Why In the Heck Would I Vote For Him

Why the hell would I vote for a man if he is. That is against our military, against our country. A man that spent how much money for his 30 mins of fame last week.

I think this person will run down the USA. I don't care what anyone else thinks go read the news about him go to youtube and see what he has said in the last 4 yrs before all of this.

I don't care what color he is. That is not what I would vote for.

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I am. Takes a while to track down all you right-ard meandering b.s. lies.

Bitdick...timely response to a story. Last comment was Jan 30, 2009. Sober up and get with the times.

As for being 'anti-military', it was BUSH, not Obama, who made Walter Reed such a disgrace!

lookin, even world Nut Daily agrees with the U.S. State Deptartment.<br />
Obama is a Natural Born Citizen of the United States.<br />
Get over it.<br />
Now, if you're worried about the "rule of law", why aren't you out in the street demanding to see Bush hanging from a gibbet?<br />
That is what OUR LAW says must happen to a war criminal!

I dont know if any of you guys live in illinois but that man didnt do anything here at all. Im shure it will be true now that hes the big guy. But are we even 100% shure yet that hes a natural born citizen. I dont remember if he gave a copy of his birth certificate. Im not upset that he got the office I even guessed he would when this stated. Its just that he hasnt been fully forefront just show everyone what they are asking for prove that your an American. All that I am asking is that the laws of this country be abided. Because if there has been fraud then the dems will never live it down. I will say this though watching how everything is going they way the goverment is behaving I truly belive that I will live to see the fall of it all.

We wont have the hand basket just the hell.....

I Agree. Don't like, leave. Never felt so good to say this.

Number one in his class at Harvard hummm so that just puts you right in for the Prezzzz... I dont think so....

Good synopsis, keithseeker.<br />
<br />
So many questions and no answers forthcoming. The past is a secret (all other candidates have fully disclosed taxes to medical), except one.<br />
<br />
Facts are needed to make a decision. A persons character is important. Their standing on the issues, their associations, their spoken word mean a lot. Words do have meaning and that meaning clearly defines the individual and his intent.

And the love for candidates goes on...and on...and on. So many “opinions” and so few facts.<br />
Number one in his class at Harvard. Could you please review his writings as a student there. Oh wait...they are sealed at this time and no body can get to them. Why is that? Makes you wonder, doesn’t it.<br />
What’s wrong with having the top 1% to “pay their fair share”? The top 2% pay a vast majority of the taxes currently. 36% of people did not pay taxes last year. So the solution is to penalize the people who work hard and make money. Make sense to me. Oh but wait...the Obama group is now changing what they define as “rich”. Biden said last week it is closer to $150,000. Obama even said last week it may be closer to $200,000. But the Dems in Washington are already talking about (last week) that it will be closer to $100,000 and maybe even $80,000. WOW! I am now part of the super rich in this country.<br />
Iraq...hmmmm...budget is less than 1% of GDP. Is it right to be there? Is it ever right to be in a war? I am not a fan of war but there were reasons to intervene there. Can we look at very recent history...29 UN orders to take action against Iraq from 1991 to 2000. New York Times and other major rags had the pictures (after Bush announced we were going to war) of weapons being moved to Syria. What about the huge stash of enriched uranium found last week. That hasn’t appeared in too many places.<br />
Independent survey done on the media and how negative the race was. It listed the Obama group as being “meaner” than the McCain group (but not by much).<br />
Everyone is trying to put their political beliefs as facts. All major candidates are problematic (and yes that means Ron Paul). None of them are qualified for the position.

"Unless of course, the Republicans succeed with their dirty tricks.." Hey, ACORN is a DEMOCRATIC organization, and THEY'RE the ones with the dirty tricks! Disgruntled Hillary Democrats have been revealing the dirty tricks to the media. I notice none of the Democrats online here have been paying much attention to that fact (at least, not that I've seen). And the vast majority of negative claims about Republicans have come from Main Stream Media sites, and in case nobody's been paying attention, they've been PROVING their bias this time! It's the MEDIA that'll say anything, do anything, to intimidate people into either voting Democrat or not voting at all.<br />
I can't believe how many Obama supporters completely ignore me when I say something they don't want to hear and back it up with info from neutral sites. Or info from something OBAMA himself has said. As I have said before, if it's really "all over" for McCain, why are so many Obama supporters acting so scared?

<br />
<br />
<br />

Score! "we’re set up, unlike other states in the union, where it’s collectively Alaskans own the resources. So we share in the wealth when the development of these resources occurs.” That's not a socialistic construct, folks, that a full out communistic treatment of property. Shall we all demonize the Ice Princess as anti-american now? SHe doesn't even believe in private property!!! Will you fight to save the country you love from her? Will you? Her husband belongs to a politcal party that doesn't even want to be a part of America. They hate America! She gave a speech at their convention! Wake up! Be afraid! She'll be an old man's heart beat away from the Presidency! She has a voodoo Priest that thinks his prayers are responsible for the death of Mother Theresa. Look it up. They believe catholics prayers never reach heaven because the Blessed Vigin Mary is a demon who captures them. Look it up. Be afraid! (I am a person on the brink and I have approved this message)

Get over it folks, it's going Obama's way. Unless of course, the Republicans succeed with their dirty tricks..<br />
In so many states the GOP are calling people and threatening them if they vote,<br />
telling Dems to vote on wednesday. Telling Jews that Obama is a palestinian.<br />
Telling people that they cannot vote if they have a traffic offence. People have even had visits from 'private investigators...<br />
<br />
This is what happens when a party has no ideas left and no moral center. If the GOP were so sure of what they stand for, they wouldn't have to resort to these tricks. If they are so outraged about ACORN, why aren't they above this?<br />
Of course the easy answer is the '' the all's fair in love and election wars' claim.<br />
Well, it's not. Ever since Nixon, the GOP have been playing these games. <br />
it's over. Time for a return to democracy. Let black people vote. (What a radical concept) This year they are showing up. And it looks like the GOP are going to do everything in their power to stop them... <br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
Most of the ob<x>jections about Obama on this site are based on specious claims. <br />
I can't be bothered to even address them. <br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
<br />
Hendrick Hertzberg in The New Yorker...<br />
<br />
<br />
Sometimes, when a political campaign has run out of ideas and senses that the prize is slipping through its fingers, it rolls up a sleeve and plunges an arm, shoulder deep, right down to the bottom of the barrel. The problem for John McCain, Sarah Palin, and the Republican Party is that the bottom was scraped clean long before it dropped out. Back when the polls were nip and tuck and the leaves had not yet begun to turn, Barack Obama had already been accused of betraying the troops, wanting to teach kindergartners all about sex, favoring infanticide, and being a friend of terrorists and terrorism. What was left? The anticlimactic answer came as the long Presidential march of 2008 staggered toward its final week: Senator Obama is a socialist.<br />
“This campaign in the next couple of weeks is about one thing,” Todd Akin, a Republican congressman from Missouri, told a McCain rally outside St. Louis. “It’s a referendum on socialism.” “With all due respect,” Senator George Voinovich, Republican of Ohio, said, “the man is a socialist.” At an airport rally in Roswell, New Mexico, a well-known landing spot for space aliens, Governor Palin warned against Obama’s tax proposals. “Friends,” she said, “now is no time to experiment with socialism.” And McCain, discussing those proposals, agreed that they sounded “a lot like socialism.” There hasn’t been so much talk of socialism in an American election since 1920, when Eugene Victor Debs, candidate of the Socialist Party, made his fifth run for President from a cell in the Atlanta Federal Penitentiary, where he was serving a ten-year sentence for opposing the First World War. (Debs got a million votes and was freed the following year by the new Republican President, Warren G. Harding, who immediately invited him to the White House for a friendly visit.)<br />
As a buzzword, “socialism” had mostly good connotations in most of the world for most of the twentieth century. That’s why the Nazis called themselves national socialists. That’s why the Bolsheviks called their regime the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, obliging the socialist and social democratic parties of Europe (and America, for what it was worth) to make rescuing the “good name” of socialism one of their central missions. Socialists—one thinks of men like George Orwell, Willy Brandt, and Aneurin Bevan—were among Communism’s most passionate and effective enemies.<br />
The United States is a special case. There is a whole shelf of books on the question of why socialism never became a real mass movement here. For decades, the word served mainly as a cudgel with which conservative Republicans beat liberal Democrats about the head. When Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan accused John F. Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson of socialism for advocating guaranteed health care for the aged and the poor, the implication was that Medicare and Medicaid would presage a Soviet America. Now that Communism has been defunct for nearly twenty years, though, the cry of socialism no longer packs its old punch. “At least in Europe, the socialist leaders who so admire my opponent are upfront about their ob<x>jectives,” McCain said the other day—thereby suggesting that the dystopia he abhors is not some North Korean-style totalitarian ant heap but, rather, the gentle social democracies across the Atlantic, where, in return for higher taxes and without any diminution of civil liberty, people buy themselves excellent public education, anxiety-free health care, and decent public transportation.<br />
The Republican argument of the moment seems to be that the difference between capitalism and socialism corresponds to the difference between a top marginal income-tax rate of 35 per cent and a top marginal income-tax rate of 39.6 per cent. The latter is what it would be under Obama’s proposal, what it was under President Clinton, and, for that matter, what it will be after 2010 if President Bush’s tax cuts expire on schedule. Obama would use some of the added revenue to give a break to pretty much everybody who nets less than a quarter of a million dollars a year. The total tax burden on the private economy would be somewhat lighter than it is now—a bit of elementary Keynesianism that renders doubly untrue the Republican claim that Obama “will raise your taxes.”<br />
On October 12th, in conversation with a voter forever to be known as Joe the Plumber, Obama gave one of his fullest summaries of his tax plan. After explaining how Joe could benefit from it, whether or not he achieves his dream of owning his own plumbing business, Obama added casually, “I think that when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.” McCain and Palin have been quoting this remark ever since, offering it as prima-facie evidence of Obama’s unsuitability for office. Of course, all taxes are redistributive, in that they redistribute private resources for public purposes. But the federal income tax is (downwardly) redistributive as a matter of principle: however slightly, it softens the inequalities that are inevitable in a market economy, and it reflects the belief that the wealthy have a proportionately greater stake in the material aspects of the social order and, therefore, should give that order proportionately more material support. McCain himself probably shares this belief, and there was a time when he was willing to say so. During the 2000 campaign, on MSNBC’s “Hardball,” a young woman asked him why her father, a doctor, should be “penalized” by being “in a huge tax bracket.” McCain replied that “wealthy people can afford more” and that “the very wealthy, because they can afford tax lawyers and all kinds of loopholes, really don’t pay nearly as much as you think they do.” The exchange continued:<br />
<br />
YOUNG WOMAN: Are we getting closer and closer to, like, socialism and stuff?. . . <br />
MCCAIN: Here’s what I really believe: That when you reach a certain level of comfort, there’s nothing wrong with paying somewhat more. <br />
<br />
For her part, Sarah Palin, who has lately taken to calling Obama “Barack the Wealth Spreader,” seems to be something of a suspect character herself. She is, at the very least, a fellow-traveller of what might be called socialism with an Alaskan face. The state that she governs has no income or sales tax. Instead, it imposes huge levies on the oil companies that lease its oil fields. The proceeds finance the government’s activities and enable it to issue a four-figure annual check to every man, woman, and child in the state. One of the reasons Palin has been a popular governor is that she added an extra twelve hundred dollars to this year’s check, bringing the per-person total to $3,269. A few weeks before she was nominated for Vice-President, she told a visiting journalist—Philip Gourevitch, of this magazine—that “we’re set up, unlike other states in the union, where it’s collectively Alaskans own the resources. So we share in the wealth when the development of these resources occurs.” Perhaps there is some meaningful distinction between spreading the wealth and sharing it (“collectively,” no less), but finding it would require the analytic skills of Karl the Marxist. ♦<br />

http://www.fec.gov/DisclosureSearch/mapApp.do?cand_id=P80003338<br />
Just that site shows that he HAS been getting quite a lot of money from big contributors.<br />
http://www.americanthinker.com/2008/08/obamas_donor_contributions_sil.html<br />
I've seen a vid of Obama attending some sort of fundraiser for his campaign, with a bunch of rich folks as guests. He may be getting small donations, but that's not where ALL his money comes from, not even close.

Oh sorry its not financed by small donations from real people... who was it that said check some site factcheck or something... Yeah go check it out who is doing the finance fro him.

BTW, Obama's campaign is financed by small donations from real people.

I see that I was entirely right with my last comment. No need discussing the issue at hand..... when you can just whine. Right? Right. <br />
<br />
sigh *bored*

Why vote for Obama? Let's see. He was number one in his class at Harvard. Bush was a C student. McCain in the bottom fifth of his Naval Academy class probably kept in because dad and grandpa were Admirals. How do you manage to crash four airplanes? I think this maverick business may not be the best way to run a country. Also, what's wrong with wanting the top 1% to pay their fair share. Seems to me if you get most of the pie maybe you should pay for most of the pie. I don't see a lot of rich people's kids dying in Iraq which is a war I think we should have never got in. McCain supported it from day one and Obama opposed it. I'm 63 and couldn't lead a freaking parade. Unless John McCain has a miracle body (he's had four more melanomas than I have had) it's irresponsible of him to take on a job like the presidency. And then, picking Sarah Palin as VP? Please.

"Is this going to lead to anything aside from negativity? It seems like a pointless tyrrade of nonsense to me.... sorry. Its unappealing... and repetitive... and kind of whiney... and you haven't discussed the issue since you climbed on your high horse." You're perpetuating the negativity, you know.

raditsbrandy: CNN? I wouldn't watch them if you paid me! If CNN says it's raining I'll look out my window. They're severely biased. I like to get my info from as neutral a source as possible.<br />
prettybird: hope you don't mind, but since you seem interested in proper spelling, it's "subliminal"<br />
"This man is too smart to say such a thing." I most heartily agree, and that's part of what makes him scary to me. He's way too smart to actually get CAUGHT in anything that'll make the majority of the country turn against him.<br />
prettybird: "you twist MY words, how on earth are we to believe you are keeping anything else straight?" way to go! Can I borrow that comment next time someone does the same to me? :)

That is why it is still a free country.... And we have free speech....

You better hope it leads to reality.

Is this going to lead to anything aside from negativity? It seems like a pointless tyrrade of nonsense to me.... sorry. Its unappealing... and repetitive... and kind of whiney... and you haven't discussed the issue since you climbed on your high horse.

God help us. P.T. Barnum was right.

I'm not voting for McCain. Why assume I am? And I highly doubt you watch CNN 24/7. People sleep, eat, work, and ****. Get out of your bubble and don't be so defensive. It's unappealing.

That first youtube video has been heavily tampered with. Surely you can see how it has been sliced, edited, dubbed and technically compromised. Does anybody here have even a thread's hold on reality? The second link doesn't work.

I have searched high and low. All I see is reference from people claiming that they heard that he attends flag burnings. They got an email that he attends flag burning. It is a viral smear. Come on. Snopes has debunked it. The viral email claims he went on Meet The Press and said this. He never did. Please, people, use some intelligent descretion. This man is too smart to say such a thing. http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/stance.asp

CNN, come with cable. Get some! Or simple live in denial that something you could disagree with ever happened or existed. Whichever is more comfortable for you. :)

Yes I know you have Prettybird. This is for some of the others. I know your on dial up and that suxs...<br />
Here is another... <br />
<br />
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TG4fe9GlWS8<br />
<br />
I just want everyone to know... I didnt fight for this country for nothing.

look at this and tell me what you think....<br />

RAD? Do you actually believe that a man who attended Columbia and graduated at the top of his class. A graduate of Harvard Law School who served as president of the prestigious Harvard Law Review. A former Professor of Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago.....THAT man, gave a public interview while campaigning for President of the United States of America and declared that he attended flag burnings? Are you on drugs? Please, please provide the link to this interview! Pleasef!

bitlord: thank you for spreading your bigotry. That's just what we all need, more dissention and hatred between Americans. I'm sure you'd be happier if everyone would just agree with you.<br />
raditsbrandy: smart of you to consider the difference. I like it when people think for themselves, especially when they're liberals. Gives me hope for liberalism in general to be reminded that you're not all as close-minded as some I've encountered.

Oh, I'm sorry, bitlord. I didn't realize you were the one determining my patriotism or deciding which candidate I support. Thank you for the clarification; I was so confused before.<br />
<br />
First Amendment demonstrates Obama's right to dishonor the flag. Patriotism demonstrates how wrong he is for doing so. (2+2=4)

prettybird, noone said anything about the anti-christ and I'm unsure as to what picture you are referring to, specifically. I'm going off an interview with Obama in which he was questioned about the way he turns his back to the flag and refuses to honor it. Those were his words; noone elses. And nothing was taken out of context. He admits him and his wife have gone to several flag burnings and gives many 'reasons' why he dishonors our flag. <br />
<br />
Have a little love for your nation's history and the people who have died defending their home, were it necessary or not. Soldies don't declare war nor do they encourage it or want to fight it. But when we declare war, someone has to step up and defend us. Thats what our soldiers do and we honor them and our flag.... the flag they are fighting for; the flag that represents their home and families.

Dont call me Honey.....<br />
Oh your right but we will need it even more if Obama gets in.....<br />
<br />
I dont look at color, sex or what they say. I look at what they have done not what they say they will do...

I hope that God does Bless America we will need it.

Nope not on his video.... go read what he said in 2004 and other stuff....

Nope I saw it live on tv. I will not vote for anyone that doesnt love his country... He needs to go some place else....<br />
<br />
I would cut my nose off to spite my face to save the country I love. not for him....<br />
<br />
all of the so called true websites are all BS... I see is live then I know what I see...<br />
<br />
To bad you cant see my blog about what he wants to do to this country but oh well so is life.....<br />
<br />
I am not in the dark on this one...<br />
<br />
I just ignore him.. He has nothing for me or our country.

get a grip on real life look at the video that he stood and didnt even look at the flag. forget all this BS about factcheck and Obamas Mama look at it when it was live.....

yepper and very true Blue

LMAO Good one REdman. lol

yeah I made a bumper sticker " Your Moma brought you into this world and Obama will take you out"

Entirely!! That is also my HUGEST concern with Obama. I'm extremely patriotic; I know better than to walk around thinking we live in a perfect or noble country but I love my country and I appreciate my freedoms. To dishonor our flag and say it is a declaration of war is bullshit. Our flag is in honor of the people who died for it and the people who live under it. Don't like? Leave.


Listen guys. It is true that never once have I heard such nasty, mean comments about McCain from the other side. Never. I'm beginning to think Republicans need to take a break and find their inner decency again. Society can not degenerate any more then it already has. Political discourse does not have to be vulgar and destructive like this. If it was just this time, just Obama, I would say ok, you have your convictions. But you tried to bring down the Clinton administration with your hate. You portrayed Kerry as a complete monster. You know if Hillary was our candidate, you guys have demonized her for years, you'd be in a frenzy of a witch hunt right now! Its just the way you have allowed youself to operate. Its very bad. And people are way over it. So nobody pays credence anymore, its just the same old tired song.

thats so true... but will we get KY or will it be a dry run

Nope... I'm expecting him to five us a good ******* in the ***..<br />
Sorry. I'll shut up now...

Yeah and what else is he going to give us a white day off of work also... Yeah OK..

He has promised us all we'll be rich though. lol<br />
<br />
He will take the money from the rich and give to the poor.<br />
<br />
If I did that, wouldn't I go to jail?

He COULD be the Anti-Christ.

Yes, I would agree. Do the research and the facts will lead to this conclusion.