People Are Starting To See The Light

Which is why every poll but the republican push poll Rassmussen, says Democrats are favored by 1 - 4%.

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Rasmussen is SO Republican. Just look at its history, plus it is run by ardent right wingers. Stop putting your head in the sand. Rasmussen is like FOX "NEWS" --- both a propaganda arms for the right wing. Just like Joseph Goebbels Ministry of Enlightenment and Propaganda.... Rasmussen adn FOX--- lies and misinformation and all pro Right Wing propaganda.

strange, the tea party can't even make a convention, and faux had to put up FAKED PICTURES in order to make them look like anything but jokes at their 'freedom rally' with all of 30,000 people.<br />
More people turned out for the national spelling bee than the teabaggers, and now they can't seem to put a convention together.<br />
Even Sarah Rouge Palin demands pay.<br />
NO ONE takes these fools seriously.<br />
All they can do is deny republicans seats.<br />
They cannot win.<br />
Witness the PROabortion RINO they had to back in order to win massachusetts against the worst campaign since Jesse Unruh.

Well you know... I never thought of it that way. But, I am sure they will be woring with the DNC....

Found it. I'm going to sound like the contrarian I am. Why does the White House need to do this? They have enough balls in the air! The party itself should be coordinating this effort. Anyway, that's what I think.

I'm sorry. the link jumped the border right over and under the left column. Can't copy it. I know! I'll go to that site and look up the date!

I think the voters in 08 did not want any more GW Bush.... me included.<br />
<br />
But I don't think they want what they got... lol

lmao....<br />
<br />
Probably.<br />
<br />
I haven't read much about it yet.... I have the article saved for later, but the headline was obama taps 08 campaign team... I'm just assuming that is it to get his message out.

He is? I did not know! Yeah! Gearing up for the Tea Bag Convention, no doubt!

Annie.... I think that obama realizes what you are saying. You know that he is now bringing back his campaign team? I think to deliver his message.

Hey bitlord.... when you posted the comment saying Brown was elected because he is pro abortion... I admit, I didn't know. As for me, abortion is a non-issue when considering my vote for anyone. So, it is no surprise that I didn't know what his stance on abortion was.<br />
<br />
So, I went and looked it up.... which is what YOU should have done before posting that comment.<br />
<br />
See what he says about abortion on his web site......<br />
<br /><br />
<br />
I know you will not go to the link and read, so here is a copy & Paste....<br />
<br />
Abortion <br />
While this decision should ultimately be made by the woman in consultation with her doctor, I believe we need to reduce the number of abortions in America. I believe government has the responsibility to regulate in this area and I support parental consent and notification requirements and I oppose partial birth abortion. I also believe there are people of good will on both sides of the issue and we ought to work together to support and promote adoption as an alternative to abortion.

I don't know if this election was a referendum on Obama or not. Some experts claim it was all local issues. I suspect its evidence of the same "throw the bums out" reactionary instinct that lost the repubs both houses. I do know that my Dems better get off their duffs and get much better at delivering their message and directing the national conversation. We stink at that. Horrible at it. We need to take a page from the Republicans' book and start demonizing people who disagree with us. Attack their integrities and motivations, like the conservatives do. Work the base up in to a self righteous froth! I hate to lower the bar like that but this is ideological war and we've been fighting the poo fling by turning our backs. We're all dirty anyway, might as well give what we get! Its the only way to get the middle's attention, I'm very sad to say. The Tea Party Circus, I mean , Convention is coming up, isn't it? That should be interesting!

So was coakly pro life then? lmao

Spin spin<br />
<br />
lol... So one tiny issue got him elected? Unemployment is at 17%, the economy is bad, the govt wants to shove HC down the throats of Americans when they do not want it... and Scott Brown was elected because he is pro abortion?<br />
<br />
You don't even make sense.<br />
<br />
I would bet that most of the MA voters don't even know what his stance is on abortion...

Why was Scott Brown elected?<br />
Because he's pro-abortion

Oh yeah?<br />
<br />
Is that why Scott brown was elected?<br />
<br />
Also, you do know that Rassmussen had coakly in the lead all the way up to the end?<br />
<br />
How is it that Rassmussen favors Republicans again? lol