Repigs Afraid Of A Little A$$kicking!

All or nothing say the obstructionist repigs, All or nothing.

So Obama is going to leave their chairs out, labelled, with no repigs at the bipartisan health care meeting.

Repigs have decided to withdraw from the bipartisan Health Care meeting rather than allow Obama to kick their collective ***** again, and show them for the OBSTRUCTIONISTS they are!


bitlord bitlord
2 Responses Feb 9, 2010

No, i have a better idea. When you lose seats in November, you agree to cut off your **** and mail it to hopeless.<br />
Without anesthesia.

Oh, by all means, keep trying to sell that one...and explain why you don't gain seats in November.<br />
Americans know cowardice when they see it, so explain to your congresscritter how ducking the conference as shown on CNN will be suicide.<br />
2010 the healing begins...with a filibuster proof Senate.