I Am So Very Sick And Tired Of Childish Bullshit!!!

I am so sick of seeing people on both sides of the aisle blatantly insulting one another, and then claiming they are the victims. What ever happened to adult debates which only focus on facts? Why can't anyone respectfully agree with one another? Now I'm not gonna lie, my hands are not entirely clean of this ****, but I swear the reason our country is so divided is because no one is willing to set differences aside and agree to ******* disagree. And if you choose to argue then please do it with some dignity, and some ******* respect. Is this really too much to ask? 'Cause if it is then this country, this union, is doomed!!
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1 Response Jan 20, 2013

The best way to keep the people fooled is having them argue amongst themselves like school children.

Yep. Sometimes it is quite sickening to see.