Teagaggers May Be About To Put Another Democrat Into The House.

Moron Rand Paul, nominated on the 'strength' of the mindless minority, the 18% at the rightwing fringe, looks about to hand a solid republican seat over to Democrat Conaway in November.
Seems the Teagagger Candidate for Fruitcake of the year just can't keep his ignorant mouth shut.
In a reliably republican district with a history of burying the democrat by double digits, we are already at near parity in the polls.
This election is going to BREAK the teagaggers.
bitlord bitlord
1 Response Jul 31, 2010

What does it have to do with Obama?<br />
He won't be Clinton, fenced in by repigs who ADMIT they want America to fail.<br />
And that, children, means another 6 years of Democrats in charge, and no more 5-4 repiglican court.<br />
Scalia is sure to die in that much time.