Sweet! Americans Favor Letting Illegals Stay!

81% say as long as illegals pay taxes and have jobs THEY SHOULD STAY!


Looks like the AZ law is NOT going to be popular with Americans. Looks like Obama is on the correct side of Public Opinion again!
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9 Responses Jul 30, 2010

Wrong as always nobrainer. If you went to the link while it was active, you would have seen it was a random sample taken by telephone...the kind that favors middle class americans.<br />
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I guess they polled 100% Obama supporters. Most either have government jobs or, are receiving entitlement benefits of some type from the government. I wonder how many of those polled, were eligible to vote?

Too bad poor married can't find facts or even polls to support any of HIS claims!!!<br />
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That's what happens when you're stupid I suppose.

Bitlord and four others somewhere in Califorinia. I know he uses their polls and headlines all the time and declares these as proof that his version of the world is correct. It's like standing outside Lollapalooza and polling the concert goers on Drug Legalization.

Who watches CNN?

Polling the 250K people who still allow CNN to shape their view of the world isn't scientific. But noticing that Jane Fonda's ex is struggling to keep his news organization afloat is pleasing. The man had it all and then he decided to let her politics corrupt his brain... now he'll either stand stubbornly hoping the Fed's decide free press isn't an American Value or he'll have to learn his lesson, close his failed business and try again with a new model. How about a Fair and Balance model? Presenting all the days' issues with a centrist approach... Let Fox have the right, The New CNN would do its level best to go center and see what happens.

Oh, I suspect AZ is going to be quite popular and history will look back at the Federal response to the cries of an oppressed State in much the same way we review the folly of the MO compromise. Love those numbers Bitlord. Nicely cited source... It sure makes sense when the 5 leading polling institutions in America show 60+% support for AZ's stand. I read an interesting stat that you will be too lazy to fact check, but by fact checking you might grow up and learn something... <br />
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The negative 90 billion dollar burden of illegals on the states is the same number as the total deficits of the states. I'm sure it isn't spread equitably... I doubt Montana spends much on illegals, but still... negative 90 billion dollars doesn't show facts matching your wishful post. But then again, when have you ever let facts stand in the way of silencing and drowning out your opposition?

All of those who believe that the illegals pay taxes call me, I have some waterfront property to sell you!

Your kidding right?<br />
Have you seen the polls on this?