Gun Laws?

So as controversial as this topic will be, I want to get to know what America is really thinking, through here. What are your thoughts on the new laws? What do you think should be modified, or stay the same? How will our future be defined with guns and the new found laws from out president?
Stephystar123 Stephystar123
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2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

Maybe before we get so crazy with all these gun laws, we should just pass a law making murder illegal. Sometimes we overlook the obvious.

As a vet I am mad as hell.... I swore to protect and uphold our constitution weather or not I agree fully with all its nuances. Our leaders have sworn to the same and for decade after decade they have been ******* all over it. Its what our country was founded on. And every american should be mad... its not about guns its about what this country is based upon weather you like guns or not.

Thank you! I completely agree! It is our second amendment and right now it is being stepped all over and disregarded! At the end of the day, it won't even help. That is what gets me the most mad.