Congress Votes To Keep On Giving Money To These Turds.

Pakistani railway minister: I’ll pay $100,000 to anyone who kills the Mohammed filmmaker.
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Odumbo and the Democrats won't allow all the Republican cuts to these budgets. Vote them out in November.

<p>like you said congress did it not so how does the make obama resposable we all know congress is under control of the rich and powerfull prisoners get treat the old strave</p>

Oblunder can Veto the legislation. I bet $100.00 that he wont.

i agree but congress can over ride that tooif they want

face it no body cares about the working class

@ rickibrat2, and that is our fault. we have lifted them up to a position they do not deserve. They are employees. We should treat them as such.Not " Leaders". I havent had a leader since I left USAF.

yes but most are so brain washed theyhave no idea what is going on

Very true. they get home from work and put on the locan "news" and believe what they tell them to believe.

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