More On The Disasters That Repigs Left Behind From Their 7 Years Of Absolute Despotism

Bush said we were 'spreading democracy'.

Maliki AGAIN sends out the troops to stop lawful dissenters to his one party rule of Iraq.

The Hand Picked New Saddam of Iraq is showing just how much 'democracy' Bush was spreading.

From dictator to Dictator. No progress under Bush.


No wonder Obama can't fix it all overnight. Bush screwed the pooch far too well, having succeeded in nothing whatever.

bitlord bitlord
7 Responses Feb 10, 2010

It's easy to trust the democrats.<br />
<br />
Just give them the same absolute power over all three branches of government as you did the repigs for 7 years.<br />
<br />
THEN compare the outcomes!!

How can these two parties be trusted anymore,<br />
<br />
Throw em out

Ayankee, what we really need is for fascists like you need to be shipped out for torture in places like Syria.<br />
Why? Because I SUSPECT you are guilty of intending to meet others in order to CONSPIRE to perhaps do some harm in the name of your fascist-like ideas.<br />
GET IT?<br />
Suspicion isn't a fact.<br />
it isn't even a probable cause.<br />
It's a personal opinion.<br />
And if I were President, I have the lawful power to have you killed.<br />

Suspects who in my opinion deserve to be tortured just like our Americans have been tortured.<br />
Your fraud buddy is already going to increase the forces in Iraq...nobrainer!<br />
I guess it was alright with you when the terrorists came here and killed all those people in New York!<br />
<br />
Yeah..your the real nobrainer!<br />
<br />
You know..instead of sitting at your computer every night..maybe you should go to Iraq and fight but make sure it's not on the American side and make sure it's right on the front line.

What should be done NOW nobrainer? LEAVE!<br />
What SHOULD have been done by Bush? Continue the SUCCESSFUL embargo.<br />
<br />
What won't be able to be fixed nonyankee? NOT invading new countries, NOT increasing occupation forces in Iraq, NOT worthlessly torturing suspects?<br />

And when Obama the fraud is will probably never be able to be fixed!Maybe you and him both should go to Iraq and stand in the front line!

And just what would you sugest be done in Iraq?