My Prediction For Today's Election

My prediction is that the o-ster boy will have an early lead. That is until Republicans get off work.

fnformetoo fnformetoo
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You shouldn't pursue a career in campaign predictions.

who really cars both are bad for this country
one side women will keep slideing down the road of less rights and control over there bodys and soon be wearing those little white bonnets if manyhave there way welfare and foos stampes will be cut 42 percent and we will getmore people from over seas as one side tears apart the country and sells it off

and we know where the others stands all talk no action

Judging by your spelling and grammar... I see why you have fallen for all the left wing propaganda.

You do know that the war on women, and the party that holds women down, want to ***** them of rights is the party you support... you know that right?

sorry i spell bad for me it is do to a coma for 6 months so you have the right to be an *** hole

sorry for the spelling but the rest still a[lies you are an *** hole for judgeing others

I am? And you're not judging anything?

Get real and wake the hell up. You will be way better off and much happier. Stop listening to those wacknut angry libs man...

We did. That's why you have to say "Mr. President BLACK MAN" for 4 more years!!!

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I submitted my vote over two weeks ago and confirmed that it had been received and counted; however, I believe you may be correct. Watch Pennsylvania and Florida Once those two have been called, the election could be over.