Firearm Confiscation, The 2nd Amendment Enforced!

At least the Congress can read the SEcond Amendment Shadow.

All other uses for firearms may be prohibited, and any firearm not kept for purpose of STATE MILITIA work may be removed.

So said the founders, so say we all.

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7 Responses Nov 2, 2009

Wasn't talking to you, resident diharreah de la ocha.<br />
Was talking to the honest poster.

Oh, sorry.

I agree with you! <br />
<br />
I was only making a statement!

ayankee, people who think that "A well regulated militia..." means anything like "buy all the guns you want" NEED a curfew..and a padded cell!

The next thing you know...he'll be giving us all a curfew.

We have to figure out something. I plan on hiding several witha good supply of ammo...just in case. And as for odie-4show..what makes you think that?

I think you're an idiot.