I Knew It Was All Sarah Palin's Fault....

A sampling of Obama supporters...be very proud.


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Seriously, no one but a Faux Neus fraud would buy your load of cr@p.

I figured Fox was the source of your delusions Chris.<br />
Then again, pretty much everyone knows that, just by reading your drivel.

"http://www.truthout.org/111508Y"<BR><BR>AH HA! I knew it! That's where you get your info? Now it all makes sense. <BR><BR>Can you please take one bit of advice? Two words....FOX NEWS. Believe me, you will be much more smarter. LMFAO...<br />
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I used to be part of this other on-line community and there was this one guy that even named himself truthout, and he was the most uninformed, angry, rude hater that I have ever seen. No one on the site liked him. Truthout.org is where he got all his info. Bitlord, do yourself a favor and don't be like that guy.<br />
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See ya man...good luck to you.

"True enough, but dig deeper. Why didn't it happen sooner?<BR>The basic techlology goes back to 1984, ARPANET.<BR>Why didn't it blossom?"<BR><BR>In Feb 1992, our government open up the use of the internet to the public. How could it blossom when no one could use it? When they opened it up, it kicked off the biggest economic boom in history. The use of the internet grew by 100% each year. By the way, the net was invented by the Swiss in the 50's. Our military started using it in 1969.<BR><BR><BR>"Because Clinton raised taxes, causing overseas investors to take faith in the dollar, which Rayganism had already devalued by more than 60%, so there was MONEY available for the many speculative adventures...like Netscape."<BR><BR>Raising taxes puts faith in the dollar? Come on.... What makes money move is to make it easier to get, and let people have more of it. Regan lowered taxes, and his policys helped lower the prime rate from 20%, to a lowest during his watch of 7.5%. Here is the link...http://research.stlouisfed.org/fred2/data/PRIME.txt What gave us the problem we have now is that OUR GOVERNMENT made money TOO easy to get. They imposed wellfare onto the private sector.<BR><BR>"Well, we're not even in office yet, and the pigs are playing obstructionism in trying to break the auto unions."<BR><BR>Well obviously you haven't been paying attention. THE DEMS DIDN"T WANT THE AUTO BAILOUT EITHER. There were only a radical few that wanted it. Barney Frank & the like. Harry Reid & Nancy Pilosy neither one thought that the auto bailout should happen as it was presented right now. Pilosy told the auto exec's to go home, and don't come back until you have a plan that makes sense and the plan must ensure that the American taxpayer is protected. For the first time I can remember, she took a position that I agree with. I have to admit that my respect-o-meter went up one notch for her. Harry Reid said pretty much the same thing. So tell me, how are the Republicans obstructing when they agree with Pilosy? Even Barney Frank said that they don't have the votes because of the ENORMOUS OPPOSITION by the American people. What I like about that is that Washington is listening to the people. We know that they put us in the shape we are in right now, and now we're paying attention.

I wasn't an Obama supporter, but now that he is president, I hope he is successful.<br />
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One thing that I don't agree with is appointing former Clinton people. There is a HUGE misconception about the Clinton administration. The 90's were good because of the internet boom. The misconception is that Clinton had anything to do with it. He did not. So if Obama thinks that using former Clinton people, for that reason, will be good this time, he is mistaken.<br />
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Even Obama said during the primaries that the BIGGEST mistake the next president will make is appointing the same pla<x>yers in Washington, and expecting a different result. Well, look what he is doing.<br />
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Don't get me wrong...again I say I hope he succeeds. And if he does, I'll be one of the first on here that didn't support Obama, but will admit that he his doing a good job.

Chris...glad that we are in agreement on those issues. Seems like we agree on a number of issues overall.<br />
Nate...Thanks for the compliment. The Obama Administration will be interesting. Regardless of who is in the position of President they are going to struggle. Very difficult times and not a lot of good options available. As I said I was not a big fan of Bush. Unfortunately I did vote for him but more from the lesser of two evils. I never said I was a bright guy...lol. Iraq is very problematic and I do not see a good resolution on it in the long run. You are right that we must come together and work on these issues together. I am beginning to think that Obama may have greater problems from his own party that the Republicans. Time will tell and I hope Obama will be able to broker what is needed to make things better.

Well stated Keith and I agree whole heartedly. The reason Bush the first didn't go get Sadaam in Desert Storm was because the Saudis expressedly forbad it and without their support, there was no coalition. The second time around, while we had their implied consent, they had no troops in the theater of operations to pull out in protest if things didn't go their way. Different situation entirely. I never voted for Bush. I think he's a dim bulb who has moved this country 10 degrees to the right. Just looking at Obama's cabinet picks, I think he is going more moderate than I thought he would with a lot of Clinton retreads. I'm thinking he's only going to move us 5 degrees to the left. Face it folks, the election is over. Obama is our president. We now have to come together with a better plan than the failed one and figure out a way to leapfrog the liberal media to get our message out.

Keith...I read your last comment three times. At least on the issues you mention, our point of view is identical.<BR><BR>On the media bias....I like to play a trick on my liberal friends when I can. When they talk about all the negative news on conservatives, I ask them questions like, "Do you know who William Jefferson is?" They always say no. Then I go on to tell them that he is a Senator from LA, Democrat, who took a 100,000 bribe from undercover agents and was busted. Not only that, but during the rescue operations of hurricane katrina, he took several NG troops and trucks and had them take him to his house so that he could get that 100K and take it to his office in DC. Meanwhile, people were stranded on rooftops in desperate need of rescue. They always tell me that they never heard that. Then I'll tell them that his office in DC was raided and 90 of the 100k was recovered. Then they say yeah, I remember Bush raided some Democrats office and that was bullshit. LOL, they know only what the MSM wants them to know.

Bitlord...you really define the difference between conservatives and liberals. Most conservatives are able to admit that their party is flawed. Most liberals are unable to admit that their party is flawed. As you can see above, another example of another person having the same issues as I do with you. You continue to try to bully people into thinking that you are the only one that is right. As I have said before, you are unable to have a discussion with anyone so no need to put forth the effort. In your mind only you know the truth. What a burden that must be for you! How do you handle it...oh wait...you are nothing but hot air who is unable to think for your self. I can see your post now...see I was right..you cannot provide any facts to your claims. You are not worth the effort...it isn’t even fun with you.<br />
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Chris...WMD's in Iraq...history of it...lots of people prior to the Bush Administration thought they were there...most of the information indicated that there was...numerous reports that the chemical and biological weapons were there. Clear photos of weapons being moved to Syria. Numerous scientists and military people from both Iraq and Syria who support the claim and do offer up proof. Russian military people who claim that during the initial attack, Russian troops moved into Iraq and removed weapons. Prior to the war, numerous UN resolutions to deal with the weapons in Iraq as well as other issues. Capacity for dirty bombs and ability to do it. They found a lot of enriched uranium outside of the capital. A nice stash that no one knew about until recently. Not the best grade of uranium but could be utilized for dirty bombs (not a very good dirty bomb but one just the same). Did Iraq have nuclear weapons? The Israel’s took care of that in the 80's when they destroyed the one facility. Did Iraq have the means to deliver a bomb? No but that can be easily bought on todays market. Was Saddam a nasty *****? Hell yes. Did we have a role in putting him in power? Yes we did. Should we have taken him out? Hell yes and that was Bush #1's biggest mistake. He should have finished the job in 1991. Is any war good? As I have said before, I don’t think so but sometimes a country has to. Was this one of those times? I’m really not sure. I have my doubts. Reality is that when you go to war, you need to commit completely which we did not do here. I do blame Bush for that. He failed in fighting this war. Not enough troops going in and not enough today.<br />
Media is bias plain and simple. There was once a time when the media at least tried to hide their bias. Not anymore and the Bitlord’s of the world are always sucked into it. Are there problems in this country? Yes there are. Are they all because of Bush? Of course not. Is he a good President? I don’t think so. He is a second rate politician but he is our President. Both parties have taken us to the place we are today. That is reality. We need to find ways to deal with the numerous issues. I only hope we can do it without destroying the Republic. I fear that we will not be able to (and no not because of Obama). The configuration in the Presidency and Congress will only accelerate what has been happening for close to 100 years. Again, not because of only one party. It is because both parties have let the Republic down.

"You delete peoples comments from<BR>your stories when they prove you wrong."<BR><BR>LOL Keith. CORRECT!<BR><BR>On one of my stories, bitlord changed his comment that he left after I showed him that he actually agreed with me. He slipped. I have ignored him since that day. He has no clue what he is talking about. It's clear to me that all he knows is what he reads on the far left web sites. Ya know, the ones that say GW was the one that blew up the WTC, then blamed it on Osama so that we could go to Iraq and steal their oil... And that GW took out an insurance policy on the WTC right before then and made billions of dollars. <BR><BR>I can hear it now...WRONG CHRISV914! PROVE THAT CLAIM...LOL.<BR><BR>"I KNOW that 'faux' news has been caught lying, therefore they are not reputable."<BR><BR>And CBS forged a document showing GW did not serve in the TX NG like he said. And they ARE reputable? Amazing????<BR><BR>My advice to CBS for the future is that if your going to forge documents, at least dig up an old typewriter and use the same font that was used back in the day...LOL You have to be smarter than the average Joe if you're going to cheat.<BR><BR>"Did, or did not, Blix report that NO SIGNIFICANT WMD existed PRIOR to the may, 2003 initial assault."<BR><BR>I'll be perfectly honest. I thought there were WMD in Iraq because the following list of names said that Sadam had them:<BR><BR>Bill Clinton<BR>Hillary Clinton<BR>John Kerry<BR>Al Gore<BR>Madeline Albright<BR>Just to name a few...<BR><BR>That group of people had the most knowledge of terrorist intelligence BEFORE GW took office.<BR><BR>"The MSM is RIGHTWING and by their actions proved it!"<BR><BR>I could give example after example of the liberal bias in the MSM, but I'll list just one for the sake of time.<BR><BR>When the young girl who worked for the McCain campaign reported that she was attacked by an Obama supporter and he carved a "B" in the side of her face, I didn't see that report on CNN, MSNBC and the others. I DID see it on Fox News. I have MSN as my homepage, and I never seen that report on there either. I checked it regularly. I was LOOKING for the bias and...there it was. Then when it came out that the girl's story was a hoax, then it popped up on MSN and CNN and the others reported it. Fox news reported the story as a hoax as well. Fox told both sides of the story, the others only reported it when they could make McCain look bad. If the story made Obama look bad, they stayed away from it.<BR><BR>On all the pre-election polls, Fox was the only one that nailed it. ALL the others were on average 8 points off, some even 10+...in favor of Obama of course. This is done by them to discourage conservative voters.

I am proud. Proud that my candidate was smart enough not to pick a running mate who was so ambitious for herself that she grabbed the spotlight, held it on her with inflamatory hate speech and thus forced even the most uninformed citizens to notice her!

Bitlord...your routine is tiring and boring. You only think that what you see and agree with in the<br />
news is accurate. When you have been presented with news items that you do not agree with you<br />
claim they fake or on "faux" news. The only ignoramus on here is you. You always have to attack<br />
people and make it clear that only you know what is true. You delete peoples comments from<br />
your stories when they prove you wrong. You are nothing more than a joke. You claim that you<br />
know history but the reality is the only history is what you believe to be true. Grow up and quit<br />
acting like you are someone who is knowledgeable.

I had to watch that again because I wasn't sure I believed how uninformed those people were. But, nothing changed. That is just unbelieveable.<br />
<br />
It's obvious none of those people watch Fox News...LOL

Wow. Proof of the liberal bias MSM. Unbelieveable.

Grits...what's a book???

Thanks grits. <br />
<br />
Children are not being taught the things they need to know ... they are being taught the tests. Period.<br />
<br />
The test do not develop children for anything, except those test necessary to graduate.

keith you make great points. we live in a visual culture and no longer teach finding the facts to our young people. lets face it if it is not shown on tv, mtv, youtube or in a video game or some other place like that it is not known. young people are not taught how to do research anymore. they google it and just look at the first couple of listings. I make my kids use not only the computer but real books as well to get information.<br />
<br />
the culture we live in is one of "don't work to hard" and it is getting worse and will continue to get worse. There are few parents that still look at what their children are learning at school and add to it so that the child gets all information and not just what the school wants to push down them and leave out.<br />
<br />
Children are not being taught what they really need to know to help this country and it is no better in our colleges. I learned very fast that the only way to get an A in most of my classes was to give the professor what he wanted even if i disagreed with them. The very sad thing is that most all the young people in college are brain washed into beleiving what they dish out to them.

I saw an interview with the filmmaker, one Mr. Ziegler this morning. He dared the interviewer to do the same type of interview, ask the same questions with random McCain voters and he said he would pay his production costs if the results were anywhere near the same. Mr. Ziegler was confident enough that he was willing to bet his paycheck that the results would not be the same. He was genuinely horrified at the basic lack of knowledge of the issues of the folks he interviewed. He didn't cherry pick the folks either, they were selected at random by another person unrelated to the production. This reconfirms the famous Howard Stern tape where the "Man on the Street" interviewer juxtaposed Obama's name with McCain's views and not a single one of the nitwits knew the difference. Even Howard's black female producer said she felt "ashamed". This is my first election that I have ever voted Republican. I based my decision based only on the issues, not the man.

Is anyone really surprised by that? People in this country are very uninformed for the most part. We believe what we see on TV or hear on the radio or read in the paper. We take it as gospel. Is there a slant in the media? Of course there is. Is it slanted more towards the liberal views than conservatives? Of course it is and has been for a long time. Study after study shows this. Is that why Obama was elected? Not entirely. Reality is that Obama talks a good game. Reality is that the Obama camp ran a great campaign. Reality is that times are tough. Reality is that people like to blame who is in charge with the problems going on. Could you do the same with the McCain voters? Maybe but the media did play a role in the elections (as they usually do).

well said josie

This video shows a lack of discernment on the part of these voters. But as MizzBlue said thy are on both sides of the political fence.<br />
<br />
However, I would ask where that 'work together ethic' was in 2000 and 2004 when from day one the President didn't get that same respect that is being called for now.<br />
<br />
Even when many of their questions have not been answered and a clear path wasn't set during the election season. When a large diversion from main stream centrist policies of the nation were veered away from.<br />
<br />
As far as working together I believe many conservatives will do just that. Allow time to tell the tale, whether America is on a right course or not.

Come on - neither McCain nor Obama was a good choice for presidency this year. <br />
<br />
You could have done the same with McCain voters -- <br />
<br />
Maybe everyone should start trying to work together instead of tearing everyone apart. <br />
<br />
It's the same on both sides of the fence - republicans and democrats both do not know about the true people who run their parties.