Slanted Foreheads?

 Who was that lib the other day that referred to people from KS and MO having slanted foreheads?

lol.... Why do the libs attack and hate the hard working producers of this Country?

Let me ask that lib... who ever he was. Hey lib... do you see anyone from Joplin MO screaming into state-run media cameras saying where is my FEMA debit card? Eh?

No you don't. You do however find that attitude in the blue states.... the freeloaders.

You don't see that in the hard working red state and the producers.

Anyone ever notice that?
fnformetoo fnformetoo 51-55, M 38 Responses Jul 1, 2011

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The "govenator" was not a lib!!!

aether, I notice how all you like to do is pick apart everyones use of terms and small insignificant things like that.

So, I guess you agree then that in liberal controlled areas, when there is a disaster, they all ask where is the gov? Who is going to take care of me? Where is my handout? Right? Which was the point of this story.

Where you don't find the same attitude in areas that are not controlled by libs. Joplin MO, Greensburg KS.... Instead the roll up their sleeves and get to work to get back to normal as fast as possible. And the do it THEMSELVES. Where in liberal controlled areas, they sit around waiting for everyone else to do it for them. And then of course the state run media is there to cover it. But you don't hear much about those that do for themselves. Not only does the media not cover it, but they get comments like the one about .... LOW SLOPING FOREHEADS.

Funny how that works.

Oh... to answer your question.... In the context which I am using with the states... CA would have been a blue state during that period. The govenator was a lib.

Don't apologize for me, Sky. If this guy thinks that the terms Blue and Red State is in reference to the current governor then he is an idiot. The fact that he tries to back up his idiocy by arguing that I can't keep up just means that he is a delusional idiot. But it shouldn't surprise me much, the Teapublicans have already tried to redefine the words Communism and Socialism when they have no idea what the words actually mean.

So, fnformetoo was California a Red State from 2003 to 2011?

Excellent point about California!

sky, these exchanges never change anyone's point of view...never! .I jump in only so they realize that their view is exactly that....from their own perspective. I feel obliged to represent my own.

I still hope you do not stop talking to me because I do like to argue. Read y story "I Am Furious" and maybe we'll find common ground.

You don't need to apologize for the insults because I was not insulted.

Let me give you an example. If janet reno told me I was ugly... it would not mean much to me. In fact I would laugh.

So when a lib calls me an idiot... same thing. Doesn't mean much. That also goes for the racist tags. I know who is racist...

So, no worries sky... It's all good.

Thanks for the insult. I feel really good now that this debate has turned hostile. But before that happens can I apologize for Aether calling you an idiot. I don't want any of this to become personal, and I am sorry insults, and names are now in the equation. What kind of people let an honest debate turn hostile. I think you don't know ****, but I would rather tell you that more politely. I am sorry you think that, and you feel like you need to give up on me. But this debate was not intended to change anyone right?

If we were having a conversation about national elections and I called LA a blue state, then you would have a point. So what if I use terms in different context. I'm sorry if you can't keep up.

I stated a fact about GW as well.

I have the same opinion of you too aether. A flaming liberal idiot. Have no clue to reality.

You too sky. I am not the only one on here who has give up on talking to you. Am I? lol You don't know ****. But hey, don't worry. You're still young. There is time to recover.

So, no love loss.... right guys?

Exactly what he said. And you know what I am glad you guys don't want to argue with me anymore cause that proves you can't.

I see now why we have a hard time communicating. You make up your own meanings to already popular phrases and sayings. If that is the case, you think New York was a Red State on 9/11 and you think California was a Red State from 2003 to 2011. Any political scientist would laugh you out of the room, you are a complete idiot.

A fact is a fact, I did not blame GWB, I simply stated facts about him.

No... I do know.

Now I see why so many others on here have decided you are not worth the time.

Took me a little longer than the others. But, now I see it.

Apparently you don't. It is common knowledge that the Bush tax cuts were one of the main culprits in the recession.

Don't need one. I already know....

I would give you a link to this, but you probably want to find the proof yourself.

Geeze dude.

Tell me how a tax cut made 1000's and 1000's of mortgages go bad...

Liberal ideal... fair housing, sub-prime mortgages caused the melt down.

You don't really think that do you? A tax cut caused the melt down... Really?

He also permitted a tax cut to the wealthy that put us where we are now.

We have already established who leaked the name and why. To cause trouble for the Bush admin.

We also established the leaker committed no crime.

President Clinton and bill both said, as well as a whole lot of other liberals the there were WMD. In case you don't remember.... president hillary was in the WH during most of the 90's.

GW gave ALL Americans a tax cut.

Anything else?

Let me tell you what Bush did. First he started a war based on no evidence. Second he tolerated torture. Third he gave tax breaks to the wealthy we could not afford which became one of the main culprits in the recession. People in his administration ruined the life of a women because her husband exposed the crimes of going to war!!


Well... You forgot racist.

So, it's johnny 2 note....

Johnny one note is all Bush's fault. Getting very tiring isn't it!!

I wasn't talking about National elections. I used the term blue state when it is run by liberals. I know I know... that's not aethers definition. I'll call a state a blue state in whatever context I want to... and could not care less whether you like it or not. Or anyone else for that matter. How's that? Did I side step it?

I define freeloaders as looking for a govt handout instead of taking care of themselves. There are some who fall back on govt assistance, then eventually get back to taking care of themselves. That's fine. That's what it's there for. A producer is anyone who doesn't take a handout, nor will they. Or only if they absolutely have to. They work and pay taxes. It doesn't matter if that producer makes 15k a year, or 15M a year.

GW was a liberal. That explains him in one four word sentence.

This you lady you refer to. Why does she have 2 kids and no husband? If all that happened beyond her control, then she should seek assistance, BUT, work towards getting off of it. Does she have 2 kids and doesn't even know who the father is? And did she have them just to up her welfare benefits? If it's the latter, then I don't feel sorry for her.

I'll give you an example. I have 2 aunts, I am ashamed to say, who are career welfare cases. Both are so obese now they can barely walk. Why? Because the war on poverty ruined their life. The war on poverty KEPT them in poverty. Now, I blame them first. They are freeloaders. But there should not be a system to allow them to be on welfare for over 40 years. They should have been booted out before they got too obese to walk. One of them, while on welfare in her mid 20's, and having 3 kids, played women's softball 2 nights a week. But, for some reason could not work. I agree not everyone on welfare are the same as my aunts. But there is a high percentage that are.

I know... I know... you're going to ask for a link to prove that high percentage statement. lmao. Well, there is no link to provide. Do you really think the govt would even try to figure out what percentage of people on govt assistance really needs it? Hell no. Americans would be appalled if they knew that true number. One can only guess.

I think it is safe to say that the majority of those on govt assistance COULD provide for themselves if they wanted to. I also think that number of those who can but won't, is growing every day. I do realize there are a lot who CAN'T, for one reason or another.

I would like a response to the issue raised about La being a blue state. You seem to have side stepped that. Please address it.

I can't speak for all Libs nor would I. I can only speak for myself and you would have to define a freeloader and Producer for me. I work in pretty stringent definitions where you have shown that facts don't mean much to you. To answer your question I would have to understand exactly what you mean. In my definition I love and hate neither as a general group. I support members of both groups though.

There are people like GW Bush who produced two wars, a crappy economy, hatred for this country, a poor ecosystem, and many other things that I disagree with. Was he a producer? Yeah sure, but i do not support him or love him. There are KKK members that produce hateful pamphlets and there are religious affiliations that produce hateful signs and protests at children's funerals. Even more, there are people that go out everyday and produce cars and then they go home and beat their spouse and children, there are companies that produce synthetic fertilizers and toxins that destroy our planet.

I do not support these producers nor do i love them!

There is this young lady that lives in a section 8 house down the block from me, she has two little children and no husband. She could get a job at a fast food restaurant, but that would not pay for child care. She could go to work and leave her kids at home to fend for themselves, but that would be abandonment. I suppose she would be a 'freeloader' in your eyes, but in my eyes she has run into a tough choice. I support her, she and her kids come by the farm and pick fresh vegetables, she helps me pull some weeds, she is welcome in my community any time.

I guess you could say there are good and bad in both groups.

Do you love all Producers, fnformetoo? Do you hate all freeloaders?

That is good.

Great view sky.

Same here.

I don't speak for every liberal, but I appreciate hard working people red or blue. I don't support freeloaders, I support those who are hit with hard times, and need unemployment.

I didn't really care who it was that said it. I just knew it was a wacknut like yourself that said it.

Hey aether... why do you libs hate producers and love freeloaders? What do you have against hard working Americans? The ones who make America work...

You seem the right person to ask since you happen to be of that mindset.

Seems like you two are too lazy to find out who said what and exactly what was said. As for LA, they had a Dem Governor, but they always vote Republican for the Presidential elections...that is where the term came from, the presidential elections, not state held elections. You would think that if you were going to make the case that La is a blue state you would have something to back your seems you were too lazy to do research to support your lie...again. Low sloping forehead is in reference to neanderthals, idiots and if the people of Missouri and Kansas think like you, I agree whole heatedly with Mr. Carr.

I know. Same meaning isn't it? lol now we are going to differentiate between "slanted" and "low sloping"....what a joke!

lmao... Slanted.... slopped... what's the hell is the difference? Same meaning.

LA WAS a blue state when Katrina hit. Dem gov, dem mayor, and mostly dem reps and senators. NOW it is a red state with Bobby J the Gov. He is turning that state around like Walker is in WI.

If you remember aether... the only people screaming where is my FEMA debit card were in New Orleans. You didn't see that same behavior in MS. In fact... the media barely covered them in MS. There are producers there too.