Repigs: Credit Cardholder Responsibility, No Oil Company Responsibility!!!

Pigs opposing reduction in special privileges given oil companies in wake of worst environmental disaster in American history, including the volcanoes of Hawaii and the mega hurricanes like Andrew, Love Canal and TMI.

What is it with pigs? Corporations are people UNTIL it comes to paying their fair share of the damages they do in favor of profit, is THAT it?!!!


bitlord bitlord
1 Response Jul 28, 2010

And WTF does this have to do with repigs opposing efforts to make all future Oil Disasters payable BY THE CULPRIT?<br />
Hmm?<br />
Who gives a **** if he 'admitted' the company guilt, since the company will not be paying the 100 Billion+ in lost businesses and wages and ecological damage wrought in the name of more PROFIT for the 1%?<br />
<br />
Time to remove ALL repigs and get this country moving again, to the left, where PROGRESS is made in the direction of BURDENING the guilty 1% who control these Corporate Destruction Engines, and ALLEVIATING the suffering of innocent AMERICANS!!!