Giant Snowstorms Confirm Global Warming.

"...These climate-related changes are expected to continue while new ones develop. Likely future changes for the United States and surrounding coastal waters include more intense hurricanes with related increases in wind, rain, and storm surges (but not necessarily an increase in the number of these storms that make landfall), as well as drier conditions in the Southwest and Caribbean. These changes will affect human health, water supply, agriculture, coastal areas, and many other aspects of society and the natural environment...."


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It was our GRANDPARENTS who were the greatest generation.<br />
My dad was only 16 in 1945 when the war ended.

Our parents were the greatest generation.<br />
<br />
We` are the Dumbest Generation.

Sure beats buying a drought-stricken dustbowl house in the flyover states hammeredhead.

Yep, lack of publication in PEER REVIEWED FORMAL JOURNALS OF CLIMATOLOGY proves that the deniers cannot make a case.<br />
This is why we have Peer Review, to weed out the fakes like the Deniers, the Creationists, the various frauds.<br />
As for hopeless, anything that doesn't come through Faux is false, she just thinks that way.<br />
<br />
<br />
So, the choice, oil company shills who cannot make a scientific case against scientific opposition, or REAL CLIMATOLOGISTS published in peer reviewed journals of Climatology.<br />
<br />

Go easy on bit, This info came from the government, so you know it has to be correct !!<br />
At least in some folks minds...

Ah, so because there are no denier published studies in Peer REviewed Journals of Climatology, that somehow makes it spin?

the guys who are trying to spin this are the selfsame folks who were hired by the tobacco lobby

Yep, i read it. And guess what? The hoax that has been exposed is the oil company payoffs to your WEATHERMEN and ECONOMISTS who post b-s and are interviewed as 'experts' by Faux,

Why do you keep posting this stuff? Haven't you been reading all the stuff your, "Peer Reviewed" scientists are saying now? Now that the hoax has been exposed, and there is now a threat of charges for science fraud?