Are You Kidding?

You think OBAMA is bad for our country?  So, the fact that we've had a president (and now have a candidate) who is more willing to go to War (with FALSE information) than trying to use diplomacy isn't dangerous.  It isn't dangerous to continue to rely on foriegn energy than developing new engergy here which would what....create jobs?  Keep our money invested in America?  Are you out of your minds?

John McCain, who I once respected and would have voted for, has turned in to all that I despise in politics.  He has lobbiests on his STAFF.  He sang "Bomb, bomb, bomb Iran"  that's a joke?  Our military is already stretched to the brink.  Stuck in Iraq (which we should NEVER have gone into) until will fix the problems that we created.  We were looking for Al'd we get into Iraq?  LIES!

Oh, btw, I'm a Veteran of the Persian Gulf War and I approve of this message.

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4 Responses Sep 18, 2008

Your right he lies all the time
The US is doomed
He's going to start wars over lies o wait he already did

Clearly the choice red wants, that is, MORE troops dying every day, isn't working. Last month had the highest death toll since Sept. 2008, when everything was oh-so-much better thanks to the 'surge' (NOT!).<br />
What changed? America already said we aren't leaving.<br />
Just that.<br />
We aren't leaving.<br />
The "Awakening Councils" who actually put down the violence have figured out the scam, and rejoined the resistance to American occupation.

I too had considered McCain, experience and integrity. Then he did the untnkable, HE flipped on his position about torture.HE, of all people.<br />
His economic policy isn't just more of the same, but MORE of the same. Expand those tax credits and cuts to Corporations.<br />
Drill here, and drill now. Problem...even if we did, the states being drilled off of won't share in revenue like the gulf coast does now. Oil companies get it all. AND we wouldn't see any for a minimum of 5 years (that's at warp speed and hitting everything first time everytime) but oil availability isn't the problem it's refineries. not enough.<br />
Oh... and who does he get as a veep? A woman who "inquired about" banning books then sent mail and email to the librarian showing who was on HER side as mayor. A woman who uses her personal e-mail to conduct state buisness so to circumvent FOI regs. A woman who signed off on a city budget that allowed for billing of sexual assault (rape) victims for the forensic gathering and testing. A woman who says she can SEE russia from her office. A woman who says it's god's will we are in rian and has no idea what the Bush doctrine is (either of them), has never has any international dealings at all, a woman who gets her first passport less than a year ago in case she had to travel through canada. Every time she says anything it just gets worse.<br />
<br />
So yeah... a Senator with 30 years experience, however mundane, and a young idealistic man...that works. so far from dangerous... I think the republican ticket is dangerous. more I think it's just plain scary.

I am also a veteran. I spend four months sitting in the Gulf on an aircraft carrier, while I listened to our CO come on the 1MC and say we were completing our mission by putting war heads on foreheads. I agree, we should not be there, contributing to loss of innocent lives. Wouldn't it be nice to focus on our own problems for a change instead of trying (and at times successfully) diverting the public away from them? Obama is the man we need for change!