Next Time Some A$$ Tells You Tax Cuts Equals Jobs!!

First lesson of the Bush TARP program is that money donated to business WILL NOT BE USED TO CREATE U.S. JOBS!!
Wall Street announces hostility to U.S. Jobs creation:

"...Wall Street analysts are happy with Ford's "commitment to keeping capacity in check," according to the Wall Street Journal. Ford shares rose 5.2 percent Friday. "Keeping capacity in check" is the Street's way of saying "no new hiring." In fact, the Street is advising investors to sell the stocks of companies that talk openly of expanding capacity...."

GM uses Taxpayer cash to INCREASE OFFSHORING!!!

"...GM now sells more cars in China than it does in the US, but makes most of them there. The company now employs 32,000 hourly workers in China. But only 52,000 GM hourly workers remain in the United States - down from 468,000 in 1970.

GM isn't just hiring low-tech assembly workers in China. Last week the firm broke ground there on a $250 million advanced technology center to develop batteries and other alternative energy sources.

You and I and other American taxpayers still own over 60 percent of GM. We bought GM to save GM jobs, remember?..."

What is happening to America? When did the top 1% who own 88% of all shares of stock suddenly become so hostile to AMERICANS?

The answer is obvious. They always WERE hostile to American workers, they just had to deal with unions rather than deal with the Wobblie communist revolutionaries in the 30's and the Fascists in the 40's, and the soviet's in the 50's.

Now they are uncontrolled, unwatched, unlimited. Will there be class war as Republicans fear?

Look at wall street, overflowing with profits, while rejecting jobs. There's your proof.

It's already here!
bitlord bitlord
Jul 27, 2010