Think Repig Lite Is Good Enough? Think Again.

Faced with the difficult decision of whether to permit the state to grant equal work/pay status for farmworkers as for shoe salesmen, that is overtime for 8hr's per day and above, the "hope and change" of the repuke party , Gov. Musclehead, just voted today to veto overtime coverage for the poorest of workers.

Thanks for handing the hIspanic vote over to Democrats...again..repigs.

Get used to calling him "Mr. President Obama". It's going to go on for a LOOONNNNG TIME!!
bitlord bitlord
2 Responses Jul 28, 2010

Oh, you mean the grower's associations who paid Repigs to block even miniscule overtime coverage for farmwrokers?<br />
THAT association?

There is an association that is willing to go toe to toe with anyone who is willing to take over jobs that immigrants do. So, far they have have very few takers. Including the poverty stricken who live on welfare. Hmmmmm!