Nation Security Lies

Republicans might think they’re being clever by drawing Nancy Pelosi into the torture controversy.

Just when it seemed to many that the right had lost its mojo, give conservatives credit: They're still enormously good at ginning up controversies and controlling the news cycle. Thus a story that was once about the Bush administration's decision to authorize barbaric and illegal acts of torture has successfully been morphed into a to-do about Nancy Pelosi's account of CIA briefings.

As political gamesmanship, it's been masterful. I particularly like the way the right has managed to trot out an endless procession of figures willing to express outrage that anyone would ever hint that the CIA might mislead a member of Congress. From conservatives' incredulous responses, you'd think Pelosi had suggested that little green Martians stole her briefing memos. Obviously, I wasn't in the room with Pelosi and whoever briefed her, but anyone with any recollection of history should be aware that it would hardly be unusual for the country's marquee intelligence agency to do something like that. Indeed, deception of Congress has been a common occurrence in the agency's history, and one former director, Richard Helms, was even convicted of lying to Congress.

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Nanci Pilosi is a hand puppet. Some ones hand is up her butt making her say what she says.<br />
<br />
All she does is react.

Great post namakota!

You're point is so well made about how the Right Wing has diverted attention away from the ACTUAL story -- illegal torture and distortion of intel for political purposes, into an attack upon the Democrats who had NOTHING to do with this.... just effen amazing how the right wing are so shameless.

I think those of us with an IQ that drifts into double figures on warm days knows that intelligence agencies are economical with the actualite.

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