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Fraudulent story by a blogger is Jburns version of history and facts.
And where did Apathetic get it's 'material'?
Here, from a researcher into rightard operations.

"...Yet, recently I have been receiving a lot of information regurgitated from, so I decided to give it a gander.

Wow… It is scary folks, here are some quotes:

“If Hitler could create such carnage with his leadership, just imagine what Osama bin Laden's leadership can do with 23% of the entire world's population of Neutral Muslims, armed with human bombers and 21st Century Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Weapons.”

“Now, if there is a worldwide Economic collapse – which is highly probable - resulting in the disenfranchised Muslims becoming even more isolated and culturally deprived, Bin Laden will have an even more willing Neutral Muslim population to recruit new bombers to help destroy Western Civilization.”

“BE PREPARED!. If you are not prepared, get prepared - your life (and your family) may depend on it. Make sure that you (and your family) have at least a 3-month emergency kit (and plan) on hand. Personally, I have an extensive emergency kit stored in my garage, which I continually expand on. For long range survival, and personal protection, I also recommend having on hand some firearms and spare ammo. As a minimum; a shotgun, deer/game rifle, and a high caliber pistol or two - buy them now, as the liberals will be pushing through several gun control legislative actions over the next 4-8 years.”

Lastly, I just wanted to leave you with the video they post on their beginning of their website. It provides sources, to distinctly wingnut conspiracy theorist publications... Sad day folks... This does help explain why there is the lack of civility. ..."
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5 Responses Aug 2, 2010

Nobrainer's 'prepardeness plan' consists of making plans for a race war....which, if it comes, will happen thanks to racist trolls like him who are threatening to start one under the 'best defense is a .38' theory.<br />
<br />
How has that worked out for you, say on 9/11?<br />
<br />

bitlords preparedness plan is having a fresh government check, his food card,and plenty of Obama speeches to listen to.

So show us the facts here married, you freaking moron!!<br />
There is speculation, bombast and hate, but not a shred of fact.<br />
Burns, as usual, is a lying sycophant for hate spewing republicans, and you are SO MUCH WORSE because you have the intelligence to do something with your brain instead of repeat lies by liars as IF they were facts!<br />
Be ASHAMED you twit!!!

No... he's a fool. He will come on in a few moments and tell us that the Constitution has no value and the 2nd Amendment was a mistake. Unaware of the historical moves of every malicious and evil regime, he will proudly call for the state to take away our dangerous guns. Ignoring the fact that gun violence is statistically committed by an overwhelming majority of liberal and democratic voters, he will tell us that Burns, (who advocates protecting his family from the civil unrest that will result when liberal policies have bankrupted the State and left us without protection) should have no right to own a gun. <br />
<br />
He read Burns' story and quaked in fear that Burns may hole up in his house and defend his family while riots rage in the streets... instead of realizing that in major cities throughout the US, Canada and Europe, it is Bitlord's brand of people that hurt/kill people and destroy property to call attention to their issues... Do guys like Burns bust out their guns when the rioters at the G20 start hurting innocent people and destroying property. NO... FACT … NO … but facts and reality are inconvenient truths to people of this mold.

So you say being prepared for possible chaos is a bad thing. I don't see where this guy is saying to do bad things... he's using history and facts to explain why we need to be prepared for the future.<br />
<br />
You libs are all crazy. You are destroying the world and believe that people are going to make nice, hold hands and treat each other with respect. I'm pretty sure that ALL of the riots and violence of the last 20 years have been incited and orchestrated by liberals and left wing communists... LA, Detroit., Oakland... and you would tell us to relax and not consider protection for the collapse of the world that you idiots are assisting with. Shame on you - if Jburns shoots someone illegally, I say we execute him. Until then - respect his 2nd amendment rights and stop being such a fricking fool yourself.<br />
<br />
PS... you have posted your tripe in the wrong group again. That's your seccond warning.