Bitlord The Progressive Socialist Blogger....flag Him And His Stories

He does not belong here making Stories. He is just a fanatic NO LIFE having liberal blogger. He lives to come on here and spout utter horseshit and try to make THIS particular topic HIS. I hate this type of MORON.

So, what you all do like me is FLAG EVERY SINGLE ONE OF HIS "Stories" as Off Topic and Insulting. I don't know about any of you, but it's like walking into some kind of sewer when I saw all those posts of his. It smelt like **** in here and still does, because of this *******'s continued socialist postings. Is that the topic? To tell people how great it is to be a FOOL and suck Obama's ****? FLAG HIS STORIES. FLAG HIS SPOUTING WORTHLESS LYING STORIES here. They do NOT belong and they are so lacking in intelligence as to make my brain hurt from the stupidity he displays.

If you come in here and post bitlord it will be deleted almost immediately. Every time you try to post in this story it will be deleted. You have NOTHING of importance or TRUTH to say. You are an irrelevant life-less ***** that lives to post lies. You may even be paid how should I know. Paid to spread INSANE PROPAGANDA AND LIES.
Don't even try.

Flag him out of here people or he's just going to keep stinking up this topic area with his BULLSHIT.


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8 Responses Jul 30, 2010

ahhh i need a laugh and bit lord is good for that!

Well I can say without a doubt that the majority of Americans are not happy at all with Obomanomics.<br />
The pools prove this to be fact. His approval rating is down to 41% and dropping.

Obama wasn't exactly handed a country in fine shape. As I understand it, the vast majority of the debt problem is banks and wars (regulation particularly on banks - that thing that conservatives hate - the thing were the government puts limits on privite industry and the free market - was relaxed buring the bush years. Global recession is the result) American fear the idea of the state having a hand in just about anything. It is a tad irrational. America's economy, like most economies in the first world is actually a mixture of socialism and free market capitalism. Either one, allowed to dominate is bad. A mixture is what works. Obama was handed two disasterous wars. Give the guy a break!<br />
Change it back? To what? Banks bankrupting the state and wasteful warmongering?<br />
<br />
Are you one of those people who was so offended that government might try to aid its less well off citizens that you were anti health care reform. <br />
<br />
If Fox news happens to be your go-to source for information about the world I would suggest you widen your news sources net a little. <br />
<br />
I have never understood the wildly partisan nature of American politics. It is so bad that if the democratic party were to invent a cure for cancer the republicans would probably try to label it unamerican. <br />
<br />
I have no idea who bitlord is or what he has to say but I am generally against flagging on principle. If he really is talking ****, then lets his post convince people for you. In my experiecnce when people talk crap all the time people stop noticing them after a while and don't take anything they have to say seriously. <br />
<br />
I personally find it spectacular that a group with the title of this one even exists after the shitstorm that Bush unleashed but concervatives are always ready to hate a democrat. He need not speak or move but he will already be doing something wrong. Anyone who supported the idiot warmonger Bush has in my opinion lost the right to be taken seriously in a political debate but that is just my opinion (well ok, me and most of the rest of the world - but still just opinion) You, just like bitlord are entitely to feel and express what you think. I can understand that it might be annoying if the guy is coming in here just to counter post all the time but ultimately the best tactic would probably be to just ignore him completely. If he is just trolling, he'll run out of steam if he gets no feed back and if he is a crazy nutter, then he'll probably just help to convince people that your view is the right one.

The lovely tone and inflection in your oration doesn't change a thing. After pouring through the many words intended to show me how much more intelligent than the rest of us you are, the gist of what you say is that because you have lost your patience you will hammer and if we don't hold the nail for you, we are not worthy of your time or respect. You have proved everything I claimed of you and we, sir are finished fighting.<br />
<br />
Before you delete this comment. Have your wife or some calm individual in your household read your last 7 posts and see if you can stand proudly before them.

Lil Annie is a fine debater and shouldn't ever be put in Bitlord's group. Bitlord forfeits his first amendment rights by coming onto EP. He has no right to post in this group and actually is violating EP rules by doing so.<br />
<br />
LilAnnie is a maniac Lib - but she is fair in her arguments and old style. She doesn't play the Saul Alinski game and should be debated with gloves on as she'll knock you down with cool clear logic (misguided but clean) if you don't watch out... Don't close your mind to her - she's not of the modern hate everyone liberal mode.

He does. He said to me "I'd be happy to gently convince you of the truth, but "(s)he who is convinced against His (her) will; Is of the same opinion still" so he does realize this but is very angry and bitter and takes it out on the conservatives.

I'm sure you have umpteen thousand reasons why you want him gone. But claiming that his posts here crowd out other posts is the best one.<br />
<br />
I wish he would stop for the same reason I am stopping. His rants draw attention to this group!

I with you on this!