Another Human Caused Global Warming Denier Book Shot Down. This One Willing To Admit The Truth!

Seems the 'climategate' story is just like "Filegate" and "FBI gate" and "Vince Foster", "Waco" and "Arkansas Mafia", all spews of the rightwing imagination and hate, paranoia and SLOPPY JOURNALISM.
The reality?
There was no scientific fraud revealed in the CRU hacked emails (criminal hacking btw. Where is the prosecution?). NONE. What IS clear is that quote mining rightwingers with the compliance of a Corporate owned media turned speculations and private exchanges into a "Scandal" that did not exist.
Just like Clinton, the right is determined to use smears, lies and deceit to create a false reality in which every one of the tens of thousands of researchers involved in AGW are part of a grand conspiracy to take away your car.

Wonder if you rightard twerps are nearly as brave and will be ready to admit that reality is real?
Probably not.
Wonder if you rightard twerps are nearly as brave and will be ready to admit that reality is real? Probably not.

bitlord bitlord
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Sorry to make your life such hell by telling the truth married, but the facts are simple. Human Caused Global Warming is real, and hacking, altering and fraudulently quotemining emails won't save you from reality.<br />
You are wrong.<br />
You are a liar.<br />
I posted POLLINGREPORT.COM the CURRENT poll releases.<br />
YOU LIED.<br />
Get over yourself liar!!

Back on citation again Bitlord. I'd appreciate it if you'd actually <strong>do your own education</strong> before you declare my words lies. If I have misrepresented a fact, those that read my stuff will know and they are welcome to educate themselves. You are the only liar here.<br />
<br />
Give a man a fish (fact) and he will eat for a day...Teach a man to fish (fact find)... and he will discover his own truths as he researches your facts. You and I argued over a poll % once. You posted a link to a very old poll... I told you how to use the top 5 Google results to glean truth from massive data that can't always be trusted. Still, you demand that I cite my sources. This isn't high school - you cite a source to prove that I'm wrong THEN call me a liar. Otherwise you are just a dumb liberal wishing the facts and history were on your side.

No married, abuse is you posting LIES and refusing to back them with citation.<br />
<br />
Oh, btw, coupleTn, as is common to you people from the Flyover states where divorce and adultery run rampant, you are attributing to liberals the behaviors which made the right powerful, that is, lie, lie and spread the lie.<br />
How many repig outlets repeated the ACORN lies? Hmm?<br />
Yes, how many repig outlets repeated the "Vince Foster" lies? Hmm?<br />
Of the right we can say, truth was the first casualty of your Jihad!

Still it is an Alinski tactic... Shout your lies loud enough and often enough and soon people will accept them as truths. I'm starting to believe that liberals have no idea what a truth is. When they say they love their wives... their wives must have to wonder.

Bitlord, this post is abusive and has no place in this group. Please behave yourself properly. There are plenty of groups where you will get a chorus of agreements and where your post may be acceptable.