Bush "surge" A Failure.

Iraq bans all 'live broadcasts' from Baghdad in an effort to appear 'pacified' and support Bush's B.S. 'surge'


As always with rightards, if the truth doesn't fit the myth, the truth must go!

bitlord bitlord
4 Responses Nov 2, 2009

Your *** is definitely off vinny, as Bush's FAILURE and the COVERUP by his satrap Maliki proves so well!


What 'spin' would that be singer?<br />
That BUSH'S government is trying to keep secret the 'success'?<br />
Can you say "Bullshit" in a big bag?<br />
Sometimes the right gives stupid a bad name.<br />
<br />
Oh, you DO know that all candidates in Iraq must be blessed by Bush's military, right dip?<br />
Hmm?<br />
Looks like reality has you by the testicles again.

Hey bitlord.......You can put what ever spin on this that you want......Could be that they just do not want the truth to get out.....That the war is really working.......But are afraid that would get out.....and dgive the Iraqi a ray of hope