Yet Another Victim Of Teagaggerism

Sad little teagagger "...Byron Williams loaded up his mother's Toyota Tundra with guns, strapped on his body armor and headed to San Francisco late Saturday night with one thing in mind: to kill workers at the American Civil Liberties Union and an environmental foundation, prosecutors say...."

Hey, teagaggers, pay for this guy's defense so he doesn't sue your *****!!
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15 Responses Jul 21, 2010

Oh, williem the teagagger, who would you substitute for real news sources like the Times?<br />
Fox?<br />
The people who put up those faked Teagagger march photos?<br />
Newsmax?<br />
Wall Street Journal?

Bullshit. Those photos are from ONE MARCH and no there aren't 10 million marching, placard waving teagaggers.<br />
We know because on your 'great' 9/12 march you couldn't put 100 THOUSAND together, or 70, or even 50!<br />
You're a tiny, demented, racist fringe and the sooner Democrats let you ruin republican's hope of elections, while giving you nothing but the back of our hands, the better.

tid bit. when I spoke of 10 million I was being inclusive. In no why shape or form did I indicate the Wash march was 10 mil. In Richmond Va on 4/15/2009 the media reported 1500 attendies, the police reported 15000. Same in Cleveland Ohio, media numbers were 3,500, police said 35,000. The media takes the most outragious sign and plasters them all over the air, understate the attendance at tea party assemblies. CAP released a video (Soro's sponsored group) of a man at a tea party stating that he was a racist and a white man! Unfortunately, the rest of that vid surfaced which showed just after his rant, the vid showed 3 or 4 dozen tp's counter protesting his presence, and demanding the police remove him. <br />
On a final note, why are ALL of your sources from confirmed leftwing loon sources? Huffpost, NYT, Wash post etc.<br />
The media has been in the bag for Obama for over 3 years now!

if you all quit argueing about what president is better than the other you see that the war's are still going and young american's are dieing for oil and million's of dollars are being spent on killing instead of helping american's who are losing their jobs everyday and their unenployment and living out on the streets with their can be next . we all seem to agree america need's help

Since Williem is a liar, evidenced by his claim of 10 million marching teagaggers at the 9/12 march on Washington, which lie was promulgated by Fox by substituting photos of OBAMA'S INAUGURAL for the actual 30,000 - 60,000 (max) actually there, I'm going to link to the facts.<br />
<br />
"How did thousands become millions" ABC news.<br />

You lie williem. The Tax Day mass march was on the order of 30000.<br />
30000. <br />
Fox ran pictures from OBAMA'S INAUGURAL to inflate the numbers!!<br />
NOW had 120,000 out for the anniversary of Roe v. Wage.<br />
Proves exactly what I'm saying, Teagaggers LIE!<br />
ALWAYS!!!!<br />
This poor sod should sue the Teagaggers for inciting him to violence!!!

SURE he will Willim, SURE he will. Just like Raygun, who had an approval of 38% in Aug. of 1982, the same time in office as Obama has now...with 50% approval<br />
<br /> a complete list of all major (non zogby) news polls, all have Obama at 50% +- 3%.<br />
ALL.<br />
<br />
Get used to hearing PRESIDENT Obama, he's going to be there until 2016!!

Thank God he's only going to be yet another ONE term president! 104 days until he loses both the house and senate! Celebration time!

Lets see... 10 million people assembled and 10 signs were offensive? Over a period of 18 months! Every group has extremeist... I can show you 10 times the number of signs of Bush being a murder and even a movie made about his assasination! You're pretty hopeless!

Too bad about your eyesight, if you can't read your fellow teagger's signs. <br />
Shall I post a link to them for you?<br />
This sad fool was just following orders.

I'm sorry about using the term moron... Pinhead is more appropaite!

Which one? Willem used the term first.

Ahem.<br />
"Socialist"<br />
"Evil"<br />
"Satan"<br />
Plus all the freedom hating rightwingers selling 'revolution'<br />
MORON, read the damned signs your friends march around with!!

Bit lard.. what the hell does this guy have to do with the tea party! I think Barack put him up to it! Ya freaking moron!