The Warmonger Coverups Are Collapsing! End Of Oilwar Now In Sight!

Bush, the uttermost failure of all time, is well on his way to losing both Iraq AND Afghanistan, now that Wikileaks has been able to access illegally classified reports of WAR CRIMES committed by U.S. troops and world as well as U.S. pressure to end the Bush crime AND prosecute the creators of this disaster.
As of TODAY, thanks to Wikileaks, the propaganda of " steady gains" in this disasterous CRUSADE will not work even on the ignorant American populace.
As of TODAY, the truth will be stronger than the lies.
As of TODAY, the Predator operators will be waiting for the warrants for their arrests under tbe War Crimes Act of 1996.
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5 Responses Jul 26, 2010

Loser.<br />
Not ONE FACT.<br />
Proves you the loser.

Well, that pretty much confirms that your 'level of argument' growth halted at a bad parody of a stupid cold-war spy parody.<br />
So, may I suggest you win an argument for once?<br />
Like say by posting a fact for once?<br />

hey, nitwit, you're still up to your old unsupported factless bullshit.<br />
<br />
And as of now, your lies are revealed and there will be nothing left of your power in November!<br />
Get used to saying "Mr. President Obama"<br />
You're going to be saying it long enough to start shaving!!

hey still at your old worn out bullshit.<br />
<br />
Get a life droltib and grow a brain. It's the bamster's war now and he is the must ****** up prez ever.

And yet, with the Pentagon propaganda stream broken forever, Obama, unlike Bush, has no vested interest in the war, and the Pentagon, caught lying again, will backtrack and surrender.<br />
Then Obama can leave WITHOUT giving the pukes a bludgeon to use in November.<br />
Result?<br />
And not coincidently, the end of another ideological war.