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Of corse Obama is great for this country! He wants to take away our guns so we can't defend ourselves, our homes, or our families, one less mouth to feed, we need that money, and I was wondering what Heaven looks like anyway! And sure he wants military drones to fly over out cities and shoot "suspected terrorists" and I mean sure someone could get trigger happy and kill innocent people but hey, less mouths to feed, more food for them babies in Somalia! And hey less checks to sign and more money for the rich people who don't pay taxes! Sounds fair enough. And sure he wants to take away our constitutional rights, who needs that damn piece of paper called the constitution? **** it, I like Cuba! That's why I believe Barack Obama is a great president and great for America, and I hope this changes the haters views on Obama and you may come to love him as much as I do! Thanks for reading!
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Suddenly, I love Him too man! sniff sniff...

But bro, Romney was soooooooooooooooooooooooo much better for this country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean sure he wasn't sure how he would make tax breaks across the board work, but who gives a f@#k, less money I gotta pay. And even though you could never ever tell what he stood for, you were still sure he'd represent you well. And sure he didn't like almost half of the country, but what does respect for the American people have to do with leading the country? And sure he would rather sacrifice the environment so that Americans can work to ship energy to China, but who the hell cares about America, or it's environment?! Obama may be awesome, but Romney is the f!@king sh@t for this country. He should have won!

Was this meant to be sarcastic? Anyway you bring up the truth. I wouldn't blame it solely on President Obama but the way Washington in general.


Yes, Obama is naive young child who is killing the country.

Did you say anything about racism?

Are you saying that because I'm white and he's black and I don't like him that I'm racist?

Of course that is what she meant.

You need to work on your sarcasm a bit more :o)

Don't worry I'm working on it!