Looks Like Even Nobrainer Has Figured Out He Can't Sell His "birther" Lies

and so has run away from his b.s. claim of dual citizenship by Obama, U.S. Citizen and 44th President of the United States!

bitlord bitlord
20 Responses Feb 10, 2010

Funny, the birhters call BS on Obamas Citizenship. But they themselves have nothing to prove their hollow accusations. I believe they need to put up or shut up.<br />
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Also they will belive in a man in the sky that tells them what to do subliminaly but won't belive facts presented to them.<br />
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Horse hockey reigns in america

And the thing YOU CAN'T BUY AYANKEE is integrity and rationality.<br />
What we know is that YOU lie, because reliable sources, not Orly Taitz and Rush Limbaugh, have recorded real history.<br />
As they say, you get your own opinion. You do not get your own facts.

Tzech..I believe your the one who put your two cents in when I was commenting on bitterbore's garbage here.You might want to go back and read through..maybe the ninth comment down.So as to asking me what my problem is..I believe your the one with the problem..not that I really care!<br />
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Yes..and I'll bet the little fairies sit and watch those cheesy movies with you! Oh by the way..thanks for the block..lol..that really made my day!<br />
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Bitterbore..as I said before..anything can be bought with enough money and many people can also be bought!As far as me lying about your fraud buddy..nope..it's he that is the liar not I!

How about you high educated bunch explain why this was done...<br />

AYankee..what exactly is your problem with me? <br />
<br />
I haven't said or done a damn thing to you, yet you seem to have both barrels aimed my way.<br />
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Cheesy movie night. Yep...damn skippy.... cinematic wonders they are. I like classic black and whites too. And independent and foriegn films, and old film noir. What does that have to do with politics?

As for Obama being a fraud, YOU HAVE YET TO SUPPORT ANY SUCH CLAIM!

ANOTHER LIE BY AYANKEE who claims Obama outspent all previous admins, when the fact is Raygun TRIPLED the debt and Bush DOUBLED IT.<br />
Now Obama offers to salvage something from the Bush great Depression by adding 10% to the debt, and you LIE about the debt added!!

Tzech..it must be too far over your head to understand! Either that or your mind is just too shallow..talk about fifth grade!<br />
Oh but I do forget..as your the mistress of cheesy movie night..lol..very intellectual league you have there.<br />
Oh and by the way..that would be great!

Monkeys? Wow! That was almost...5th grade. I am properly chastised. Oh whoa is me, what will happen now? Alas I am sadly out of my intellectual league with the mistress of verbal parry. I guess maybe it is time for me to just crawl in a hole and die.

Bitlord..you are such a bore with your same old same old.First of all..your facts as you call them may be facts (which I seriously doubt) and they may not be.Of course you'll believe just about anything when it comes to your true love Obama! I guess that's all you have to put your love into..pityful.<br />
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Oh..and excuse me..I have never posted any false claims such as you yourself have..I don't need to and for sponsers..you are dillusional again.YOUR WONDERFUL PRESIDENT IS STILL A FRAUD AND A LIAR!!! As for the news..I take what they say with a grain of salt because I know how they blow things out of proportion..just like yourself.<br />
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Oh..one more thing,,dimwit..it's a she not a he nor an it like you yourself.<br />
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Tzech..all I have to say to you is..monkey see..monkey do! Maybe you and bitter there should pair up or maybe you both already have!

If non-yankee is willing to go read factcheck.org, he will find all the direct links to the validation of sources as well as the original sources for Obama's valid Birth Certificate.<br />
But, hey, don't take their word for it.<br />
Even FAUX NEWS say the birthers are insane.

You are too kind Ayankee. Pray tell, where, oh where,do you come by that wisdom and wit? it is much too kind of you to hold it all back though. Please...let us know what you really think.<br />
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You can google the information a number of ways. Either through registrations of live births by state. Or also news archives, since it has been in fact published many times, If I remember right the AP ran a story on it. <br />
<br />
And as has been mentioned the birth announcement from the paper when he was born.

Right. I post facts, and I'm stupid.<br />
You post false claims EVEN REFUTED BY YOUR OWN SPONSORS and somehow you are 'intelligent'.<br />
Give it a rest!<br />
The facts are in, you are stupid.

Oh please..the only one full of **** and insane ..is yourself..oh and those just like your kind.<br />
Like I said..anything is possible with money!<br />
<br />
Make that STUPID too!

Not only has Obama posted his birth certificate, but the newspaper clipping announcing his birth...in 1961.<br />
Even Bill O'Lielly says you and your kind are full of ****, and bringing conservanazis into disrepute with your insanity.

Could you post us a copy of that birth certificate, to clear the air, Tzech ?

Hey bitterbore..If it were true..which I've seen no proof that it was..it doesn't take much for one to be paid off.It happens everyday!

Hawaii was admitted to the union in 1959. He was born in Hawaii in 1961. Therefore a US born citizen. His birth certificate was released, and verified...long, long, ago. End of story.

And you were SOOOOO certain over the last year.<br />
Looks like reality caught up with you!!

I just don't know for sure...I will admit when I'm not certain, unlike you !!