Honestly, Why Are You Really Here?

Let's say that you are at work (because life in Obamaland is wonderful and everybody has jobs and works hard at their jobs and pays half their salary in taxes for health care, charity, welfare, etc plus the taxes on any goods that they purchase that the masses feel are detrimental) and you are taking the elevator from the fifth to the top floor.  The elevator door opens up and the light shows that it is going down.  Do you get on since it is not going your direction just for the sake of getting on or in hopes of changing the direction immediately (since it is an elevator, obviously it will eventually change directions, so please take that into consideration here).  Now supposing you did not get on and you continue to wait.  Another one comes along and the elevator is full of people who are performing various bodily functions and it is rather disgusting to you, do you get on that one?  After all, you could possibly change them, right?  Now suppose you still did not get on and continue to wait.  The door opens again and it is full of people that are obese and do not take care of themselves.  Now this is quite the opportunity because you could teach them how bad obesity is and the dangers of overeating and the benefits of exercise and the need for proper nutrition.  But alas, there is not enough room so you cannot get on.  Another one opens at the same time that is full of people in a heated discussion about the Bible.  They are holding their Bibles open as they quote passages etc.  Another opens and there are people discussing Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Fox News, etc and are obviously conservatives in a conversation.  The last one opens and some people on there are discussing Obama and their support of him and there is plenty of room on that one.  Why do you go into one of the other elevators and try to change the people in there and aggravate them for no real purpose?  You know you will not change them or their ideas.  You know they are currently peacefully discussing things but yet you seem to feel the need to disturb that peace while preaching tolerance and peace that you are not showing.  Sometimes people want to discuss something among like minded people just to discuss it, not to get into heated debates, name calling, emotional  ranting, or arguments.  That is not to say that opposing opinions are not allowed but sometimes they need to recognize when to stay out of somewhere--especially when there is a negative agenda to do so. 
To explain this to the liberals who do not understand the symbolism----- be honest about why you are in this group right now and what you really intend to do here.  There are other elevators to ride, oops, I mean other groups to join and speak in.
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3 Responses Aug 2, 2010

egotistical blabbering ... yes it is frustrating to try to speak rationally with people that have become so incensed that they are no longer willing to listen or debate. It makes you care so little that the love of your country that encouraged you to speak out gets lost in the mix and you just want to bring the hammer down and behave as childishly as the intellectual idiots themselves. Sadly, we become so emotional (their intent btw) that we forget the target of debate is not to sway the individual with whom we disagree but to move the thoughts of the spectators. Suck it up people and debate with honor, present facts with respect and allow the audience to recognize the difference between a raving lunatic and rational thought.... <br />
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Some folks on the right move into impatient, foaming at the mouth, hammer down, foolishness and for every middle of the path mind SF turns with her patient and intelligent discourse, they will shut off several minds with their bitlordesque approach. They will allow Bitlord to beat them in all debates without typing a single truth - THAT is the strength of Alinski's plan and unless the right recognizes what the factually inaccurate and ideologically weak left is doing and figures out how to handle it like men (not children) we will continue to lose the debate and lose the country we loved enough to argue for.

Some cannot tell you what government means, much less any of the branches! Interesting how literal a liberal is! They cannot follow facts, they cannot follow symbolism, they can only debate on an emotional level (for libs here, I am referring to the need to bash someone, discredit the witness, distract from the topic, victimize the person, isolate a situation then apply it generically, apply Alinsky tactics, etc) and they do not seem to see how inane this can be. Amazing (or maybe I mean Amazonian!!)

I don't mind a ride or two with them, but this is getting old! Oh, but I forgot, I am to be tolerant of their ideas and thoughts with extra tolerance for their intolerance of my thoughts/opinions/actions/behaviors, etc, etc, etc!! They are pushing my buttons!!!!