keep making it up buddy ... you can't fool everyone all the time and when those who have been fooled realize it, they'll easily remember who to trust. Every time you open your mouth … another independent runs right!<br />
<br />
Also... don't you love the way Bitlord incites the American spirit with those cool names ... Teagaggers! : ) I just hope the America of today is as strong and proud as the America that took the British rant "stuck a feather in his <strong>cap</strong>..." and sung it proudly and loudly in all the common halls. ... or is that a bit of history and truth about Americans you are unaware of?

Thank you starwolf! His spam throughout this group is annoying and ignorant and I was not sure of a concise way of saying it but I like how you said it!!