To The Ppl Who Do Not Like Obama

So theyres a group called "i believe obama is dangerous for the country" out theyre.i constantly made post and staements on theyre stories.well im sure theyre tired of us invading theyre while they get to say all the bad things about the president,heres your chance to post good articles and things u feel he has done so far.this group better pile up fast cause they have quite the headstart.and plz,plz, name calling and hatred in my group.thnx.

and all others.when some ppl make some post i hope to see the other side of view theyre as well.youre all invited.
lets see if ppl who love Obama so much has the same energy to post something good that hes done.
good weekend to u all!!
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I'll have to agree.....somewhat with you sky12345, I don't think theres a politician alive that isn't hypocritical most of the time.<br />
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You got that right mach28211, everything is different when it comes to conservatives!

Conservatives have no room to talk about hypocrisy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

gemmin66105 you have to remember....when liberals do the abandoning it is ok. It is only when a Conservative does it that it is so terrible. The hypocrisy of the left becomes more and more evident as each day goes by.

you mean abandoned like wasserman shultz, or obama and hillary while compaining? You can do better than that.

Oh, you are right, how about Alaska? They seem to like the former leader of that state...the one that abandoned her post.

They'll never come out here - they hate California. Way too many liberals!

Hahahahahaha, Oh that is an awesome theory, Undertone. I can just see the Democratic National Committee sitting around making plans to discredit the Tea Party. You know, it is funny because you got all of these people saying, "No Taxes" on sidewalks, near street lights and stop signs on a street, holding up pictures of their kids in military uniforms, enjoying the fact that the streets are not being flooded because of the sewer system...with signs that say, "No Taxes". Bwahahaha! <br />
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Yeah, like the DNC really needs to plant, what did you call them, "agent provocateurs" to discredit them...they do a fine job of discrediting themselves! <br />
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I propose this, we move all of the Teapublicans to, I don't know, California. Give them a year of not paying taxes, in return, the government provides no services, no protection, no sewage, no water treatment, nothing. How many Teapublicans do you think will be left at the end of the year?

So y'all want to discredit and bash a Liberal for poor spelling and grammar? I say it goes both ways, here is a little slide show for you of Teapublicans and their signs. Have fun bashing these people too, or are you just a bunch of hypocrites? <br />
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Are you calling me an idiot, WetCoupleBigD?

Hahaha! Not only illiterate in terms of grammar & spelling, but can't even manage to post here without posting the answer three times by mistake! Ah, the illiterate calling others "talking idiots", gotta love it! Thanks for the laugh, schmuck! :)

wetcouplebigd you caught me on my way out the door.nice timing.if this was a week ago i would chew you a new arsehole.all i can say to u is iyes,bad spelling and grammar,thnx for i said im going to find something more interesting to do.its ppl like u that make this whole entire group look like a bunch of whiny mad no substance talking idiots.and "wet"-hve er nce dy!

wetcouplebigd you caught me on my way out the door.nice timing.if this was a week ago i would chew you a new arsehole.all i can say to u is iyes,bad spelling and grammar,thnx for i said im going to find something more interesting to do.its ppl like u that make this whole entire group look like a bunch of whiny mad no substance talking idiots.and "wet"-hve er nce dy!

wetcouplebigd you caught me on my way out the door.nice timing.if this was a week ago i would chew you a new arsehole.all i can say to u is iyes,bad spelling and grammar,thnx for i said im going to find something more interesting to do.its ppl like u that make this whole entire group look like a bunch of whiny mad no substance talking idiots.and "wet"-hve er nce dy!

Ah, you have to love it when an Obama supporter purposely joins an anti-Obama group to be able to argue, and then by his posting shows himself to be basically illiterate in terms of both grade-school level grammar AND spelling! You go! Are you typical of Obama supporters? :)

There is always going to be political double speak, if you support the president then he does most things right, if the republicans agree with it, instead of giving credit to the president they give credit to congress or some event that may or may not have led up to something good happening in our country. It was the same when Bush was in office and it will be the same for the next president. <br />
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For instance, all of the republicans are trying to blame Obama for the gas prices when they know he has no control of this, but when Bush was in office, they did not blame him for the sky rocketing prices in July of 2008...that was apparently Obama's fault too. <br />
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*winks* YEr a quick learner.... MOSTLY! ;D lol. <br />
And gotta love that possitive, hopeful attitude! MUAH!


Dear sky12345 -- The American system of Federal Government was in fact designed to achieve that exact outcome. The concept is that only those things for which there is a broad consensus are able to get passed and enacted into law. This is true whether you are a liberal or a conservative. <br />
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We recently, and at a few other times in our history, have seen the consequences of when one party controls both houses of Congress and the White House -- Trillion-dollar bailouts for banks, insurance companies, investment houses, and Union-dominated car companies otherwise unable to compete in the global market; all of this in addition to unconstrained expansion of the EPA, Carbon Taxes, and generally unacceptable and unconstitutional expansion of the Federal Government's power. <br />
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I have no doubt that liberals can cite similar examples that occurred when Republicans held unchecked power (although in the period since FDR took office, that has been extremely rare). In fact, if you look at the history, some of the most prosperous times our nation has enjoyed have been those times when power was split and little legislation was passed -- THAT is according to the founder's intent and design.<br />
<br />
As far as Obama is concerned, he came to office with a personal agenda that integrates Social Justice, anti-colonialism, and diminished American power and influence in the world. But, as is generally true, the Presidency has little power, except when the president usurps constitutional authority from the legislature. It is the legislature that is able (or not) to implement the programs and agendas introduced and promoted by the president. So, while I adamantly oppose almost everything Obama supports and promotes, it is the Democratic legislature that held the power and authority, and the blame, for what has happened in the US since they took over both houses of congress in 2006. Obama, like GW Bush, is a figurehead who really holds little power to do or change anything without the active support of the legislature.<br />
<br />
The President's greatest power is his power to appoint Federal judges and Supreme Court Justices, who serve for life and have the ability to influence and change law far out of proportion to their number. Again, as long as reasonable balance exists in the courts, little is done, little is changed, and sanity reins. In essence today, the US Supreme Court is split 4 Liberal, 4 Conservative, and one swing vote moderate, Justice Anthony Kennedy. This is a good balance and while I may not agree with everything the court does, sanity generally prevails. However, should Obama have the opportunity to replace one of the conservatives with a liberal, our nation will pay the price for the next twenty years, because the court will then be unbalanced to the liberal extreme.

*'Mama' lubbinly repremands* Sin, I won't even argue the political aspects of this story. Fact is, you kinda "asked for it" by placing THIS story in THIS group. Looks like you stepped on some toes by putting this "Let's Level Things Out A Bit" story here. This group was for those that believe Obama is bad for the country. Not, Who says yea or nay. This story should have been posted in a group that SUPPORTS and recognizes the good of Obama for this country. The only way to have a balanced conversation on this controversial subject is to create a seperate group that allows for the answers to be yes or no. See?? ;) But I lubs ya anyways, bless yer heart for tryin!

even i agree with that puck.i am leaving politics alone for going to read anything but politics unless u guys drop some good bombs.thnx to "the sec" for those links.i found a really good article on the future of energy.this might be the big one.<br />
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Here here Puck!!

Well said!

ah mach always full of ranting,good to have u hear.<br />
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its clear we have all amde up our minds how we feel about of the best things about these kind of open debates is everyone gets t bring something fresh that might enlighten another.we may never change each other's minds but at least we can live in the same country,disagree,but still live.i gotta say u guys had some serious problems on obama mentioned-my fave was the ipod comment.that really makes me think of unemployment.those r things that happened.he gets embarrassed not us.bak in america we got bigger problems.obama will be relelected.and i bet alot of ppl in this forum are benefitting from things he did.<br />
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anyone called a racist for disagreeing should kno to beware those kinds of ppl.those who come with insults usually have nothing worthy to add.<br />
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idk y i bother wit this politic crap.noone freaking votes anymore in this country anyway.....

This particular debate has come up with every single president since George Washington!
It's just like having a favorite sports team except the fate of the country is at stake rather than points on a scoreboard. It's the same with Patriotism. I'm not ashamed of being patriotic. Of course I think this country is the best, It's MY country! I don't think any of us have any magic words that will change the mindset of the others. Something can happen though. I was an extreme left wing dead head hippie. I sang protest songs to thousands at the University of Arizona in Tucson during the first Iraq invasion, but about 6 years ago I started noticing something. I noticed intolerance, closed mindedness, and a double standard that I hadn't seen before. I actually think that good old fashion democrats became something else, something somewhat sinister....progressives. People that always leave messes at their gatherings, people that are always the first to break things and throw things at protests. People who can't see their own prejudice when they imply with their policies that minorities are not as smart of self sufficient as they are. people who seem to want to fundamentally change America, free trade, capitalism, and the constitution,- people who have a seeming hatred for people who have been successful in life, (exaggeration for the sake of emphasis.) people who want to find fault with this country at every turn.
I'm not putting everybody in the same box, though. My best friends in the whole world are liberal, and they don't do any of these things. Anyway over the course of time I went from being a left wing extremist to leaning a little to the right- and believe me, I only lean a little to the right. Someone called it, "being mugged by reality".

Just to ad to the embarassing part, reference the boxing up and sending back a bust of Winston Churchill, from the oval office, a gift from England. then how about the Ipod fiasco, where he gave an IPOD filled with....wait for it,....his speaches to the Queen of England, what a guy!

Wow, a leader that's "not embarassing" that one escapes me, he has numerous times embarrased us all,and it's only been 2 years! Bright, hmmm, he hasn't shown me that, and since his records are all locked down, how can that be proven. Oh yeah, take away his teleprompter! That will do it!, Oh yeah, it has, did, one of those embarassing moments we missed. Thoughtful leader, oh that's why he passes things that people don't want, that he knows aren't going to work, then excempts all elected government officials from it, as well as many other union buddies, yeah, I guess that's pretty thoughtful of him.<br />
Gentleman, okay, ask Benjamin Netenyahu about that, the first time he blew him off, and the time he blew him off when he was addressing our Congress. The rest of that hodge podge of obama worship gibberish was to far out there to even address. He has no tact, no ability to articulate issues (without a teleprompter) and human grace???? Oh please, the boy came from chicago and, well, he belongs there, know what I mean.<br />
Well we can agree on political lunacy, that I too am tired of, but I cannot for the life of me say that it isn't going full tilt right now.

Myself... I don't focus on how well they can articulate.<br />
<br />
I focus on performance.<br />
<br />
Who cares how well the can speak? Because, they only tell you what you want to hear anyway.<br />
<br />
And BTW... if obama was a conservative... the media would hammer him to death on how he CAN"T speak...

I see that another brilliant liberal has chimed in. I know that they are liberal because I didn't understand a word they said.

I find it refreshing to have elected a president that is not embarrassing, that is bright, articulate, and appears to be a thoughtful leader and a gentleman politician. I don't blindly agree with his every gesture, but, I appreciate his ability to articulate the issues, his personal human grace, his mind, his tact. There seems to be a shortage of these traits in politics. I'm sick of political lunacy.

I forgot to say above that I don't "Hate" Obama. If it were anyone else in the White House right now... no matter who... any race, male, female... and doing all the same things... I would be saying the exact same thnigs.<br />
<br />
My opposition has nothing to do with anything but policy's. I have been called racist on here over and over but I could care less. That won't shut me up as it is designed to. I haven't been called that recently... and I believe it is because I am still here and it hasn't worked on me.

Sinis... Really... being honest ... about all I can say good about Obama in his 2 years so far is giving the go-ahead to take out OBL. And a few other things...<br />
<br />
But let me make some clarifications here. You and I both know that he didn't "Plan" the mission like the media reported. They reported how gutsy a call it was for him. Anyone with even a hint of common sense knows that he, nor any other President who might of been in office at the same time would NOT have planned it. The military planned it and then presented it to him to sign off on. ESPECIALLY a mission like that. Any mission with special forces will not be planned by any President. Even if that President was former special forces... he/she would not have planned it.<br />
<br />
How gutsy of a call was it actually? I mean really? Did he even have a choice? Why did it take 16 hours for him to decide? If it were me.... They would have been told to go ahead within 30-seconds of knowing all the details and knowing we were going right into the compound and not just dropping bombs. So why 16 hours? What was the decision? What were the factors that he was considering? (I’m sure you don't have those answers... no one would) Politically he really had no choice so what was so gutsy? Do you really think he would be re-elected if it were known that we had OBL in the sights and let him go?<br />
<br />
So, having said all that... I do give him huge credit for giving the go-ahead. He could have said NO.<br />
<br />
I give him credit for keeping Gitmo open. Instead of closing it down like he said he would during his campaign, and also with the executive order to close it down after he took office.<br />
<br />
I give him credit for staying in Iraq and Afghanistan to finish the job. Despite what he said he would do during his campaign. He said he was going to pull us out of Iraq. Do you remember GWB warning Obama and Hillary to watch out what they were promising during their campaigns? He said... you don't know what I know... so be careful what you promise. <br />
<br />
That's is pretty much it though. Is there anything that you think I should praise him for other than that?<br />
<br />
He can't be praised for anything to do with the economy. He is spending more than GWB ever dreamed of. And what he IS spending is only to go to help unions so they can turn our tax dollars back around for campaign contributions.

The Sad thing with what I think is Obama isn't really the President. He has all the good issue's for us all to go in, but I really think the Republican's got all the real policies in action in a subverted way in the Government and making Obama the scapegoat. I didn't like his compromise's, because that to me rang out a bell that he isn't getting the Democratic issues Pasted into action. He doesn't have his way's Past into action, So how can anyone really grip? Other than they are because all the Obama hater's are actually making our policies be what we see. The Obama haters are the one's making what we have trouble with right now.

I agree completely, that's one of their favorite tactics make fun of them, belittle them then nobody will say anything for ear of being made fun of. That only works on weak people though.

True that.

He really got me when he started making fun of the people who are concerned about the Mexican border and illegal immigration. " We're not happy with a mote, we have to have alligators in it." We've got some very serious problems down there.

Well put puck61, I too am a person that doesn't care for obama, at all, but can do it in a civil manner.<br />
The man has lied, repeatedly, when he has said something that is definitive, for the most part he doesn't say anything definitive. his epeaches are empty rhetoric, something the football coach would give. I mean really, he says a lot of good things, I'll give him that, but where or when does he say how!? I can't remember a time that he said this is what we need to to and this is how I'm going to do it, specifically. Of course most politicians are that way, they tell you what they want to tell you, not what you asked them about.<br />
The man is ......well, really what is he? he says he's a citizen but there's a lot of evidence, that he hasn't locked down, that shows otherwise. He says he's a Christian, but his actions say otherwise. He says he's for openness, that's just ludicrous they are the most secretive administration ever. Look at the so called "Health Care" debacle, if it's so wonderful why are all of them excemtpt and why are so many wavers granted to unions and other political cronies? They shouild be subjected to the same health care they push on us! <br />
I could go on and on but why, honestly I don't believe it will change anything and thats okay. Differences are good....somtimes.

I don't dislike Obama as a human being. He strikes me as an intelligent likable fellow. He has said and done quite a few things that really makes me worry about this country though. I'm sure he is an excellent family man and a likable fellow. He has said things about this country , flag , and national anthem that perplex me. He's really generous with money that we don't have. (bail outs and economy boosting programs that didn't work at all.) He completely turned around on bringing the troops home. (he lied.) He even told us we could "take it to the bank.". There's Obamacare and the fact that certain people are getting waivers for it. He went from being a junior senator to being president. He seems to have come out of nowhere. He favors unions to what I consider an unfair extent. He has earned the title of :"food stamp president" as food stamp use has gone way up since he took office. (Yes I know this is definitely because of the economy.) He lies a lot. He has associated with some very shady characters in the past., and he is oblivious to the clear and present danger at out borders-the southern one in particular. That's some of the stuff that makes me disapprove of the job he's doing<br />
PS- I hope you're not implying that I've been anything less than civil. People that know me here know that no matter how strongly I disagree, I don't get rude. (just facetious and sarcastic and that is rare.)

undertone i cant write,yes i a bad you said-like it or lump up!<br />
<br />
as to the rest of u who choose to back ya pal all just dropped another notch down on the food chain.once again,with no facts,no common sense and for simply no reason u choose to villify and turn to ranting instead of substance.i was pissed at undertone,but now i just feel sorry for her.and u ppl too.its cea u al have made ya minds up so theyres no need discussing this further.its a shame that ppl cant debate or have a conversation w/o ppl like undertone trying to get all personal.<br />
every comment u gus wrote makes absolutely no sense.all off topic and all no substance.get off the fox bandwagon kids.<br />
thnx sky but theyres no teaching these puppies new tricks.nevertheless i'll be right here debunking all the most stupidest crap that comes out of these ppl 's mouths.<br />
<br />
seriously guys.i asked that no name calling and hatred spread and this wat u do.u guys dont wanna unite the country,u wanna fight.waste of breathe talking to u ppl.very very dissapointing

Lets try to bring this conversation back on track. I don't think you all understand what this story is about. He is saying those who have anything good to please comment. I find it frustrating when I do something like the, and the only thing that happens are pointless rants and a lot of competition to prove the other side is stupid. Just keep it to the subject or don't post. <br />
<br />
Now although I am not entirely happy with Obama I think he is better than many others who want to be president. I think he has done his fare share of bad things, and good things. But what makes it worse is if the other party is a bad sport, and blocks each and every legislation he tries to pass. That is what keeps this country at a stand still. Yes block the legislation you don't agree with but that is not what is happening. Republican representatives block things they have openly said they are for. I think they want to be in power when those kind of decisions are made.

Liberals just can not help themselves. They have to tell people how they must think, what they should do, and of course......they never set the example.....they only talk about it!

You sound just like the normal disjointed Liberal and I AM an American, so how is that.

wait 1 sec.did i just go to undertone's page and find out youre not even america.ya know what,shut the fvck up !!! this aint ya lucky we dont come ****** yours! you have no say so in this discussion.i catch u posting on my post im gonna ram a digital keyboard up ya digital arse ya wannabe!

u just sound like a person who cant read.your whole comment is another rant with no substance one is deciding how others think.or what they think.where do u even get that impression?you just wanna fight dude.and believe me im willing to give ya one .<br />
<br />
and im sure u know im not offended at all.i enjoy taking all ya comments and turning them backl on u and showing the whole e.p. universe how u make no sense.<br />
<br />
as for loving the messiah, i have said for the 1 millionth time now.i dont love dems or repubs-i love america. <br />
<br />
its a shame u think for yaself though-cause if thats thinking u need a diaper u spoiled brat wit no brain cells to tell the difference between an open invitation and some twisted crap u thought of with that thinking brain u got.<br />
<br />
oh yea and undertone-youre invited too.guess u got mad cause i left ya name off the guest list,lmao