Banning Firearms

Okay okay. Obama and bidden wins so lets give them more Ideas so we can make this Country a Better Place for themselves "Cough" I mean people.

So any Firearms are Considered Weapons, which they are and "Violence"

Lets steal and take away Obama's Silverwares because they are Considered a Weapon and "Violence"

Lets slip and take away Joe Biden's Belt because they are Considered a Weapon and "Violence"

Lets search for Obama's Room and see if you can find a Bat, his pack of Cigarettes because the harm of second hand smoke. its considered a Weapon and "Violence"!!!

oh wait what about their Money" hhhmmm idk lets see...Maybe because of Gambling .Obama and Biden doesn't believe in Responsibilities so its Considered a Weapon and "Violence"

Lets take away their overrated DVD's because they are Consider "Violence"

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1 Response Jan 18, 2013

Someone needs to explain arms to those idiots.