Now A Bit Of Truth About Williemcd's Coming Together Bs

Bat-balls said "Who here thinks that Obama is really capable of subjugating his ego and helping this country go forward. To date, I've not seen any evidence of his capacity to subjugation of this "vision" for the reality of what' this country really wants. It is going to be a most interesting few months and an even more interesting two years. My Bet? He'll be a one termer.."

The correct answer is "Who thinks the Repigs will cooperate with Obama to get us out of this REPUBLICAN caused depression?"
Certainly NOT Mitch the ***** who was just today stupid enough to publicly admit that it is the ONLY repig priority to see Obama become a one term President.

How stupid is it to repeat the Newt screw up in re: the Government shutdown because Newt had to ride the SECOND plane?

About as stupid as Williem and his 'secret challenge'? On that same order!
bitlord bitlord
Nov 5, 2010