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All the conspiracies 'involving' ACORN you could possibly want!


Just a sample of the idiocy of the right.

"...#  Varuka RT @angrytownhall: RUMOR: Obama gave SECRET order to ONLY save your burning home if you have ACORN ID CARD #fire #crowdedtheater #acornfacts   about 23 hours ago from Mixero
# N14_00000014_normal Suijurisreverie Votes are cast on paper; paper comes from a type of wood; ACORN's come from a type of wood; thus, ACORN stole the 2008 election! #ACORNfacts 1 day ago from web
# Jen_s_smiling_winter_face_normal caltrider RT @dynodervish: Acorn crashed the white house state dinner. #acornfacts 1 day ago from UberTwitter
# Candle_3_normal janus303 Wanna know why eating turkey makes you sleepy? ACORN. #acornfacts 1 day ago from TweetDeck
# Dynodervish_normal dynodervish Acorn crashed the white house state dinner. #acornfacts 1 day ago from UberTwitter
# Boondockshuey_normal tjswift2000 Justice dept vindicates #ACORN. Well atleast says should be paid. Wonder what GOP does next? http://bit.ly/8oegbT #acornfacts #tcot #p2 1 day ago from UberTwitter
# Funny-pictures-cat-eats-feather_normal 1whoknu RT @_ccm: RT @jenciTN: the tree that Tiger hit was an oak....u know what that means.... ACORNS!!!! (coincidence? i think not!) #acornfacts 1 day ago from UberTwitter

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3 Responses Nov 29, 2009

AHEM!<br />
DIMS, this is a HUMOR BLOG, posted and noted as such BY ME.<br />
Some reason you can't read?<br />
Of course, I am pointing out how idiotic your 'reality' is, when the humor is less crazy than your claims!!

OMG how freakin lame. Bitlord are you still on a Thanksgiving high? Maybe starting the eggnog early? Hohoho.

TWITTER!?!<br />
<br />
Ha hahahahahahahahahahaha!<br />
<br />
You're quoting a bunch of teeny boppers?