What Capitalists Believe

The darling of the CAPITALIST set.


"profits aren't everything, they're the ONLY thing" by George Cloutier gives 19th Century advice to 21st Century Capitalists.

"...put profits above all. Always pay yourself first. Shock your laggard employees. Don’t accept excuses....businesses never pay their vendors on time. ...We tell our vendors, if you’re asking for 15 days, forget it. We’re going to pay you in 45 days. You don’t want the work? Tell me, and I’ll find somebody else. You have to work on stretching your payables because every dollar you get in extended payables is an interest-free loan (at some WORKER's Expense!)..."

If this is what Capitalism aspires to, no wonder SOCIALIST Germany and COMMUNIST China are beating us to death!!

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Hey, formeonly, are you still pretending that Goldman Sachs did any good for America at all?

Wrong formeonly, the slowest payors are broke independently wealthy frauds.

Oh and BTW, you talk about slow paying vendors. lmfao<br />
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I have done some govt work in the past, and have some govt work on the books right now. Guess who pays the slowest buddy? Yep, that's right... our govt.<br />
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I have a pay application in right now that is 85 days out. I just received the lein release last week, sent it back in and should be getting a check any day now. I have to tap my line of credit on just about every govt funded job I do. With any size anyway. If I am bidding a sizeable govt job, I have a line item for interest on LOC.<br />
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I do a ton of work for a nation corporation whose headquarters are here local. I normally get paid within 30-days. 30-days is the norm. If you cannot handle 30-day terms, then you need to not be in business. You should quit business, get the hell out of the way and let those of us who can handle it have the business.

"Tell that to the SOCIALIST Germans, who have PUBLIC campaign financing and therefore very low levels of CAPITALIST corruption."<br />
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You seem to have a problem with private campaign financing there bitlord....<br />
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You do remember that your boy took the private option in the 08 campaign... don't you? McCain took the public. He was outspent 10-1. So, I am to assume you don't approve of what the o-ster did.... right?

LMFAO. Give em heck Hope4all!!!!<br />
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Bitster, it looks like the young gal squashed you like the cockroach that you are.<br />
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Here is a little ep not so secret secret: You are the butt and *** of all jokes on ep. Everyone knows that you are a loser with a prolific talent for spewing your hate.<br />
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Did you see the group dedicated to mocking you? Go back to your Acorn buddies you little troll.

Oh really hopeless?<br />
Tell that to the SOCIALIST Germans, who have PUBLIC campaign financing and therefore very low levels of CAPITALIST corruption.<br />
No one on this board has been as consistently stupid as you when it comes to matters of economics and politics.<br />
Oh, btw, CAPITALISM, under Hitler, enslaved hundreds of millions, and CAPITALISM, under capitalists, enslaves millions of PRISON LABORERS this very day.<br />
Have a nice day, and enjoy the redass.

which pretty much undermines the basic tenets of adam smith's economic philosophy.<br />
The game is over. why do people go about as if nothing has changed?

Then again, Greenspan is one of those Ayn Rand ob<x>jectivism cultists who finally woke up one morning, in the middle of a crash, and realized that GREED IS NOT ENOUGH to drive a society.<br />
<br />
Of course, that was after his buddies at his old firm Goldman-Sachs had cleaned us all out.

why is it that Alan Greenspan's remarkable admission that every assumption he has made about the nature of the economy and capitalism has been wrong. He said this under testimony. This is huge, but it goes largely unnoticed