Valerie Plame Wilson

Another topic that I am putting for debate. Do you feel the Bush administration had the right to blow her cover? Your comments please.
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Sky seems to be willfully obtuse, saying "the administration took action against the family by ousting the mother who was a CIA agent." Are you denying the cold hard fact that Novak got his information on Valerie not from an administration loyalist but from Richard Armitage, who was a troublemaker in the State Department?

"although Saddam Husain was a terrible man, he was not a terrorist," I have done research on Middle Eastern terrorism, and I will assure you that Sadaam Hussein was in fact one of the founding fathers of Middle Eastern terrorism along with Muammar Qaddafi, Arafat, and Habash. Hussein was the original sponsor of the infamous Abu Nidal. In the 1980s when he needed support from the West in the war against Iran, Hussein reduced his support from terrorism, but even then his intelligence service ran a very dangerous terrorist organization called the May 15 group which specialized in putting bombs aboard airliners. In the 1990s he increased his support for terrorism again and that was where things stood at the time of the war.<br />
<br />
Sky, if you really wanted to speak authoritatively about the Plame revelation, the proper source is not her, because she wasn't present when it happened. The proper source would be Robert Novak, who wrote about it in the memoir he published before he died, since he was the one who received the information and published it. He made clear it was not Libby or Rove, it was Armitage.

An even better man to talk to would be the guy who went to Niger to find out if WMD's were being shipped to Iraq.

That is a totally distinct issue from the one you raised about the disclosure regarding his wife. and the issue was uranium, I believe, not WMDs. His report is not broadly accepted as truth. There is plenty of evidence that Iraq was trying to get uranium from Niger.

According to who? Iraq was a big power play because someone had to take the fall for 9/11. We needed Hussein out of the way so we made Iraq out to be the bad guy. When someone challenged that, the administration took action against the family by ousting the mother who was a CIA agent.

According to the British intelligence and according to the Niger folks themselves, among others.

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OMG ... Sky ... You started this thread not knowing who Richard Armitage was ... It doesn't get any more childishly ignorant than you. You are like arguing the eggs on the lawn were put there by the Easter Bunny ... You are an ignoramous ... a laughing stock... <br />
You also jumped in claiming Obama is a feminist ... <br />
"Anita Dunn , who was quoted as saying that, "this place would be in court for a hostile workplace. . . . Because it actually fit all of the classic legal requirements for a genuinely hostile workplace to women."<br />
Sky ... I think you qualify as a total idiot.... as in an IQ below 80

Do you believe that idiot Anita Dunn? Obama is most certainly a feminist. He gave no serious consideration to liberal males in his two Supreme Court appointments.

Start citing your infom please.

Sky.. If you want to be left alone, don't invite debate on drivel!.. Bill in Va.

I got my info not from a "liberal" teacher, but from Valerie herself. Now will you please leave me alone.

she lied ... no one has ever been charged with "outing" her ... because she was never covert. She was just a ridiculous pawn to use as an excuse to try to find "dirt" on the Bush administration ... No differnce between Fitzgerald and Nifong

She perjured herself before Congress.

ROFL ... the theme for this paper is Valerie Plame and the Bush adminstration! ... When the liberal teacher demands a condemnation of the Bush administration ... in accordance with liberal ideology! ... LOL ... I get it! ... So difficult if Richard Armitage is in the picture ... he must be purged ...... Truth is difficult to deal with when liberal teachers are involved. Just lie Sky ... don't bring up Richard Armitage ... your liberal teacher can't deal with the truth... LOL

Bill do you really have to make fun of me?

yep ... when people are being do naive

Sky... also parrots are not smart enough to formulate thoughts and ideas on their own.. Polly wanna cracker?.. Bill in Va.

Yep sky.. Parrots are smart enough to regurgitate that what they have had drilled into them... Bill in Va.

Sky... you get extra points on your paper if you keep the colors between the lines... Good luck with your pursuit!.. Bill in Va.

Yep because parrots are very smart.

Why?! Why are you pestering me? I am writing a paper for my psychology class which has nothing to do with politics. Leave me alone, I need to finish. We can play later Julie but this is important. Now leave me ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why are you commenting at all on things you know absolutely nothing about? I bet you know nothing about the paper you are working on ... just regurgitating what your liberal teacher told you ... with no intelligent independent research or input from yourself. Your parrot icon is suitable....

In fact just don't comment until you can be nice.

I'm trying to write a paper at the moment so I cannot talk. My computer is stupid and keeps sending me here whenever you comment so go away. I need to finish this.

LOL ... crawl under the bed ... that's a good place to cry ... How can you keep posting crap you know nothing about? Schitzofrenia?<br />
You also jumped into a discussion about feminism and politics ... and did not know who Geraldine Ferraro was ... right? Do you like displaying your total ignorance?<br />
Please ... refrain from making comments about things you are totally ignorant of.

not in the mood.

Sky doesn't want facts!.. He want's sycophants to agree with his ill-formed opinions! Bill in Va.

Go Away!!!!

Wow ... way to go Sky! Post a hit piece on the Bush administration when you are totally unaware of any facts. You had no clue who actually "leaked" her name (Richard Armitage). BTW the special prosecuter (Patrick Fitzgerald) knew it was Armitage before he even launched his "investigation" ... So what was this hit man really after? Patrick to me is no different than Nifong ... a complete miscarriage of injustice for his own personal interests.<br />
There was no breaking of any law. Plame was not covert .. as evidenced by the fact Armitage was never even questioned ... much less charged with anything. <br />
It was merely an trumped up opportunity by progressives to look for some dirt. The best they could do was trap Libbey by questioning him over and over about events over a year before until he made a mistake about what he remembered ... and charge him with purgery ... An investigation that had no business being conducted. It was a total sham.

They have many friends.

I didn't say he was a 9/11 terrorist... but he was a terrorist.<br />
<br />
Then there was a whole lot of people that was wrong on the intell. Including all the dems who voted to go to Iraq, then turned and was against it because they said no WMD... when they are all on record for saying there was WMD.

Well, although Saddam Husain was a terrible man, he was not a terrorist, and he had nothing to do with 9/11. That is why it is speculated oil was a main reason for our invasion of Iraq. WMD were probably not part of the mix, because all of the intelligence they cited was false, and it was proven they were aware of this.

Sky.. gassing 300,000 of your own citizens isn't an act of terror?.. GOD help us if you've a higher standard of what would be! Bill in Va.

That's all BS.<br />
<br />
Are those people saying that now? No...<br />
<br />
If oil was even in the mix... it was to get rid of a terrorist that was sitting on one of the biggest reserves on the planet. But the left tried to make it sound like we were there to TAKE the oil. Not protect it.

Okay, what do you say to those that believe that oil was one of our main motives?

Sky.. the Military in Iraq is paying premium dollars for all the petro they purchase... Your questions are so inane I question my thoughts about even wasting the time.. Bill in Va.

Do you take that crap seriously, sky?

Well I agreed with all the dems who said SH had WMD. That includes President Clinton and her pervert other half Bill....<br />
<br />
So I agreed going into Iraq. But I feel like most others do now... it was a waste. Especially seing what is going on now in the ME... with dictators being overthrown. But how were we to know that would be happening today? I think it would have been best to support an uprising against SH, vs militarily removing him.

New question, what do you think about the Bush administration's invasion of Iraq? Was it justified even though weapons of mass desruction were not being produced?

Yeah... I addressed that in my first response. Richard Armitage wanted to cause the Bush admin some trouble.<br />
<br />
That's why he leaked the name to Novack.

I'm not sure it was because he wanted to cause trouble in this particular instance. I think he didn't think it was such a big deal.

I keep forgetting to ask the big question, was there a reason for her to be outed?

I keep forgetting to ask the big question, was there a reason for her to be outed?

I keep forgetting to ask the big question, was there a reason for her to be outed?

It does show where she actually lives now because I know her, and so does my family. I now can say for sure she lives in Santa Fe.

Hey TBNW... Armitage admitted he leaked the name. No evidence required to charge him.... if a law was broken.<br />
<br />
Besides... All Libby did was lie to protect Armitage. There wasn't any evidence to destroy.<br />
<br />
Sky... Not sure I would get facts from a movie. That was made in nuttywood. They make movies to intentionally mis-lead you. Just look at fatboy michael moore....

Libby destroyed so much evidence it will not be possible to prosecute the real engineers of the conspiracy.<br />
That being said, history has properly judged the party of Treason (republican).

If you saw the movie Fair Game, that tells you where she lives, and works now.

Well... that's what was reported. She had a desk job at Langley.<br />
<br />
If that's not correct... it doesn't surprise me. Our media sucks.<br />
<br />
it's not like they're letting Armitage off. They prosecuted Libby for obstruction. Why would they not charge Armitage for leaking the name? It's because no laws were broken.

She doesn't work there either. But good argument, never heard of the man you're mentioning, I like it.

If all that is true... then why was Armitage not charged with anything?<br />
<br />
That fact tells you all you need to know. Armitage admitted he leaked the name early in the investigation.<br />
<br />
When I said DC... I was meaning Langley. Not sure why I said DC. She had a desk job in Langley...

She does not work in DC because she works with my grandmother here. the law was broken when she was outed, because there was no reason for it.

It was a lib... Deputy to the Sec of State Richard Armitage. He was causing trouble for the Bush Administration.<br />
<br />
How can you say the Bush Administration outted her?<br />
<br />
The investigation was nothing more than a head hunt. They knew early in the investigation that Armitage is the one who leaked the name. But for some reason they kept on investigating. They caught Libby trying to protect his buddy Armitage... or so he thought they were buddies... and was convicted of obstruction.<br />
<br />
Meanwhile, no laws were broken in the leaking of the name. She was no longer under cover. She had a desk job in DC.<br />
<br />
If this was anything more than a publicity stunt... then why was Armitage not charged with anything?<br />
<br />
It was all a bunch of garbage... by liberals.