See What Happens When You Let A Palin Teach Sex-ed?

Bristol the twice unwed mother (face facts, Trig is her baby, Sarah never showed and will not let anyone see the medical records) has AGAIN dumped the father of her baby.
See what happens when you teach abstinence instead of protection?
Ignorant rightwingers!
bitlord bitlord
7 Responses Aug 3, 2010

Not banned. Had a wife and a life to live.<br />
Liar.<br />
As for this recent absence...a minor stroke. I can see properly again, for a few hours at a time.<br />
Looks like I might become a statistic.

and came back as dorltib... I wondered why he did that.

I got Butlord banned and you can too. Tell EP you are out of here if they don't do something about this idiot.<br />
<br />
He served a 3 month suspension the last time. Flag and report him.

Desperation is the off shoot product that causes people to start slinging mud when their own failed conjecture of (Hope and Change) has evaporated.<br />
It's like condeming the lake for being full of water and that is why someone drowned.

I've been flagging his completely off topic stories. And yes, they are off topic!<br />
<br />
"It has everything to do with the hypocrites who play "Family values" while having none of their own."<br />
<br />
Umm...this group is for people who think Obama is dangerous for the US, not people who want to discuss the hypocrites or Palin. Its so childish that you try to rile us up with an anti Sarah Palin story. You just assume that just because we hate Obama we all support her. I'm not riled up that your bashing Palin, I'm pissed that you keep posting stuff that is completely off topic for Obama and the democratic government we are clearly against. I hate it when people try to take over a group by spamming their opposing stories! If you want to debate like an adult, then stick to commenting on our stories. Save your stories for the "I hate Sarah Palin", I hate conservitives", or the "I wanna lick Obama's butthole" group.

Please folks, join me in flagging this story. Bitlord, FAMILIES??? You're pathetic. When you start bringing families into the debate, you only prove that "The best part of you drooled down your mother's leg when she waved goodbye to the faceless sailor sneaking out the back door as your "Father" pullled in the drive."

It has everything to do with the hypocrites who play "Family values" while having none of their own.<br />
<br />
Hypocrites who post RIGHT HERE making false claims of Democrat's "Hypocrisy".<br />
<br />
Let them eat sh-t and drown in the evidence of their own hypocrisy.<br />
<br />
What's the matter, contrary opinion too hard to handle?