I Can Not Stand Obama

There is absolutely nothing about Obama that I like or agree with. He is anti-Christian(pro-choice and pro-homosexuality, against religous freedoms), his foriegn policy leave the U.S. looking weak, he wants to weaken the U.S. by weakening out military, he fails to support Israel, he is against gun rights, he is against energy independence, i could go on.
Oh, did I mention he's a liar and a communist. I cannot even stand to look at him or even hear him speak.
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5 Responses Dec 4, 2012

He was re-elected for a reason.....why?

He is pro-American, just as OBL.
As for defense, we were at PEACE spending 1/3 less than we are now. Let's go back to what worked.
He's "antiChristian" despite being one?
GOOD. " ...there shall be no religious test for office"

You really think he is a Christian?

What part of "There shall be no religious test for office" did you miss?

Odumbo is an opponent of everything that was ever good in America. I can't stand to watch him on TV.

Like good paying UNION jobs for Americans?
Like healthcare for Americans?
Like good schools for Americans?
Sounds like it is YOU who is opposed to what is good in America!

To bad he didn't work out. If we as a nation survive his gross stupidity it will be a miracle. If I were the enemy I'd be planning on a first strike. I'd probably fold on the chance. Like a sissy kid who can't take a punch.

"Survive his stupidity"? What stupidity? Would you rather that the 4.5 million people working thanks to his stimulus were NOT working?
Would you rather that G.M., Motorcraft, EMPI et al were all out of business?
Would you rather that 48 million Americans were without healthcare?
That is the measure of YOUR stupidity, not his.

Don't know where you got 4.5 million number thats an inflated number.
GM should filled buncrupcy and restructured just like every other company has to do.
Healthcare pay for by our taxes.

Wrong. Check with Dept. of Labor. The net gain is only smaller because of the GOVERNMENT LAYOFFS!

I thought bill Clinton was a baffoon. I thought Jimmy Carter was a **** up. But this Guy......there's not enough room here to express my concerns. Just check out his resolve on the budget. And everything else he promised to address.

Bill Clinton, Mr. Peace and Prosperity? If this is your idea of a buffoon, bring on Bozo the clown, we need more of it!!

bill clinton dragged america from the misery of the state its economy was in from the early 90s when japan surpassed the economy as the worlds largest...need i say more

Yeah, Raygunism really gave America a lot...of misery, including the first, 2nd, 3rd and 4th trillion dollar deficits.