I recently wrote a couple of articles in the experience group,"I support President Obama", but now they aren't there anymore. I have  the  articles linked here as they are in my recent activity file, but no longer in my story section, I don't know if they were multiple flagged to remove them but here are the links if you care to read them. I don't think they are offensive, but  political correctness is nothing more than method of squashing civil truthful discourse.

EP Link

EP Link

EP Link

I could have called people names but that really serves no purpose and I don't tolerate childish personal attacks on myself or make any on anyone else.
I guess they just can't stand the truth.
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It seems that two of the links are non functional so I posted all of them in my latest blog entry.

Clearly you were flagged. However, I am not sure what you expected making a post in a Pro-Obama thread. Did you honestly expect to sway the Obamaniacs? Every conservative on EP has been repeatedly flagged by these people on just about any and every issue you can imagine. They cannot debate you on facts so they denigrate people personally and flag their writings every change they get.<br />
<br />
I commend you for keeping your posts civil in nature but I question your judgment in posting in their forum.

I voted for Obama during the Democratic primary, then I realized after taking closer look at his past and his associations, that he wasn't what he appeared. Not truthful or honest and willing to say feel good phases to hide his true nature. All his life he has hung out racists, radicals and communists. Birds of a feather always stick together and he is no different.
I changed my mind about him, am I the only one? That's why I posted there. I could be civil without being judgmental.

Thanks for your support