Finding Amusement In Others Tears

That is what this has all come to.

Conservatives claiming the moral high ground...finding amusement in the pain of others.

Yes that is how I see each and every one of the people that have so glibbly defended the healthcare system as it stands.

You point at exceptions to the rule and turn a blind eye to the pain of others.

Our people... cutting their medication in half to make it last. Only filling half or a quarter of their perscriptions because they can't afford them.

These aren't hypothetical people. These are our fathers and mothers, Our grandparents, our Sister and Brothers. You know...people who don't really count...because they aren't you.

I hope none of you ever have to bury one of your loved ones because they couldn't get treatment, or adequate treatment because of a lack of the right or enough insurance.

I have, and recently. Yet I see others  speaking these things and being told they are hippies, and dopers. Since when has being caring been a failing? Since when has having compassion for others been a character flaw?

Actually I think it goes back to Newt, but most likely farther than that.

People sight specific human examples and are put down and laughed at and ridiculed.

Conservative speak blithely in broad sweeping strokes of generalities. And get offended over specifics.

Granted there is a lefty that is pretty much giving the view that we are all blow hards and boardering on sedition.

Truth is

I don't give a damn who is in charge as long as they take care of the American people. Truth also is...right now no solutions are coming from the right. Only griping about proposals on the left.

There isn't an exchange of ideas on here, or ideals either. Only rhetoric.

No...I won't change your mind. I can't even slow you enough  to pause to think. Because that would mean you have to leave the safety of your own opinion and look around at pain and misery and stop blaming the person.


1. 54 year old man, worked since he was 14.  Served his country. (that interesting vacay in Southeast Asia). Married, raised his children. 80's Reagonomics saw his retirement stolen by his company. But he didn't break. He picked up the pieces and continued. Another factory closes under the first President Bush with the thousand points of light. Nope he didn't break. Pays off his farm. Keeps working and working. Putting aside, 401K, insurance. Is starting to look down the road and see maybe a light there. Yep...oncoming train... This factory closes...but slowly, company signs up all the workers for  a program with unemployment that pays half their hourly pay including it in their pay check. There by draining their unemployment. That 401 K... gone too. Life insurance borrowed against to keep things going just a little while. Nope...gone. So at 54, unemployeed, in a skilled trade, lost everything,  finally gets a job. Gets killed first day. (DAYUM!) and friends are left begging to get him buried... remember that thing about being a veteran? They were the only ones who stepped up.

2. Man, self employeed..52, married. Gets sick, keeps paying the insurance premiums. Insurance says...nope, you've paid for twenty years and never made a claim but this is your life time cap.  Die now. His house is gone,his business is gone, his bank account drained. Living with family, and waiting to die.

And y'all expect me to understand your position in all this is that it's all ok. That's it's all their fault.

But I'm called a Socialist, A Communist, I'm told I live in a fairy tale, to get real...thems the realities folks, I can sight many many more from personal first hand experience. But it wouldn't matter. I'd only weep and you'd only laugh.

May all the gods and your God have mercy on you.


Tzech Tzech
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9 Responses Nov 29, 2009

And if you look at the examples I posted...they are not indigent care examples. But examples of working native born American citizens.

I was taught: obviously erroneously by your standards Noshadow: that we stand for what is right, or we stand for nothing.<br />
You are referring to my comment that Torture is wrong.<br />
It is wrong.<br />
Period.<br />
Taking care of our people on our soil is right.<br />
Period. <br />
and I am not talking about indigent care only.<br />
before you call me on my position... understand my position.<br />
Our military serves with honor.<br />
Torture is not honorable: so...<br />
if I understand correctly...if we torutre it's ok...but only if we do it. If we scream that torture is godless and wrong when done to us then why is the reverse acceptable in your view.<br />
<br />
And last... it's not just a moral standing is a legal standing. UCMJ and the Constitution forbid it. <br />
<br />
YOu can't mix torture andmedical care as issues. But if you want to jump on me fine.<br />
I can defend myself on multiple issues at the same time if you so choose.

I find this post two faced. You want to help the people that cannot help themselves. This is a admirable position. We have a safety net ( granted not a good one) in place for the indigent. You would do what for them? Yet you would let many more die for your moral standing on getting information from the enemy.

I can attack when needed. and have done so on more than occasion. But I see no point to doing it here. There is nothing gained by being a bigger a$$ than the other side.

My point, Tzech, is that you should have taken time to learn rhetoric from your professor, for if you had, you would have learned how to attack an opponent's argument without having to create a new one.<br />
But, hey, if you prefer not to learn...

not the poiont I was attempting to make. but it is yours.

Let us assume that anyone who is in our government is dangerous to our country, for they have bought their way to the seat, or inherited it via nepotism, and this is what we actually abhore as Americans. I found a picture in a 2006 People magazine of Oprah and Obama-she looked like she just ate the cheese! because she knew that Obama was the next president, it had already been decided...He follows the agenda of the Bush regime, and is no different than them in his ideology. "with God on our side...we can kill anyone we want to..."

and your point?<br />
<br />
sorry.... i find that you are one of those who cause us more strife on the left than the arrogance of the right.<br />
for when you rant no one listens and assumes we are all cut of your cloth.<br />
<br />
please do refrain.<br />
<br />
I have enough going on without adding to it by you psudeo elitist rants. I had a prof in college who did much the same thing. He was also a bore.

Come then, Let us speak of generalities, and general principles, and see if the repigs ideals hold up.<br />
<br />
1.) Does the nation benefit by leaving its children to make do with emergency room care for broken bones, TB and other immunizations, even as the pool of future labor to pay for Repiglican wars shrinks?<br />
OF COURSE NOT! yet, by cutting wages and letting the insurance company profits soar, the repigs propose to do exactly that!<br />
<br />
2.) Does it help the nation to have more billionaires, at the expense of many times more paupers?<br />
OF COURSE NOT, for that is the behavior that created the rise of both Stalinism and Nazism in Europe 75 years ago. A strong middle class means, in fact requires, MUCH larger wage / investment return ratios!<br />
<br />
3.) Does it benefit the nation to make more republicans?<br />
I leave it to the reader to come up with excuses for that party, given the two above.<br />
<br />
So, moral reasoning aside, repiglicanism is a disaster waiting to happen.<br />
Why allow it then?<br />