Looks Like Nobrainer And The Rightards Have Reason To Fear 'god'.

as it looks like they may meet 'him' early.


Low IQ a decent predictor of early heart attacks.

Putting all rightards at risk.

bitlord bitlord
6 Responses Feb 10, 2010

Listen to these morons.<br />
This is why we are going to hell.<br />
<br />
Keep arguing but please beat each other senseless so we don't have to hear you anymore

I know horses nobrainer, and NO HORSE is stupid enough to post a known and revealed lie claiming it 'might be true'.<br />
You need to pull your bullsh[t story!

Another LIE Nobrainer.<br />
Democrats took over the HOUSE only in January, 2007.<br />
That's THREE YEARS moron, while REPIGS ruled from Jan, 1995 to Jan, 2007. That's TWELVE YEARS liar!!<br />
Learn to count!

I think you need to check your facts there Obb, the Dimwits have had control for a long time and we know where the pile hits as it's on it's way down.

Horse **** is more like it nobrainer, because your problem is not that you don't think,but that you reflexively adopt those FAUX 'news' lies that fit in with your false beliefs.<br />
Reality is that republicans had 12 years in control of Congress and killed the economy twice.<br />
They had the Presidency, the Congress and the Supreme court, and look what happened!<br />
NOW your Congresscritters are REQUIRED to accept Corporate bribes, er, Campaign Contributions, OR be driven from office as CHINESE COMPANIES are allowed to directly unelect anyone who won't work for them instead of us.<br />
Happy with the depression? Thank your republican tax cuts.

I'll take my low IQ compared to your stupidity. Horse sense goes along way in the road of life, as you would find out, if you would get one.