Remember when McCain talked about taxing our health care benefits? The Obama campaign jumped all over him about it. They forgot to mention that he was going to give a tax break to benefits. Now...Obama is thinking about taxing health care benefits to get his universal health plan in action. What a hippocrit. Lets see how the american people feel about him now.

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bitlord must be either deaf or just hated bush so much he can't see straight. Yes obamy has moved troops out of Iraq,and moved more troops into afganistan. Wake up you stupid ****. The federal deficit is now in the trillions. Tax and spend,thats the liberal answer for everything. Obama is sending this country into bankruptcy. And he sticks his nose into things he shouldn't. Like the "stupid cops" who arrested the black man. I guess no white men ever got arrested while bush was pres.

This, in case you try to 'forget' is what Democrats were forced to do in order to get Bush to remove ANY troops!<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
Hem, haw and offer Bush compromises, and STILL he would not withdraw any troops.<br />
Until McSame had his a** handed to him!!

UNTIL Obama started wiping the floor with McNasty, the Bush announced plan was PERMANENT OCCUPATION.<br />
See for Bush's plan.

Poor bitdick...doesn't have a clue

Which was the plan before Obama took office... lmao<br />
<br />
But hey... GO OBAMA....

Wrong heatman.<br />
Over 30,000 less RIGHT NOW than on Nov. 4, 2008.<br />
Obama is pulling them out as quickly as the Generals say is safe.

The Obama admin is talking about leaving combat troops in Iraq for the next several decades.... McCain said that and got hammered.... <br />
<br />
Just wait untill Obama gets all his taxes imposed... The middles class will have way less money in their pockets, but what's funny is... Obama will still be cool man... lol

Bitlord, you must have a lot of money. I pay enough in taxes.Obama hasn't pulled any troops out of Iraq that amounts to anything,and now he's pouring them into <br />
Afganistan,and pakistan. Wake up before it's too late,or maybe it is already. It seems you like most liberals hate bush so much,that even if Obama does the same as he did,it's ok. Maybe we can bail out some more banks,the ceo's need another raise.

Keith, the same place, I suppose, Bush was going to 'get' the 3 trillion for his war, the 1 trillion for Afghanistan, the 1 trillion more PER YEAR to pay for service on his debt.<br />
<br />
Orien, I agree, a mind is a terrible thing to waste.<br />
Fortunately for you, not having one is no barrier to believing Faux news.<br />
<br />
Now, change is already here, as in no more 1st Amendment zones, no more arrest and imprisonment on mere Bush orders, no more torture in secret.<br />
<br />
What were you hoping would change?<br />
REAL liberalism, for instance?

Bit...a mind is a terrible thing to waste.<br />
<br />
The messiah has fooled millions of clueless sheep and is leading them to slaughter. Unfortunately for the rest of us, he is forcing us in that direction as well.<br />
<br />
Hope and change baby!!!

Bitdick...where is Obama going to get the trillions of dollars that he is spending for his pet projects? Both parties are the same but you are too blind or drunk to see it. Get a life and read for a change. <br />
Isn't Obama putting a bunch of troops in Afganistan? And hasn't he backed off and changed his pull out promise during the elections? Politician...that is all he is. Say what needs to be said so that simple minded people like you will vote for him!

And he's taken even MORE troops out of Iraq.<br />
AS for spending your money, ask Bush who pays back all that TRILLIONS of borrowed money?<br />
Hmm?<br />
Hypocrisy, republican is thy name!

Air seems to be the only thing he is good for. He talks a good show,He likes to spend tons of taxpayers money, He is sending more troops to afganistan. Sounds like a hypocrit to me just like most of the other democrats. Him,Dodd and Barney should all go.

Give him a chance. He is a breath of fresh air to the stale political machine.