Long Days Journey Into Night

For the record, I'd like to state some statistics as of November 6, 2012:

Unemployment: 7.9%

46 million people on food stamps

50% of Americans receiving some type of government assistance

Average national gas price: $3.40

Current estimated GDP growth rate 1.7%

What disturbs me most is apparently the majority of Americans find these statistics acceptable. I guess the conventional wisdom that when things get bad enough people will demand change is no longer valid. And we haven't even seen the hammer-blow that ObamaCare will bring.

As President Obama has done nothing to try and correct these trends during his first 4 years, and he's given no indication that he'll change course during his next 4, my greatest fear is that if the House can't keep the liberal agenda in check, we'll be looking back on these statistics 4 years from now as the good old days.

I'm just sorry my family can't get out of the car before it sails off the cliff.
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The Time clock is ticking on the American people. *O'Bumbo* has promised us for years that "He'll make it better. Trust me, he says...!!"
Can we survive?... Haaa. Should I learn to speak Chinese?...He's sleeping in their bed.

He already has made it better...for the 5 million now employed who lost their jobs to the all republican 2007 crash.

Being a critical thinker, the election results has made me take a hard look at the hard facts. Elected officials want to remain in office, so the conservative movement is dead, the Republican Senate will talk the big talk for awhile, but will roll over--after all they have done it for two years by accepting the deal on increasing the national debt. We will see the Republican Party move away from right of center to left of center as the country moves away from a Republic democracy into a socialized democracy. Not something I want, but a critical thinker has to accept the facts.

A critical thinker would remember that America got rich on socialized freeways, socialized telephone systems (regulated monopoly, opposed UNregulated monopoly) and widespread Union representation.
Poverty stricken America had low taxes, high rewards for the few. It was called "The Guilded Age", guilded because the 1% could BUY the children of the poor.

For the most part the U.S. under Obama has become a nation of takers, and the givers and the makers are quickly disappearing and will soon be gone!

The country became a nation of takers under Raygun, when the top 1% started growing at the expense of the 80% who CREATE wealth, by working.

It is sad. We are living through the dismantling of everything that once made America the greatest nation on earth. The sheep and the ignorant sing and dance. The long day's journey into night for America.

had to watch my husband let 61 mid grade people go this morning..i have a staff meeting friday moring..22 jobs gone after 15 feb...sorry i just cant do it anymore...

Sure he did.
And millionaires will put their money in China rather than run a business.
What a LIE!!
Hundreds of such bullshit stories on the web today...NOT ONE confirmation!

Dozer, the dismantling of America happened on Raygun's watch, when the debt was tripled to pay for tax cuts for the rich

Oh, you mean the rise of the middle class, the biggest boom in history brought on by UNIONISM?
THAT 110 years chump?
Hammeredhead, that is what is called "Fact" out here in reality.
I suggest you get used to hearing it.

You did notice the 110 years were the best in World history, for any economy, anywhere, right chumps?
Unionism WORKS!
Just ask Rmoney!!

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