Glenn Beck Calls For Obamas Impeachment Over Boston Terrorist Attack

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IMPEACHED ??? he should go to prison !!!

I agree Obama belongs in the slammer for several things including coverup in the Boston Bombing and Benghazi among other things

Glenn... yell this from every microphone you can. We must impeach this POTUS

Odumbo (And Hitllary) and his employees ignored the Russian notification that the Chechnyans were terrorists, a notice that Odumbo got 2 years ago. Instead of sending them home, Odumbo and Hitllary handed the guy a US Citizenship. Then there is the other Saudi guy who was standing on the same corner with the Chechnyans watching the bombs go off. He had been listed as a terrorist on the US list. Being so listed makes it a CRIME for Odumbo and Hitllary to allow him into the US, but they put out the welcome mat and handed him a student visa. In addition to his criminal violation of law welcoming known and listed terrorists, Odumbo recently sent $250 MILLION of OUR money to the Islamic Brotherhood to support their international terrorist campaign.

There are so many high crimes and misdemeanors that Odumbo should be impeached for they can't be all listed.

Obomber and Hellary are more concerned with the money agenda than busting actual terrorists. As long as nobody of significance is caught, they can justify their bloated budget and set up a fall guy. This in turn leaves a real danger out on the loose for us to fund them to "find"

Even you have to agree Beck is just crazy. Whether or not Obama deserves impeachment because two guys decided to throw it all away for an instant of infamy, you have to agree Beck is crazy.

No, Glen Beck is not crazy. There are some things I don't agree with him on, but over all he is a good commentator. Most of the time he makes good sense.

Alright. I used to watch his show when he was on Fox, and I definitely got the crazy vibe, but then again I have a bias against the man because of his pollution in the world of literature. If you haven't already guessed, I am a writer, and I read some of his thriller he released out of curiosity, and found it to be pretty poorly written. Nothing irritates me more than someone polluting the world of great literature with a book that has no heart, or soul in it. And now I am ranting. Sorry, perhaps I am out of line.

His blackboard rants as one example PMEWhite.

If I was jealous of simplicity, then shame on me. But no, I am not jealous. His book was published because the publisher knew it would sell. Publishing that book had nothing to do with the content, and everything to do with the name on the cover.

Not very nice, you know nothing of my writing career.

are we a lefty ???

If publishing was about content, then we would have a lot better literature these days, and the American people would have a much better vocabulary. But sadly publishing is all about the money. You think you could publish a book with a big publishing company without knowing someone, or having a big name? You'd be a fool if that were the case. To get published all you gotta do is write some crap down, have a famous name, or befriend someone who can pull some strings, and then you're book is out there. And if your book doesn't sell, all the copies are thrown away, and you'll be back to square one. And don't try to argue that. I know because I have friends who have been through the same. Lucky for me some of them are pretty successful.

you should wake up . we are a country in big trouble . glen only puts the truth in your face . if we as a country did not let people trash the constitution and paid more attention to our voting and didnt put ******** in office (this includes the bush family) we would not have the problems we have today . WE AS A PEOPLE NEED TO RECLAIM OUR COUNTRY ............

Sky and I manage to stay friends on EP although we respectfully disagree on a lot of issues. I am not attacking anyone personally or their career.

As stated earlier I like Glenn Beck. He is right on most of the time, although there are some times I don't agree with hime. I have not read his books. Therefore, I can't comment on them.

With respect



You are a true saint Snigglefluffy.

His fiction is. But that is my opinion. I am sure many would disagree though. I am a purist, I think writing is an art. His writing is not going to move you with words like true writers have done. Camus for example wrote an amazing passage in his book, "The Stranger." Or Melville's opening to "Moby ****". That is what writers should be striving for, not simplistic writing that just tells the story. In a book the reader should be told the story, the reader should live it. Masters of the art are constantly overlooked, to make way for these books that in a hundred years won't mean anything.

glen beck is about the message not the style !!!!!!!

Beck has some serious mental problems which he copes with by pushing Jesus and Mormonism. That doesn't mean he's always wrong about Odumbo and the war against America.

easy dan faith can be a good thing . i can give us hope

When does writing bad fiction make someone crazy?


a little over dramatic but not crazy ...

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