Obamas Birth Certificate Is A Forgery--- Afp Interviews Sheriff Arpaio’s Lead Investigator Oqb


The investigation into Obama’s birth certificate began with an affidavit signed by 250 citizens of Maricopa County, who were concerned about its authenticity. Looking to clear the president, Arpaio put Mike Zullo in charge of dispelling these rumors. In the process, however, the team found some anomalies with the document.

“Realizing the seriousness of the matter, Sheriff Arpaio demanded we do thorough research, leaving no stone unturned, without preconceived ideas,” said Zullo. “We really were not looking to what we found. After six months we had to announce that probable cause existed indicating that forgery and fraud may have been committed. What was presented to the American people as the president’s long form birth certificate was really a manufactured electronic file created in cyberspace. When run through even basic computer software it breaks down into nine layers, which can be manipulated and moved around. A real scanned paper document cannot perform this way.”

Arpaio called for a congressional investigation into this scandal, which he exclaimed was “bigger than Watergate,” yet no action has been taken thus far. The national media remain silent or dismissive on the matter. Instead they have attacked Arpaio’s reputation with allegations of racism toward illegal aliens and inmate abuse.

a shadow of a doubt that the document presented to the American people by the White House was a total forgery. This was the result of locating 95-year-old Verna K. Lee, who was a signatory to the original certificate. She told you that the code “#9″ meant that the entry was not stated. In the certificate submitted some of those were filled out. Was that what clinched it for you?

M.Z.: This was not the only development although it was a major one. No one knew what this code meant until we traveled to Hawaii to find her. She was the supervisor of the birth certificate documenting section of Kapiolani Hospital in Hawaii in 1961. All birth certificates went through her. This does not refer to entry #9 on the form. It refers to handwritten pencil markings that are found in several boxes on the document. The number “9″ was written both in entry #9 of the birth certificate, which asked for the father’s race, and in entry #12b, which asked for his occupation. What this code meant was that an entry was “not stated,” in other words that that box was never filled out by the applicant. The birth certificate passed through three sets of eyes, including Mrs. Lee’s. That meant that three people had verified that this entry was never filled in. “Mistakes like that never happened on my watch,” Mrs. Lee assured us. Yet on the birth certificate released by the White House, these entries are filled out. The father’s race is written in as “African” and his occupation states “University.” Another problem of course as verified by Mrs. Lee is that the term “African” was never used to denote race in 1961; “Negro” or “Black” were the only terms used at that time. In fact, the term African would not be used by the federal government until 1989.

The second major development was that we documented how easy it was to obtain a birth certificate in Hawaii in 1961. Actually it is still very easy to do, although slightly modified since then. All one needed to do was claim that they witnessed an unattended birth take place outside of a hospital within one month and provide a legal identification and residency. No other state in the U.S. has laws as loose as Hawaii’s regarding the registration of births.  Many Japanese would also use this loophole to obtain American citizenship in Hawaii at that time, and many others use this loophole to this day causing major birth certificate fraud problems for the Department of Homeland Security.

AFP: How has the media responded to these press conferences? Have you gotten any coverage?

M.Z.: We have gotten absolutely no national mainstream coverage of our findings. Whatever little local media coverage we got has usually been negative or distorted.

AFP: You have been careful to say that you do not accuse the President of collusion with this forgery. Can you elaborate?

M.Z.: Our investigation has nothing to do with the President of the United States. We are not accusing him of being complicit in any way or of even having knowledge of this. All we are saying is that the document officially submitted by the White House to the American people is a forgery. It may be possible that after a Congressional hearing, all legislation passed under the Obama administration is considered null and void.

AFP: You have called for a Congressional investigation. Has there been any progress in that area?

M.Z.: No. Many say that the upcoming elections will decide this and if he loses the elections it will be a moot point. However, there is much more to it than that. There are severe ramifications here that extend beyond the President. If his presidency was illegitimate, then laws passed by him will also be illegitimate and will have to be declared null and void. We are looking at four years of legislation here.

AFP: You said that the investigation is still in progress and that the scientific part of the investigation is now over. What areas of the investigation are you conducting now?

M.Z.: We are looking into the origin of the forged document. This document originated in a certain computer which sent it to the White House to be posted on their official website. This was done by a particular individual. We know what computer the document resided on 20 minutes before it was uploaded. We know the make and the model of this computer. We need to connect this information with that individual. The document also had to be approved by the White House before being released to the American people. There are only three reasons someone would produce a forged birth certificate. They either did not have one to start with, they wanted to remove existing information, or they wanted to add information. We feel in this case that it is a combination of all three. If the White House had a valid document to start with, why have they spent a million dollars in order to conceal it?

AFP: What is your ultimate goal?  When do expect the investigation to be complete?

M.Z.: The investigation will continue as long as it takes to get to the bottom of this. A crime of immense proportions has occurred here against the American people and they need to find out what happened. This is a glaring misrepresentation of what the Founding Fathers intended as qualifications for the Presidency. Under no circumstances can the President of the United States not be American born. Americans cannot pledge allegiance to a President not born in America.

AFP: Do you have any final thoughts?

M.Z.: I find it very troubling that Americans have become so desensitized to criminal action in this country. We are a nation of laws, yet these laws are being violated on a massive scale in all areas of society and we don’t seem to care as much as we should. The examples are endless, from Washington to Wall Street to everyday life. In Arizona we have a massive illegal immigration problem where the rights of average Americans are violated and border patrol guards are risking their lives everyday. Yet our government is just letting it happen while protecting and even rewarding those who enter our country illegally. As we approach the election season, millions of Americans are contemplating reelecting a president whose birth certificate has been proven to be a total forgery. This is a scandal much bigger than Watergate, yet most Americans don’t seem to be care enough to find out. This is not the America our Founding Fathers had in mind.


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First of all Arpaio is no saint when it comes to the law. He does not recognize Obama's amnesty announcement which he has to by law, also his prison condition is far from legal as well. Also that whole thing about the nine la<x>yers has been debunked, as well as the other alleged indications that "prove" his birth certificate. Here is an article I think you should read. http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/birthers/birthcertificate.asp

Snopes is left leaning. Might stop drinking the kool aid cnn hands out. Obama's birth certificate is indeed a forgery. As is his social security number. Funny how Obama's long form has gone missing in Hawaii. I realize that was not reported on cnn so you did not know this. Why does Obama need to seal all his records by executive order if all is legitimate?

Good for him.