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Obama Front Group Is Co-opting "occupy America" Protests - the lobbying group that supports everything Obama is now officially fronting for the "Occupy" protesters. Something tells me that despite of obvious affiliation, not a single mainstream media company will mention the words "astroturf" and if this all comes to violence - and I bet it will - no one from the left will ever get blamed for it the way that they tried to blame Sarah Palin when Gabby Giffords got shot.

The good news is that unions may join the protest, and if they do, at least in some states the governors might have the guts to "pull a Reagan" and do to the union what Reagan did to the air traffic controllers. I figure with each fired union person, they ought to be able to hire at least two non-union workers or maybe just one replacement who will be twice as productive.

Note: This link is to an almost pathalogically left wing editorial site - because I know if I'd have linked Dailycaller or similar some liberal yo-you would be arguing about how this was all a plot by Fox News. Apologies in advance.
TwylaMarie TwylaMarie 41-45, F 17 Responses Oct 5, 2011

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This should get you to the article: Over the last few months Conservative-Daily has been keeping you up-to-date on a very important story regarding President Barack Hussein Obama’s Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order that would authorize him, during PEACE TIME, to declare martial law in the United States(to read that story, click here:<br />
<br />
This edict, signed by the President on March 16, 2012, gives Obama all the tools necessary to dissolve our Republic and create a Marxist dystopia! That’s right! This Executive Order would not only allow Obama to declare martial law during peacetime, but also gives him the “legal” authority to confiscate private property, nationalize the means of production, create forced worker camps, and even ration your family’s food and water!! At any given moment, Obama could institute martial law, dissolve Congress, and finalize our march toward Communism that he started on the day he took office!!

If he did that, I think he would quickly find out how many people in the military remember that the allegiance is to the constitution and when the Presidency is out of synch with that, they have an obligation to change the Presidency. I have a great admiration for the military and trust them to do what is right.

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MARTIAL LAW and Obama's Kill List!! <br />
<br />
No judge, no jury, just Obama the Executioner? Martial Law and Obama’s top secret “Kill List”! <br />
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U.S. missiles infected with 'foreign disease' ... <br />
Chinese knock-offs are not just watches and handbags. <br />
<br />
Fake electronic components from China have been discovered in weapons used by the U.S. military. <br />
<br />
Click here to read the full article.

NGIH.. you should be the LAST person to talk about demonizing those you disagree with!.. Look who is calling the kettle black!.. Bill in Va.

The point being that no matter what Obama guys still insist he is a monster. He agrees to keep the Bush Tax Cuts for Billionaires, the TP calls him a socialist. He allows people to bring handguns into national parks, you guys insist he wants to ensalve America. The hatred for Obama seems wildly disconnected to anything he has actually done in regards to policy.

Niceguyinhell. First off, it's our right to bring guns anywhere we want within reason. (Agree they shouldn't be in schools, banks,etc.) There should never have been a question about national parks. It's kind of stupid to even say that "obama let us do that." That right came from the constitution. As for the tax cuts, those were Bushes tax cuts and they weren't just for millionaires - people making as little as $56,000 benefit. (Another lie of the left is that the Bush tax cuts were for rich people.) Obama has stacked th NLRB with union officials - any argument there? Obama has created huge problems for domestic energy production. Any argument there? Obama gave away GM to then unions and screwed the stockholders and dealerships. Any argument there? So please don't tell us all the ways that Obama let us keep our money and our freedom.

Good lord julie, you have so demonized anyone and everyone that disagree with your political philosophy that you sound a lot like a Jihadist.<br />
<br />
"The American devils never tire of lying! They will say and do anything to kill all of Islam!"<br />
<br />
Just take one of Julie's posts and to a Find/Replace and switch our Liberal for "American Devil" and you have hate-speech identical to anything Osama could come up with.<br />
<br />
Doesn't that level of extermism concern you Julie? Don't you think you have become a little too radicalized in your philosophy? Do you really think that someone like Elizabeth Warren "hates" this country and is secretly plotting to lynch Tea party patriots?

And "we are the 99%"? That isn't pure socialist "jihadism"? I mean ... who can take such childish exaggerated claims seriously? It is more like "We are the 1%" much closer to the truth. Truth ... an unaquainted term for all socialists.

99 percent of Americans aren't billionaires....which is statistically true, isn't it? The phrase refers to the fact that government only cares what the 1 percent (blllioniares) want and ignore the lives of the remaining 99 percenters. How is that any different that the Tea Party insisting that only their view represent the "silent majority"? In reality nearly 90 percent of American support increasing taxes on billioniares. So does Alan Greenspan....a man who actually was one of the original followers of Ayn Rand back in the 1950's! Even HE thinks we need to increase taxes on billioniares to balance the budget, The only people that don't? The ones on this thread. Again its important to point out that Alan Greenspan KNEW Ayn Rand personally and was personally instructed by her and HE thinks we need to raise taxes! You guys are now officially more extreme that a disciple of Ayn Rand herself.

We are the 99 percent ... speaks right to their propoganda expertise. Liberals are very good at lies and propoganda to project themselves in a false light.<br />
<br />
Gallop poll found 40% of americans see themselves as conservative ... 35% moderate and only 21% as liberal. Of that 21% how many are living in low income housing and getting entitlement checks?<br />
<br />
Liberals never tire of lying, cheating and the art of deception. It is who they are.

Have any of you actually gone to the "We Are The 99 Percent" website and <b>READ</b> the stories these people are telling?<br />
<br />
No....of course you haven't. And you won't either. Because if you actually READ the stories and fully understood why these people are angry you couldn't hate them all, could you?<br />
<br />
When the Progressive dismiss the Tea Party as nothing but a snow white all Republican racist organization that just hates Obama for no reason -- you understandably get very angry because you believe you have legitimate compliants.<br />
<br />
Why can't you extend the 99 Percent Movement the exact same curtesy that you demand? READ THE SITE!<br />
<br />

And I am SURE you have done all the reading on the TP movement. Yes... I am sure of it...

I understand that there are a lot of problems in the country - but this is an attempt to drop the governments problems at the feet of private industry and it's politically motivated astroturfing.

Don't care to read the propaganda - much of it probably written by the good people at SEIU and AFL-CIO - I could probably tell you more about the softness of the American economy, details on mortage defaults, and real rates of poverty and new bankruptcies that you care to know.

My questions have been and continue to be: Is this something that hte current administration can solve? Will riots help? (Because what I saw on tv last night looked like a riot to me.) What's the recommendation for fixing this?

For the record, there will always be a 1% and the other 99% will always be in envy. That doesn't make mob rule right and it never will be.

I'm glad the unions are getting involved in this. Lets call it like it is. If you're on board with the OWS protesters.... you're in the minority.<br />
<br />
I think most people are going to be, or are being turned off by these protests. Nothing could be better for America than for more Americans to be turned off by unions.

It's worth watching. It offers the same fascination and mayhem of watching a three car pile up ... <br />

bah...I'm not watching your video.<br />
But I will share my fabulous bud with you. Peace!

If that were a video of a TP member you would watch it wouldn't you? Eh?

van jones has a big hand in this too.<br />
<br />
He's pissed that we ran his *** outta Washington... and rightly so.<br />
<br />
But this administration is full on behind this as well. I agree.

I can't think of anyone more in need of a bong than you, Miss Julie.<br />
Blaze on!

Oh please .. please .. go visit one of your own ... a typical wall street protester ... mr lotion man ... He needs your erudition.

Now I will explain step 3 in the socialist playbook. After socialist cells are created for "socail justice" they march and protest the "rich" and "corporate tyranny" of the US .. while advocating the government take over these corrupt corporations and make them double their employees. .. Jobs ... These demonstrations sometimes turn violent ... and in steps the hero Obama .. who announces a federal police force (even one the size of our military - remember?) to control these "mobs" .. the ones Obama created. Obama begins declaring marshal law in a few cities ... and begins finding excuses to take control of corporations .. and increasing the number of employees.. Welcome to the USSA . The United Socialist States of America

This is almost exactly what Hitler did. He brought in the unions to help him capture control of the economy, then stabbed them in the back and dissolved them when they got in his way. (I am not calling Obama Hitler necessarily - I'll let Hank Williams Jr. do that - but history is history.)

despite the vehoment denials by the progressives, Hitler was a socialist. There are a number of historians who recount the similarities between Stalin and Hitler ... They are avaiable on the interent .. You just have to look. I think Obama is mor comparable to Hitler than Stalin .. He is content to control corporations rather than have them government run - Obama needs the corporations as whipping boys so as to have someone to blame for his ignorant socialist policies. That is what is behind this wal street protest ... Obama and the liberal media effectively blaming wallstreet, the rich, and corporate greed for the state of the economy and our massive debt. Anyone with an IQ over 101 knows this is a lie ... just socialist propoganda. The problems the US, California, Europe and Greece have are basically the same. Bloated government beaurocracies laden with overpaid government workers and pensions ... and too many entitlements. The socialist politicians get out the whips to blame the private sector ... but that horse is exhausted and about to drop over .. the load is just too heavy. The Greeks who are out protesting because the money is no longer there to support their spoiled lifestyle is quite similar to the US wall street protesters... They can't comprehend that socialism has exhausted "Other people's money" The capitalism horse can't pull the load anymore ... so now they want to devour the horse. .... Then what?

I grow weary of the feeble minded calling Sarah Palin a quitter. So you progressive children BELIEVE that it would have been better for the Alaskan people if Sarah remained as governor .. because she was an excellent governor .. right? That is what you are saying ... She resigned because there were so many silly, frivolous lawsuits that would take up far too much of the time of the governor's office. She was thinking of her constutuents.... a foreign concept for socialist democrats. Then they claim she left so she could make more money ... But the Obama's made $4 million last year .. and he didn't have to leave office ... just lies .. nothing but ies from democrats .. hateful lies .. stupid .. illogical lies ... That is who socialist progressives are .... ignorant childish, hateful liars.

Well said! Also, since leaving Alaska she has had more impact on national politics than she ever would have had in Alaska anyway. She pummels Obama on a regular basis and when she goes out to meet the people, her words carry the honesty that Obama's obviously lack.

You can be assured this "protest" was instigated and stoked by Obama and his henchmen. You got the college age minds full of mush socialists ... now joined by the union thugs ... assaulting the rich and capitalism as the enemy of the people. Now .. where have we heard this before? ... wait ... waist ... it will come to me ...<br />
And then we have Eric Holder lying to congress ... and the White House berating the reporter who dared to point it out. Look how often the Obama administration seeks to censor unfavorable press. Give Obama another 4 years, and we could be mistaken for Venezuela. He has already taken over some industries ... and blackmailed others into doing what he wants. This is how Hitler started. ... Yep .. I went there ... Obama is a fascist.<br />
If things go as planned .. the Obama administration will identify some leaders from this wall street protest .. and Soros will fund some grass roots organizations to grow and obtain taxpayer funds for "social justice" activism ... the start of the "brownshirts" ... This is Obama's wet dream.

You have that right missjulie!!

I heard 3 unions have already joined in... SEIU of course, one of the autoworkers and one of the teacher unions.. Now who is surprised at that development?... But it's got to be asked... what is the stake the unions have in this brouhaha... I mean the public one of course.. Their covert agenda is well known... Bill in Va.

My feelings exactly.