Necessity Is The Mother Of Invention

The Congress has returned to session to shift some money around.  Basically, the States are in desperate need of help to fix the Medicaid shortfall.  Now, we have a situation where Congress tells us “it’s paid for by raising taxes on corporations and cuts to Food Stamp eligibility in 2014?”   Those of us who have had to face budget problems recognize a shell game.
Raising taxes on corporations (our president claims its only the evil ones who ship our jobs overseas)  is a tax on you.  It’s a horrible way to trick you into paying taxes because it will cause the corporations to raise prices, cut employees and/or move.  Why not just raise our taxes.  The poor in our country need more money for healthcare and we are being forced to fork it over.  Why can’t we tell it straight, put the gun to the tax payers’ heads and force us to hand it over?  (That’s exactly what they do when they make it harder for businesses to compete – it’s just that they don’t think we’re smart enough to realize it’s a tax on us)
Now the teacher situation… I really must scratch my head here.  Is there any doubt that our current spending per child is crazy for the results?  Our school systems are clearly broken, they’ve been screaming about it for years.  So why are we using fake money to prop up the school systems?   One thing I know for sure – society values the education of the youth.  If we don’t step in and help, necessity will force localities to be innovative.  The job will be done and who knows, the outcome may just be better than the current system.  Example:  What if you pay one great teacher to supervise 4 teacher’s aids (like we do in healthcare).  You would need more great teachers but fewer teachers overall.  Your salary and benefits could be drastically reduced and anyone who has sent a child through school or has been treated by a PT assistant or Physician’s assistant knows that as long as they are supervised adequately, they do a very good job.  Did you know that many states require TA’s to have Associates Degrees? 
My answer may not be the answer – but it’s innovative and born of need.  When we let the Feds bandage the problems with fake accounting and sly taxes, we simply put the moment of necessity off.  It’s time to roll up our sleeves, be innovative and fix the problems across the board.  Transparency and discussion are required – mockery and trickery should be pointed at every time!
So I level my finger at Pelosi and Obama and say – “You are our leaders and we demand honesty.  Explain it again please and this time – tell the real truth”
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