12 Questions For Romney Fans


The questions are not facts.
The underlying facts about Bain Capital, Mormonism and hypocrisy are.

1. You have had significant experience in running a company that made its money (and still does, and you still benefit from its profitability) by closing down, downsizing, and exporting jobs from various companies. You are proud of that experience, in fact, because you made a lot of money doing it. How does such experience qualify you to "rescue an economy," an economy that has been trashed by corporate closures, downsizing, and the export of jobs?

2. Treason is generally defined as engaging in one or more acts designed to overthrow the sovereign power of one's own nation. It is also defined as consorting with the enemy in wartime (such as Prescott Bush's bank did with Germany, until February, 1942, when it was forced to stop by President Roosevelt under the threat of criminal prosecution). In this country, it is a crime that carries the death penalty. Of course Ann Coulter, in her 2003 book Treason, had another definition: In general terms, anyone who did not support US policy during the whole of the Cold War (generally "liberals") was a traitor. What is your understanding of the term? Whatever it is, do you agree with the woman who recently asked you if you thought that President Obama should be tried for treason?

3. You have said that one plank of your platform will be to propose the enactment of a Constitutional Amendment banning monogamous marriage equality. Presumably your position on this matter is based on statements about homosexual sexual relations in both the standard Christian Bible and the Book of Mormon. In fact, it appears that all of the organizations that oppose marriage equality for same-sex couples base their positions on various interpretations of Biblical passages. Your church was the major mover behind the campaign in California to pass "Proposition 8," which bans marriage equity. In fact, your PAC was a funder of that campaign, although it tried to keep that fact quiet at the time. Is it thus safe to assume that you are against the principle of separation of church and state?

4. Since you hold to the definition of marriage as "between one man and one woman," do you believe that the "fundamentalist," polygamist Mormons living in the far rural reaches of Utah, and several neighboring states, should be prosecuted and that the institution of polygamy should be shut down once and for all?

5. You supported the passage of the so-called "Personhood Amendment," proposed to the voters of Mississippi (and defeated fairly soundly by them). It holds that life begins at the time of fertilization. Will a plank to make some form of the "Personhood Amendment" a part of the Federal Constitution be part of your platform?

6. One of your recent endorsers, former Sen. Rick Santorum, has referred to the science behind our understanding of global warming and its threat to humanity and many of the Earth's species as "punk science." Do you agree with that statement?

7. Sen. Santorum has also compared homosexual intercourse to "**********," and would outlaw it if he could. What is your take on that position?

8. Sen. Santorum has also said the President John F. Kennedy's famous speech on the separation of church and state makes him "want to vomit." Do you too need to take Dramamine before looking at the text of that speech?

9. Another one of your recent endorsers, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, has
said, among other things, "I am convinced that if we do not decisively win the struggle over
the nature of America, by the time [my grandchildren] are my age they will be in a secular
atheist country, potentially one dominated by radical Islamists." What is your take on that statement?

10. Mr. Gingrich has also proposed that "drug smugglers" (however one might define that term) should be executed. Where do you stand on that statement and on the Drug War in general?

11. Yet another endorser of your candidacy is Gov. Rick Perry of Texas, who is also well-known in his state as a lay preacher. Last year he issued an official proclamation for a statewide "Days of Prayer for Rain" (three of them, which happened to go unanswered). Do you believe in the power of prayer to bring about such natural occurrences as rain? Did you ever try something like it when you were Governor of Massachusetts?

12. Finally, by far the largest single item in the Federal budget is military spending. If the primary problem facing the nation is the Federal deficit, would you propose to cut military spending or would you increase military spending, while cutting taxes further?

Very Good Questions.
Questions the MSM will not ask Romney.
Nor will the tea gaggers like Twitla and FormeOnly, Willie et al..
bitlord bitlord
5 Responses May 14, 2012

You had the house for the last four years of bush, you had the senate AND the house for the last two years of bush. You owned the house, the senate AND the white house for the first two years of the obumma term. Still you *****, why did you and the dema sit on your hands for the six long years while you owned the house and going on six years now that you have had the senate. No budgets, no direction, just spend spend spend. Get over yourself, we know you will vote obumma, the rest of us will make a more thought out choice and vote for Romney. Is he our perfect candidate, probably not, but he is certainly better than obumma and better for all of us as a country. Obviously you fall under some special interest category, fat, thin, gay, red head, left handed whatever makes you different obumma would love to exploit you for a vote. Go spread you fertilizer elsewhere like a Chris Mathews blog, he is a lovely hate monger like yourself. You are probably one of the three that watch is fat head spill out sewage of an evening. Move out of mom and dads house, get a job and develope some responsibilities that will detract from how utterly unhappy your life is due to the oppression of the republicans. After you get a few paychecks see how much you personally contribute to leeches like your former self. I know, you have too much self respect to actually be accountable for yourself when you have a perfectly good government to support you and your lifestyle. Someday the overtaxed, overspent rich will leave you and the other low life sponge cakes looking for another avenue of income. Just like the mass French exodus happening now.

Sorry to remind you liar, but Pelosi became Speaker of the House on 5 Jan, 2007.
You LIE!!
What is it going to take to make your rightards TELL THE TRUTH!!


Nothing else is necessary, since your lie vitiates all your other claims.

Sorry, my typing mistake. You are obviously in right senate last four years and the house the last two years of bush unsure why you are so upset over having the two reversed. Basically my mistake added up to this BFD!!!! The question was, what did the dems do when they controlled both houses for the last two years of bush and the first two years of obumma. No budget and more and more spending. What about timing? The whole collapse seemed to begin to take shape just after the dems took over. Unemployment at 5% until the dems come in. Eschew all your hate and verbal attacks, that is what you do when you know you don't have the answers, total conformity to the lib process. You can't defend your own policies so you attack another's. Low life inbred section eight scum. Excuse me while I go to work to earn a paycheck to support my family, of course I will get my check only after the money required to support you and your family is taken from the total. I'm sure that will help my kids pay off the debt that your savior obumma tripled, lord knows they will still be paying for your lifestyle as I'm sure the only schedule you keep revolves around your welfare check and your pimp. Good day

So, since the crash started BEFORE THE FIRST PELOSI BUDGET CYCLE, the entire economic problem is a repig one.
Likewise the republikunt party caused the oil boom in high prices, having removed all restrictions on common ownership of pumping, refining and speculation stocks of oil.
100% of Americas problems go back to the RAYGUN union busting.
Remember, when America was biggest, the 1% paid 96% in taxes and EVERYONE had a union!

Wow!!! Finally got out of bed huh. Nothing like a full days rest to get you ready to do nothing the rest of the evening. Thanks for bringing up the union issue, seventeen years in the machinists union, they took so called dues from my check increasingly each month for interests that had nothing to do with the working brotherhood of the union. They invested only one third of what my employer invested into a pension plan and kept the rest. The union never did a damn thing for me and I never asked. They do exactly what you want the government to do for us, protect the ones that want to slack and get by doing the bare minimum. I have been told by union brothers to slow down, I was getting the job done too quickly. Fortunately I was able to leave the union and now manage the guys. You see, I understood that I am an investment the employer makes, the investment is made in each employee and just like you expect a return or purpose from a product or investment the employer expects a return on their employees. I know that is way beyond your line of thinking, considering your response the previous post looked like a copy and paste from an earlier response, get some new material. Go back to your lotion and obumma videos and have a great Memorial Day weekend. I'm sure we can agree that those that make the ultimate sacrifice did it for us and an obligation they felt inside to protect and defend us. The United States of America, the greatest country on the planet, yes, even with obumma.

No chump. Unlike you, I actually have other things to do.
Meanwhile, answer the question chump.
UNIONS dominated back when America was strong, before Nixon and 73.
YOU are not an investment. YOU are a cost center.
The CAPITALIST wants you gone.
That's why your jobs, our jobs, all jobs, are headed to China, Indonesia and Brazil.
This is NOT the greatest Country on earth.
In fact, except for the top 1%, this is the worst INDUSTRIAL NATION in the world!!!
LOWEST average life span of FIRST WORLD states, LOWEST average wages (only 21,768 last year, up 1,300 from Bush's 'high' of 2007).
LONGEST average work day for LEAST average pay.
WORST health care of First World nations.
And, oh yes, only First World State spending more on war than on healthcare.

Well then go somewhere else. The rock you live under now is probably not your anyway. You diarrhea of the mouth and your obvious low IQ account for why you want someone coddling you and paying your way. Your right unions caused a long festering cancer and what used to be good for the workers became influenced more and more crooks and greedy leaders. Unions are a shadow of what they were even in the thirties during and after the depression. Then you had a union membership of lazy people that milked the contracts and began to turn to the tide of the union. People like you that think they are owed a job, not that they should have skill set that the company is willing to INVEST in. Investments in training, taxes retirement and healthcare. All things you wouldn't understand not having to have ever supported yourself. You are the problem with this country. You don't like, like Michelle O you have no pride in it and you obviously don't like the people who live in this country by the total lack of respect you show towards others. How do you expect anyone to show you respect when you show none. It's like this, you dont like us and our country, we don't particularly care for you and your attitude, I'm not leaving, I don't think I could have a better life in a another country so why don't you pack a bag, stow away on a freighter and go anywhere but here.

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Twitla, you did not account for the OFF BUDGET WAR SPENDING, THE DOE NUKES and etc.<br />


Bitlord seriously. What are you trying to prove here. I agree with you fully, but insulting twyla is not okay. It is uncalled for. I feel like your methods are giving me a bad name, and right now you are representing how the right sees the left. Be better, and quit it with the harassing, and unnecessary insults. No matter how angry you are, you gotta remember it is not the conservatives that make this country a bad place. It is also not the liberals. It is the fact that we hate each other, and act like this that makes our country the way it is today. Nothing can be fixed until we all start to be nicer and more understanding. <br />
<br />
Twyla I want to apologize for his behavior, and I hope he will do the same

Insulting twitla will either drive her to argue honestly and so avoid the stigma, or to withdraw from the 'debate' where her cowardice causes her to block all replies.
Either is just fine with me.
Conservatives gave us Ray-gun and the tripled debt, the 1 million murdered innocent Iraqis and the trashing of the Constitution.

Bitlord I agree with you in a way, but although conservatives started the war, the democrats haven't ended them. People are still being killed. It is wrong, but it is also wrong to wage war with ourselves. We are all Americans, and we all love this country. The only reason any of this happened is because we lost sight of what this nation is. We turned politics into a game, and we have opposing teams now. That is why this country is down the toilet, we won't work together. You treating debate as though it is a game, and as though it has winners. A debate does not have a winner or a loser, a debate is meant to make each opposer question themselves and evolve.

Twyla I feel a little surprised by your response. I was in no way intending to starting a debate. Bush did start the war in Iraq. Clinton may have bombed it, which I do not support, but Bush was the one to send in the troops. In fact war with Iraq started I believe with Bush Sr. Desert Storm if you recall was the handy work of the first Bush administration. But I am getting away from my point. It feels a little hurtful that here I am disagreeing with someone that agrees with my beliefs, and there is absolutely no acknowledgment. In fact none. Just one more ******* debate.

I just re-read your comment and it really does hurt. I wasn't looking for a debate. In fact I was just pissed off by bitlord because he gives liberals a bad name with his name calling. I was not at all looking for a debate here. I was only showing him both parties have some shared blame. Neither views are even close to perfect, and neither deserve all the blame.

I understand where you are coming from Twyla. I was not intending to play the blame game here. I was pointing out to bitlord that although it was the Bush administration that started the war in Iraq, the democrats haven't really done anything to stop it either. Both parties played a role in this war is all I was trying to get across. My point was that it is not one party that is ruining the country, it is both. Because we are so divided our country is not at its best. And what makes it even worse is we try to blame each other. I am sorry if I hurt you as well I did not mean to.

I reply " Office of Special PLans" liar!!
The WAR was a Neocon plan from day one.
In 1999, Bush said "I will invade Iraq, if I get a chance".

You keep posting WND and rightard liars.

The Conservatives started the war.
Clinton did not invade Iraq.

See bitlord, you accomplished nothing.

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Sorry TWITla,but the sources quote the GAO and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as source material. Checked, the databa<x>ses are indeed as stated.<br />
Sorry you don't like facts, but, hey, that's just the way you are.<br />

These are YOUR PARTY SPOKESPERSONS Twitla.<br />
<br />
Now, return to the issue.<br />
<br />
WHY is Romney NOT BEING ASKED THESE QUESTIONS about the people who endorse him and the party he represents?<br />
<br />
Roe v. Wade doesn't have to be overturned to make women slaves again.<br />
It has already happened in the 36 states where there are no doctors performing thanks to 'states rights' laws supported by the Catholic Block on the Supreme Court so YES, it matters to women's rights that when Scalia dies he is replaced by a liberal.<br />
<br />
No, Obama said most recently that Gay Marriage IS A RIGHT ba<x>sed on the 14th Amendment Equal Protection and that IS NOT A STATES RIGHT.<br />
<br />
All of the GOP is on the wrong side of history. It always has been since the rise of the corporate party under Rutherfraud B. Hayes (his nickname after stealing the election via Florida)<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
The only 'substantive' thing you have to speak about is your lie that 'entitlements' are 71% of the federal budget.<br />
<br />
<br />
http://www.vtcommons.org/blog/real-ba<x>se-pentagon-budget-and-actual-defense-budget<br />
<br />
or<br />
<br />
http://www.warresisters.org/pages/piechart.htm<br />
<br />
or <br />
<br />
http://mondediplo.com/openpage/the-real-u-s-national-security-budget<br />
<br />
Oh, btw, the War Budget includes the entire DOE, which does nothing but nuclear weapons maintenance now, all of NASA but the 13% set aside for public cover, most of the AG budget for bioweapons research (Ft. Detrick is entirely paid for with AG funds) so the real budget for war is over 1 trillion per year NOT COUNTING THE OFF BUDGET WARS.<br />
There's where 71% of your budget is really going.<br />
Clearly you got your 'percentage' from a right wing bullshit web site.<br />