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Dickbrain, WWII started in 193NINE(9) moron!<br />
That's 7 YEARS after FDR pulled us out of the great depression!!!<br />
What an idiot!

Bitdick...reality is that WWII pulled our country out of the "great" depression. Ever wonder why we are the only country in the world that refers to it as the great depression? Because it dragged on longer than anywhere else in the world. It dragged because of the policies of FDR. Your ignorance and stupidity as always are entertaining. However, please go back in your bottle and leave real discussions to people who are able to think.

Nope, YOU said the Japanese ended the Great Depression.<br />
1932 was the worst, it improved under FDR BEFORE the war.<br />
So, one more time, you're merely mimicing a bad rightwing lie (see here for FACTUAL rebuttal http://www.prospect.org/csnc/blogs/beat_the_press_archive?month=02&year=2009&base_name=the_washington_post_prints_mor )<br />
and, oh yes, that's called the fact-s--ew, and you're on the end of it!

Bitdick...try reading the comment before saying stupid things. FDR dragged out the depression. I never said it was worse in 1941. I know comprehending ideas is tough for you but get an adult to read these to you next time.

I see your history is as bad as your math Keith.<br />
1932, NINE YEARS before Pearl Harbor, was the worst of the Depression.<br />
Things were always improving after FDR took office.

Let's also remember what got us out of the "Great Depression" was another country...a country<br />
called Japan. Followed by something called WWII. Some of you folks may want to study up on<br />
that. FDR dragged the depression out..but a war pulled the economy back. That’s what happens<br />
when you have an economy based on a military industrial complex (which still exists today).<br />
The current situation is related to a number of events that both parties share blame for. These<br />
events started long before Bush was even elected. Elfinsong..same old tired words from you.<br />
Look beyond just Bush for what has happened to this country. As I have said before, I am not a<br />
fan of Bush but he had plenty of help from both parties. Again, some of you may want to study<br />
how our country works but more importantly how we got to where we are today.<br />
Bitlord...you are so tiresome..go play with kids your age and stay out of adult conversations.<br />
Eyetech...how many people were subjected to “waterboarding”? A total of three people. Reports<br />
from the CIA clearly establish that valuable evidence was obtained that had impact on national<br />
security. Want to talk about civil liberties being taken away...look at what numerous Presidents<br />
(Republican and Democrats) have done in the last 85 years and then try your argument again.<br />
Goes well beyond Bush and Cheney.<br />
Obama is like every other politician. He has already gone back on campaign promises and is<br />
spending money like a drunken sailor on shore leave. His ideas and policies are dangerous because<br />
he is a socialist. Again folks study on what our country is...a representative republic. Understand<br />
that concept and then try to have a discussion!

Obama did studyFDR greenknight.<br />
That's why the stimulus.<br />
Stop the depression before it starts.<br />
BUSH studied Hoover...to emulate!<br />
Hey Urban, glad to see good sense has yet to come over you!<br />
Bush = depresssion, Obama = recovery.<br />
Figure 2010 is going to be a BOOM for Democrats and a knell for republicans!

what is a TRILLION between friends? Bottom line is you do not TAX people MORE in the middle of a RECESSION. That is plain stupidity.

ELFINSONG, Bush may not have been the greatest for the country, but Obama will be far worse. In case you don't understand economics and the actual power of the executive, Bush did not destroy the economy, and actually had very little to do with its downturn. Your messiah along with the liberal Congress may just exacerbate the problem, though.<br />
<br />
eyetech800, it's my opinion as well, and is offered here as yet more evidence why Obama is dangerous. Hey, aside from publicly closing GITMO, and letting the POWs/terrorists go (what's up with that?), your Messiah supports FISA himself. So aside from surrendering your 4th Amendment rights, be prepared for encroachments on the 1st, 2nd, 9th and 10th, as well.

Posting someone else's opinion is not explaining why you feel that way. Maybe we should have bush and cheney back, tapping phones, waterboarding, LYING while taking away civil liberties subtly....Read some information not someone's opinion or spin on things...

Bush was dangerous for this country.<br />
Obama may be able to fix what Bush destroyed.