For The Birthers Out There

I am going to dedicate this to all of the birthers out there. Recently President Barack Obama released his original certificate of birth to the public in order to put a stop to the claims by many Americans that he is not a natural born citizen of the United States. So now I ask what is the birthers' rebuttal. (For reasons I am sure all of you will understand, I am not releasing my view on this current issue. The only thing I am interested in is what the people of this group have to say, so please comment.)
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What is a birther?

Someone who believes Obama was not born in the United States.

Of course you didn't, Sky.<br />
Bill is a bully. Ignore him.<br />
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I think it's fabulous to see young people, like you, involved in intelligent political discussions. Are your friends equally interested?

I have not deleted any posts!

Sky is on a campaign yet again.. I truly think there is something amiss with him... or them... Seriously... no joke.. Bill in Va.

Oh Bill, seriously??? <br />
You can go look at plenty of stories that are over 6 months old and see missing comments.<br />
Not deleted comments...deleted profiles!<br />
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Your posting on this story is kinda creepy. You and Perry still having fun with the birth certificate, eh?

Sky.. I see you've deleted a ton of comments on here!... Way to go mr freedom of speech!... Hypocrite... Bill in Va.

I don't know I was just asking a question and playing devil's advocate.

why did he take so long to release his birth cerifacate?

Checked it out, do you know of any other sources your's is the only one I can find.

Here we go again, everybody lies. Yep everybody lies, but once again that means your sources thesec. What makes them right, you can't trust the media thesec. These are your words, and doesn't this article count as the media? Once again you are picking and choosing what works for you! Thank you Caliper I always enjoy a link, I will check it out.

Let's not forget that he has been using a dead man's Social Security number since 1980<br />

If he was born in Kenya what is your explanation on his long form? Oh yeah it is fake. How do explain fox news saying it is legit? Read this:


This was posted by the Associated press in 2004.<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
Plenty of people were raising questions about his constitutional right to run for office but were ignorred by the Main stream media. You have to wonder why Obama spent 2 million dollars to cover up his past, and the first presidential order he gave was to make it illegal to look into his history.<br />
McCain was also questioned about his right to run because he born on a foreign( Panama) America military ba<x>se. Ironically Obama was on the oversight committee that voted to allow McCain to run.<br />
I think it's just a distraction at this point from the real problems America faces.

Why does nobody believe me when I say that I have not given any of my own opinions on this story. I am completely neutral on this. You all have given extremely good arguments, and all I am doing is bringing in other opinions. Why are you so interested in what I think, It does not matter! I only brought up the topic of racism because it is a very hot debate, not to bring my own personal beliefs into the subject. The only thing important is what you the readers think, like I said I am playing devil's advocate. Is that okay with everyone?

Why so hostile to me? I am only asking questions. Please give me a list of other topics I should cover, I would love your input.

In what way does that give my opinion in any of this?


First of all, I do plan on making a paper out of this study (I have to). To answer your question on Sarah Palin, that is sexism, not racism, and this project is not on the topic of racism.

How am I fueling racism with my project? All I am doing is challenging your arguments. It is not my intent to help racism at all, my intent is to study each political side that is all. Once again I have passed no judgement on any of you, I have only challenged you with your political opponents arguments, that is it.

To answer your question, each and every time we make a statement referring to a stereotype of an ethnic group, by definition it is a form a racism. The definition of racism is to judge someone ba<x>sed on their ethnicity or values. That is how everyone is racist.

Judging someone by their values is not racist. That does not even make sense. Could you explain that statement?

I don't even really remember. I said that like two years ago, and I am not sure why I put the word values in there.


Sorry I haven't posted in a while my wifi is terrible where I live. To answer the question on racism from thesec, racism has been part of the foundation of this country since it was created by our founding fathers. Racism will never stop in our country or world, it is just human nature. According to psychological research, everyone on the planet is racist in some shape or form, because the definition is very broad. In fact almost anything biased can be racism for a bias is directed to one sort of people. To answer quilty56, I am doing this for a political science class, and for this study to be accurate I must remain unbiased, but also represent both parties' arguments, so if a liberal were to reply to this I would argue with them as well. Also to challenge fnformetoo's argument, which presidents had to do this, because not every president did, please be more specific.

Why is it racist to ask the POTUS to show his birth cert, which is required by the Constitution?<br />
<br />
All other POTUS have been asked to do the same. But suddenly, it is racist to ask obummer.<br />
<br />
Beats anything I ever saw. lmao<br />
<br />
Sky... just know one thing. I oppose obummers white half... just as much as his black half.

Is everyone done, I have only said these things for research, if anything I said offended you I am deeply sorry. This once again may not reflect t actual beliefs, and I only do this because I must. I will post another story topic I hope you all will give your opinions, and I will of course play devil's advocate with each post.

Is everyone done, I have only said these things for research, if anything I said offended you I am deeply sorry. This once again may not reflect t actual beliefs, and I only do this because I must. I will post another story topic I hope you all will give your opinions, and I will of course play devil's advocate with each post.

Please do not stop responding, I am on my knees, I need this data.

I have not said the racism to Obama is true, I have only stated the many believe this. The facts I stated are: racism still exists, and that white privilege is real.

Of course there is racism and racism against the President. Yet I have heard people claim that criticism against him is racist when race was never mentioned. I do not understand that kind of thinking. He is the President of the United States. The job is a lightning rod for criticism. People may never know the true motive of any type of criticism but unless there is evidence of some type of racial bias I consider it unfair and foolish to characterize the criticism as racist.
Has anyone read 1984 by George Orwell? The only crime in that society was thought crime. Claiming to know the motives of another person's thoughts without any real evidence is a dangerous thing.

I am confused here. In this comment I said I do not necessarily believe the allegations of racism to be true. So what exactly are you trying to say here?

I am not arguing with you just against the notion that some people think they know the motives of other people's thinking. Unless there is some evidence of racism you should not either assume someone is racist or accuse them of being racist. It is nothing short of thought crime.

I am white. But that does not matter, I am only stating facts. This is a research project, and I am only doing this by the rules of the assighnment, please don't refer to me as naive I DON'T NECESSARELY AGREE WITH ANYTHING I AM ARGUING I AM ONLY PLAYING DEVIL'S ADVOCATE!!!!!

It is because racism towards black people still exists within the country, and it is still very sensitive. It is also because of white privilage.

The reason this question has arisen is because every other president was white.

Just because every other President was white is not a good argument that criticism of the first black president is racially motivated. Conversely to say that anyone should refrain from criticism because he is the first black president is not valid either.
I realize you are only saying this is just why the question has arisen. Yet it still has no validity.

I am going to say this one more time, I am completely neutral in this, it is for research, and I only argue in order to welcome other arguments. If someone who is liberal posts, I will arue with them as well!

You have said it too many times already.

The reason I have asked this question is because he is the first president to be questioned, which raises many arguments that this is because of racism.

Van Buren was the first president to be born on american soil after independence was declared. The U.S. was at this time ruled by presidents that were born on british soil, so the clause in the constitution stating that a president must be a natural born citizen did not apply to anyone running for president at the time. There was no reason for his legitimacy to be questioned.

(like i have said many times these are not necessarely my views) Can you name these presidents?

New question. The long form birth certificate has been authenticated, so why does this president need to prove his legitimacy, even though every other president hasn't?

(Like I said I am only acting as devil's advocate). Looking at his long form with many keys on how to legitimize it I have determined it is not a fake. The actual document has pen indents that can only be made by handwriting. His long form is real.

Did you question any of the other presidents? Why is he the first president to have his legitimacy questioned? Did you ever have the same doubt about any of the other presidents? I am of course playing devil's advocate in this whole thread, but please think about this. Answer thoughtfully on this, one can't just make claims about someone, there is no proof to any of these arguments; just get a little artsy, and think it through before responding.