UPDATE:  This story's been flagged too!   Somebody has a truely delicate sensibility.  And reflex toward exclusion!

Yet, I am compelled to post this into the cloaked ether, no matter its apparent irrelevance to the group.  Its a matter of personal freedom, liberty and the inalienable right to expression.

So.....  Markus and I were having a friendly discussion, he indicates confusion as to the clarity of  my last comment....I see where, indeed  I had erred, tried to re explain and whoops!  No go.  He blocked me!  Gee whiz, it doesn't take much at all to disturb him, does it?  So here Markus, honey, baby, where we left off....

Markus said:

"A hard left has already been taken in fact a 180 has been taken. You have your Progressive Socialist as president. You have your Progressive Socialist majority in BOTH house(at least until Fall when that WILL change). ...and your saying MORE to the left. You CAN'T GET ANY FARTHER LEFT THAN THE BULLSHIT THAT'S IN CHARGE NOW.
Can you make some sense? Not likely." 

Ok, ( say I now)...point taken, I expand the tense to include need, needed and will need further left leaning directional

That is all.....Can't say I'll be seeing you...because I won't....anywhere,,,,ever again!   But maybe you should reconsider....people who do not think exactly the way you do are still totally valid human beings!  Its a mind expanding concept, I know.


Update on the update:   Whiplash...the story is active again....But let's face it..dialogue is futile....Too too too bad.  There are deep lines in the sand....too too too bad.   Hope all here stay rosy and healthy.  I wish the best for you...and pray for warmer hearts and cooler heads.


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I'm 54 tastes and thought patterns are pretty much set in its not just that I didn't follow your logic and get to the same place you are....Its that I have my own well worn path....Ok? Guess I'll end the way I ended in my story....I wish the very best for you, and for all of us warmer hearts and cooler heads.<br />
<br />

Society will not be what I demand.....But freedom allows me to participate in politics and, in our current polarized society....try to influence the middle guy and get him to vote my way. And you have the same leeway, so, yeah, its fun! Especially when the impetus to engage is not mostly hostility disguised as conviction!

Married2bf! What the hell?!! Why should you take my opinion of Ayn Rand so personally? I really don't understand that kind of hostile reflex towards my own personal judgement? Please, please. I really am perplexed! What did I say that makes you suddenly assume this combative attitude? Please, please, make me understand! I think its completely groovy that you like life the way you like it. Why can't you accept my sensibilities? I do yours. You have the right to them....I would defend your right to YOUR OWN MIND!!!! This is really important.<br />
<br />
We should understand that we will never ever convince one another, I assume that fact. You are conservative, for heaven's sake, we are far apart on the political spectrum.....but I wasn't trying to prove you wrong I just come on here to kind of pipe up and say....Hello! There are other perspectives among the "people" you know! That's all...just to be another county heard from so to speak.. a compulsion to pipe up in the name of diversity. Its not good to take these things to hostilities....its not good.<br />
<br />
The value of your production and my production is made by whoever is willing to pay for it amongst conditions in the and demand....the going rate, so to matter who sits in the White House..Of course, these things can be influenced but nevermind about calling about it is just plain silly,isn't it?.

I like your last update Annie. No point in discussion. I would refuse to educate Bitlord on how to use Google and refuse to sit here and be discounted because I of my uncited facts. I'll just have to sit back and let you bright folks tell us how to do it right. (or left) or whatever the party is you plan to throw. Just make sure you have a very good whip to bring down on my back - the crowd you run with believes that i will continue to produce when you ***** the value of my production. It won't happen. You'll get equality out of me and society will in fact become exactly what you demand. I'll be unsubscribing to your thread now... and flagging future off topic posts in this group from each of you. Have your fool parties in the Lefties are Brilliant and the only ones smart enough to voice an opinion group and leave we rightards our last bastion of freedom while it lasts.

That made me smile. When I think of the many many lame brained attempts to invoke that response and yet all that was required was a simple analysis of exisitng economic data, i've being doing the wrong thing for years. <br />
Lloyds banking group just reported £1.6 billion profits in Q1. Last years losses were hugely inflated by impairments of exisitng debt and didn't really affect cashflow. i am buying now cos once they unwind some of the proviisons in Q4 there should be a jump in price. Worth a punt.

I love it when you talk like that! <br />
<br />
Oh, not about your personal finances, I hate hearing that! Just the overall tone, language, pace and subject matter is kinda sexy, in a completely anonymous, I love my husband, but I ain't dead to the world kinda way. ; )

There was a 1.1% increase in growth in the last quarter but underlying this appears to be construction work funded by public sector money being brought forward and huge profits by the energy companies cos oil prices rose and we had a tough winter. It's not sustainable. also there are massive public sector cuts on the way and that will reduce growth, maybe even a double dip recession. Employment is not improving and inflation runs somewhere around 3%. Interest rates are virtually 0 for investors but borrowing is also fairly inexspensive which helps small business. Overall, the economy will recover but we're looking at 2014 before growth becomes a factor in increasing jobs and prosperity rather than simply a factor in reducing national debt. By then tax might have wiped me out.

Bitlord, Bless have the constitution for him, that's for sure! He's a fighter! Ha! "constitution" Ha! I made a joke!

Steve, how's the employment picture? Over here, revenues are going up with no discernaible increase in sales! Its the shedding of all that weight......human beings. Austerity.....its a b*i*t*c*h.

Loneranger: Obama is easy on the eyes, he's got a loosey goosey easy going personality and a charming smile. He's a consensus builder, looking for cooperation....That's your personality. If you want to build a cult around it. go ahead. Your best membership bet are young women, but beware! They are fickle! And get bored easy. He'll have to step up his seduction game big time! Ha! Maybe you can give him some pointers. Heigh Ho Silver!

Married, Marx's prediction notwithstanding, the entire Russian and Chinese civilizations have given up on Communism... anybody stupid enough to get on that abandoned wagon again deserves the disaster that awaits them down the road! <br />
<br />
I feel the same towards unfettered free marked Capitalism, how often do we need to be hit by the destruction of speculative bubble bursts? Irrational exuberance is the natural by product of unregulated free markets, Its madness! Why keep designing our economy so that we can do the same thing over and over. Do we expect different results? Sure, the top 2 % are KIngs of the planet, but the rest of us serf's, look out, you know what serf's do....they storm the castle! You want to change the order of things? modulate our systems.....not economies run by a central entity, but not a free for all, winners/losers model either, a nice fluid middle way sound lovely to me. <br />
<br />
And besides...I'm born Catholic, The morality of Sacrifice is burned into my soul, I could never accept a Randian philosophy. So, if I'm not buying what she's selling, why read the book?

Well it IS Markus LilAnne.<br />
He has no use for facts and still claims that 'argument by faux news assertion' is the only truth.<br />
I have to admire one thing about him though.<br />
The guy has NO SHAME AT ALL and will tell any lie, any lie whatever, in order to 'win' by assertion.<br />
<br />
Married, we ARE telling the truth. That's why we cite things, because you can't accept reality.<br />
Deal with it, you lose every encounter. EVERY LAST ONE because you have no facts.

Yep Markus does tend to throw the heavy punches. Anyway having been lounging around in the epitomy of socialist excess (France) I have now returned to the centre of hardship and adversity that is the British economy. The belt tightening arrives in October when the spendnig review will be announced. I am mightly impressed with the work of some of my public clients in respsone to cost cutting scenarios ranging from 8 to 20%. No more bottled water, no more exspensive toilet roll, no outside catering for meetings, cheaper office supplies, no capital investment, no training all ICT projects on hold and ....of more expenditure on consultants. interesting how all of these cuts hit private sector suppliers. At the same time a proposal to centralise education administration is delayed, at a cost of £73m. A review of local governement is shelved, cost £488m. An equal pay deal is brought in costing £150m. Now the junior office staff earn up to £23,000 per year and count the paper clips so much faster. Not one real idea about cutting the cost of compliance with audit and risk measures that add nothing to customer service delivery but seek to ensure that no one is held to account if things are not delivered. A typical obsession is writing a policy and strategy for every eventuality but with no serious notion of turning intent into reality. Charities that deliver some of the most cost effective services to targeted users are now being asked to not only deliver a business case for funding but every month they have to complete all manner of monitoring returns so that departmental apparatchiks can ensure all the pennies add up on every line. Years ago a recommendation that bodies should be funded on an outcome basis with a spending ceiling was accepted but never introduced. What would all the bureaucrats do if someone else counted the beans.

You will find that Obama, like all leftist leaders, is at the center of a cult of personality. Expect to be viciously attacked if you question anything he does.

Actually the New World Order is socialism and the finalization of the communist manifesto. Marx explained that communism would fail unless the entire world was converted. The NWO can’t come into being until the last bastion of capitalism is destroyed… Sending American jobs overseas was the first step to achieve the NWO and done through global corporations. As Ayn Rand pointed out, government will seize these assets when the table is finished being set. This is why HW Bush lost to Clinton - he freaked the conservatives out with his NWO talk. Ross Perot and the conservatives stood up in 1992 and screamed <strong>DON’T DO THIS</strong> and Bill Clinton took the presidency with a minority vote. Clinton and Bush Jr. were NWO guys and in 20 short years everything the conservatives warned would happen have. You’d be surprised to learn how many heads of greedy global corporations are actually socialists. I don’t understand it myself, but they are… I think they all believe that somehow they will be exempt and they will have power… but it’s a very long list of rich fools beginning with Rockefeller. (conspiracy theories aside… The Bilderberg Group is a good place to start finding socialists among the rich and powerful corporations)<br />
<br />
We see Rand a bit differently... You think Taggart should work her fingers to the bone to provide rail transport to the government for the advancement of society. If you are going to have a socialist Utopia... Ms. Taggart and Mr. Reardon shouldn't be required to work any harder than their neighbors. Equality is after all meant to mean equal. In Rand’s book, Ms. Taggart and Mr. Reardon simply come to understand that they should conform to societal pressures and stopped killing themselves and their family lives by giving twice as much effort as the rest of society. Ms. Taggart evolved to fit herself into the New World. : ) You haven't read the book have you Annie? Read it and you'll see that she's very fair to both socialists and capitalists and paints a reasonable projection of our future.

Our jobs were sold to the "new world order" (another name for capitalism, by the way) in the name of profit and reduced costs....if more can be made in another land,,than it had to be a good thing when the free market is our only standard of success....Ayn Rand, her most holy of holys, told us so! look out for number one! Self interest is the ultimate recourse. <br />
<br />

:) Excellent anecdote doesn't change the true numbers. Inflation was double digit and middle America's savings were being devastated. Mid level execs were getting laid off and unemployment was a staggering 10+ by 1982. They were very tough times for a lot of Americans. The big difference was the wild inflation. Any way you look at it, both men inherited horrible economies... but only one of them needed to be propped up with propaganda and delusional claims of "worst". Reagan had to work with a Dem Congress and had to lead them. Obama had to work with a total control Dem congress and had to bully them. Honestly Annie, it has been bizarre. Reagan had the big advantage though, the Government (under both parties) hadn't sold our jobs to a New World Order and Americans were able to buy American and put their fellow Americans back to work. In the '80's we redistributed wealth to Americans by buying American products. In the 2009+ we redistributed wealth to Americans by putting it on our grand children's tab. (I made 14,400 a year with a degree and working full time in 1984)

In 1980, I had a part time union job that paid 14 dollars an hour, time and a half on Sundays, full medical benefits with dental and eyeglasses, two week paid vacation and rock solid job security. My one bedroom apartment's rent, in a nice family neighborhood, was 135 dollars a month.<br />
<br />
In 2010, My daughter, with a college degree, working on her masters, is making ten dollars an hour teaching in a private nursery school, no benefits at all, there are twenty people lined up for her job, if she hiccups, she's out the door.....that is all she can get, she lives at home. All of her friends are in the same you tell me.

:) Blocked is a good thing Annie. Wear it with pride... if Markus weren't a Bitlord in rightwing dress, I'd give a whip...<br />
<br />
Just goes to remind us all... every group has an underbelly. The teaparty is not a bunch of racists, and reaonable people should know that when racism rears its head in the teaparty - THEY will clean it up and police it out... I only wish I saw some evidence of the left doing the same with the media and the outright foolishness of "Bush Blaming". Reagan inherited a far worse situation the Obama ... yet they let Obama bash Bush and make claims that are blatanly stupid... Wosrt economy since the great depression... were we not alive in 1980 - 1983?

Thanks, Married2bf<br />
<br />
You and I might be of different philophies but we are of the same cloth....We love to discuss ideas with passion and conviction but still try to recognize our opposite's humanity....I think I know now what went wrong with Markus....I went to his profile and saw an experience with the titlee....socialists are doodleheads.. or something like that....I commented on his story there along the lines of people from different regions have different experiences and we should take that into account....then I got the sillies...especially when I imagined how we would sound if we could hear each other,He, with his tennessee accent, and me, with my street "joisey" accent!!!! Each of us using our "big important words" Hahahaha! the idea still tickles the hell out of me....but I guess not him....whop!....I was blocked and labeled a nogoodnik!

I wouldn't mind seeing a few libs telling guys like Bitlord and guys like James Carvill to shut up and tell truths. You always hear the right telling guys like Markus and guys like Pat Robertson to shut up a stop being fools...<br />
<br />
Lilannie got stereotyped by Marcus. Let's be honest Annie - these days, the stereotype isn't hard to accept from the left. I posted 2 stories about my son... one in a "I love socialism" group and one in a "I love Capitalism" group... the capitalism one was bashed to bits by lefties telling me I'm a whining simpering fool... The socialism one was ignored since socialist were either too busy smacking me in the capitalist thread or unable to offer socialist advice for my problem.<br />
<br />
Mind you, I still feel Markus was rude and i told him so... as many right minded folk will and will shun him... we don't approve of closed mindedness on the right and bicker about it enough that we lose a few elections on it.

Hard headed people are the same all over.